Top 10 Best Language Schools in the US

Learning a new language is not only fun, but it also has a very good perspective from a career point of view as well. It is due to this reason that there has been a recent boom in an endeavor to learn a new foreign language.

Gone are the days when someone learned a new language for the sake of it. There are many job opportunities that open up for people who have a sound knowledge of a particular language itself. If you are looking to learn a new language, the best schools to do so in the US are as follows-

Top 10 Best Language Schools in the US

Middlebury School

The best part about Middlebury School as far as learning a new language is concerned, is the fact that it provides an extremely exhilarating and immersive experience over the summer to the enthusiasts.

If you are expecting a school that has very high standards, you will definitely not be disappointed. It provides courses on a total of 11 foreign languages like Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian etcetera.

There are a number of other provisions as well. For example, you can complete your BA/MA along with the language course from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. All these facilities make Middlebury School one of the most sought-after schools in the US.

University of California, Los Angeles

Well, this turns out it is one of the best language schools globally and in the US as well. The best part about their language courses is their diversity, which makes them stand out from the rest of their counterparts.

Armenian, Yoruba, Quechua are the few of the rare languages that are also taught here other than the standard foreign languages. The presence of the Center of World Languages ensures that everyone is exposed to a huge database of learning material about the different languages.

UCLA never shies away from welcoming new and innovative techniques of learning in their classroom as well.

University of Wisconsin- Madison

If numbers are anything to go by then the University of Wisconsin holds the record of having the most number of students studying and graduating with their degree in a foreign language every year.

They have a lot of resources at their disposal as well, with classes being held in almost 40 languages in the university. They even have tie-ups with 60 countries all over the world. The presence of conversation tables is another added feature that makes Wisconsin so famous.

You can simply come there and have a casual chat with other people in a really relaxed manner. The presence of a Language Institute, advising in career, a lot of scope for research are a few more perks of the University of Wisconsin.

Cornell University

You know a University is good for languages when it offers courses in something as rare as Zulu and Akkaudin. Cornell University is one of the best places in the US to learn languages, without any doubt.

You can choose from 52 languages in total with almost 31 of them have 2 years of extended courses. They also organize conventions and talks by eminent personalities on different topics related to language.

Their commitment to different Asian languages like Mandarin also sets it apart from the rest. The kind of commitment that Cornell University has towards language is simply outstanding and rare to see.

Harvard University

Anyone from any educational field must have heard of the name Harvard. In fact, it is one of the biggest institutions in the world.

It is not very far behind the language department as well. The credibility of the University can be further reinforced by the fact that it teaches more than 80 languages, making it the highest in the whole of the US.

Like all other universities, it has a Language Resource Center but it is unparalleled with facilities like International Tv and screening and convention centers. You also get a subscription to Rosetta school which is another amazing place of resources in itself.

Indiana University

If you are looking for a university that really enjoys the process of learning a new language and has a very holistic approach towards it, you don’t have to go too far beyond Indiana University. The number of foreign languages that they deal with is simply mind-boggling.

Their Centre for Language Technology is responsible for holding festivals and conventions related to languages that can peak the interest of anyone associated with the courses.

They are the pioneers of Language Flagship Programs and they ensure that there is a lot of exchange in cultures and languages through discussions and exhibitions in an environment that is completely conducive for the same. One can achieve a lot in a particular department here.

University of Pennsylvania

The language sector at the University of Pennsylvania is no different from other top language schools in the United States of America. What is unique though is the fact that with Penn Language Center you can actually volunteer to be a tutor yourself or ask someone to be yours.

Another intriguing part about it is the fact that other than the more languages which you speak, you can even have a go at sign language. All of these aspects make the University of Pennsylvania one of the top language schools.

Stanford University

Located in California, Stanford is no doubt one of the best universities in the whole country. The language section of it also has a pretty big reputation. One of the major beliefs is that people should be more active in doing something than just knowing.

This helps them to learn more and faster. They have a special Digital Language Lab where the students can engage in various forms of tests-either oral or written and check their proficiency in the language that they have decided to learn.

They also have a huge database to which they have access all the time. Therefore, they can support their overseas program wholeheartedly.

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley believes that it is not only important to learn a language but also understand the applications of it.

Therefore, other than the option of more than 70 languages that the students can learn, they can also choose to do a minor course in Applied Languages. It also gives them a good perspective of how a language is related to a culture that can motivate them to learn it even better.

Students can also opt for publishing journals or attending workshops to get the complete experience of learning. Films in different foreign languages are also screened regularly.

Yale University

Only in terms of numbers, Yale University is not at the top as it has only 53 languages in its course but where it gains some crucial points is the fact that one can even learn Medical Spanish and medical Chinese here. T

he applications of this are widespread. They also have a study program that will fund your studies for up to 4 semesters if you opt for a language that does not lie in the 53 options provided by them.

Therefore, they more than compensate for their inferiority in number to be included in the list of top 10 language schools in the US.

Top Language Schools

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