23+ Effective Laminating Company Marketing Ideas

A lamination company is a small-scale business that can be made profitable through effective marketing strategies. Utilize creative marketing techniques to attract more customers to your company.

How to promote your laminating business?

  • Design an attractive and user-friendly website with a portfolio.
  • Join hands with Colleges and other educational institutions to laminate their essential material.
  • Distribute business cards at community events to make new connections.
  • Tie Up with local vendors like photocopy shops to get bulk orders.
  • Try to get sponsorship of public events and charity to gain more exposure.
  • Create an attractive brand representative logo and put up a signboard to attract visitors.

Marketing ideas for a lamination company that you can use to increase your business sales and awareness of the Brand.

-Offer Top Quality Services

Prioritize offering top-quality services to your customers. If you want to make your business popular, then avoid compromising on the quality of your services. Your laminating company should be the first and last choice of the customers living in and around your locality.

Respect the specific needs of each customer and work accordingly. Greet every customer who visits your store with a smile. If customers are satisfied with your services, they will likely recommend your business to others.


Referrals will help in generating a lot of new customers for your business. If your loyal customers are pleased with the quality of your services, they will naturally refer your laminating company to their friends, neighbors, relatives, and family members.

Offer incentives like gifts or free laminating services to the referring clients for each successful referral. Such incentives will encourage them to refer more.


You need to adopt different advertising techniques to make your business known to people. You can opt for classified advertisements in local newspapers that are widely circulated. Promote your company through advertisements in TV commercials and radio.

Use a tagline in such advertisements that capture the attention of prospective clients, lets them know how your company is different from others.

Place banners and billboards in strategic locations like schools, colleges, universities, and government offices. These are the places from where you are likely to get most of your customers.


Build an attractive and user-friendly website that will help you attract more clients to your company. A website will allow you to target potential customers who are mobile users. Your website should feature an “About Us” section that describes your business to the customers.

Customers will get to know the kind of services you offer and the prices charged for them when they visit your website. Your website should have a section where customers can submit their feedback and reviews.


Optimize your online marketing efforts by concentrating on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must ensure that your website is registered with popular online search engines.

This will make your website visible to customers when they go for an online search with keywords that are related to your laminating company.

-Social Media

As an online marketing tool, social media has huge potential to promote your business among prospective and loyal customers. Interact with customers on social media who are interested in your laminating company.

Share promotional content on your social media pages that will attract new customers. Upload photos from your previous works to create a good impression among customers. This will let them know what to expect from your company. Social media is the online space where you should announce special offers and deals.

-Email Marketing

Request your customers to share their email addresses with you when they visit your store. Send exclusive promotional offers to your clients through the mail.

It is an important channel of communication that allows you to stay engaged with your clients. Ask them for referrals or new orders through the mail. You can also send appreciation notes to your loyal customers through email.

-Offer Your Services to Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges are the places from where you can expect to receive orders in bulk. Contact the authorities of local schools and colleges and offer them the services of your laminating company.

You can laminate ID cards and other important documents for their students. Sign an agreement or contract that will entitle your company to receive yearly lamination orders from the schools and colleges.

-Reviews and Feedback

You must respect your customers’ opinions if you wish to succeed in any business. Follow up with your customers to know their after-sales experience. Request the customers to write reviews and feedback on your website and social media pages.

You need to go through the reviews carefully and be quick in addressing the concern of any customer. Reviews will help you to improve the standard of your services. Positive reviews will help in creating a brand identity for your company.

-Business Cards and Fliers

Print attractive business cards and fliers. The business cards should carry the logo of your company. It will represent the brand identity of your business. Distribute the cards and fliers at any public event that takes place in your locality.


Research the market and find out the amount that other laminating companies are charging from their customers for different kinds of services.

If you are in the initial phases of your business, it would be wise to offer services cheaply to draw more customers to your company. Your aim should be to offer the best services at a cheaper rate.


Post creative content in your blog that draws potential customers’ attention. The content should be informative and valuable.

Share your experience, expertise, knowledge, and new ideas in the realm of lamination through blogging. Mention the link that leads to your blog on the website and social media pages.

-Conduct Loyalty Programs

Your marketing strategies should enable you to attract new customers as well as retain your loyal customer base. Conduct loyalty programs that help you to maintain a favorable relationship with your customers.

You can deliver small-scale laminating orders free of cost to your loyal customers. Send them thank you notes and gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

-Tie Up with Local Businesses

Consider tying up with local businesses like stationery and photocopy shops to co-promote your business with them. Drop some of your business cards and fliers in their stores and ask them to pass them on to their customers.

-Sponsor Local Events

Sponsor public events in your locality. It is the best way to connect with the local community.

Interact with the visitors at such events and inform them about your laminating company. This will also allow your business to gain more exposure.

How to drive sales to your laminating business?

  • Conduct loyalty programs and deliver some laminating orders free of cost.
  • Distribute flyers or pamphlets at community places to make people know your business.
  • Place banners and billboards in strategic locations like universities, government, etc.
  • Ask customers to write feedback on your website or social media pages. 
  • Send promotional offers and appreciation notes to your loyal clients to stay engaged with them.
  • Update your social media accounts daily with the latest happenings.
  • Promote your business through advertisements in TV commercials and radio.    

FAQs about Laminating Business

What are some of the best practices for writing a commercial business plan for a Laminating Company?

Most new business owners of laminating goods feel unprepared to draw up a business plan. Fortunately, you don’t have to bother yourself with the business strategy of your commercial laminating service. Tons of excellent tools and approaches are available to facilitate the preparation of the business plan.

How experienced would people help you to promote your Laminating business in this space?

It is important for you to learn as much as you can from someone who is already in the business if you want to open a commercial laminating company. You are over-optimistic when you think your local rivals would advise you.

Why will a potential competitor be educated? Luckily, someone in a different city who operates commercial lamination companies might be more than willing to give you some advice because, in their region, you don’t compete with them. You will find a business mentor who happily assists you if you are patient. Many business owners are eager to provide new entrepreneurs with support.

How rebranding helps you in laminating business?

There are several triggers why a rebranding effort might be appropriate-but there is not an absence of alternative strategies. Rebranding is a marketing strategy intended to achieve long-term results.

Owners are often rebranded in a commercial laminating business, following an analysis that has shown that the current brand loses its impact on the market. You can give your brand a fresh face while retaining distinctive brand features and brand recognition with your professional marketing firm.

How does Social Media Monitoring help in your Laminating business?

To enable clients to create user-generated content on your products and business, usually through social media, by means of consumer-driven platforms. Many laminating businesses are especially vulnerable to negative social media publicity.

You need to track the visibility and discourse of your brand in order to combat negative social media, which redirects negative discussions into more positive topics.

What are the signs that you are over your head in the Laminating business?

Many commercial laminating companies are tempted to sell their firms alone to save brokerage fees. While there are exceptions, solo sales are usually longer than brokered sales and are less competitive.

Listed companies should generate interest generated in a few months generally. A shortage of enthusiasm or persistence shows something wrong. Once this happens, it’s time for the experts to chart the profits.

We are witness to different product up-gradation in the laminate industry. Different products have different claims of attractiveness. Here is the infographic which guides you more about the laminate flooring. Read below

benefit of laminate flooring

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