Top 10 Best Label Companies

The apparel industry happens to be amongst the most profitable industries at present thanks to the glamour as well as gloss added by it to the lives of individuals. Besides the visual happen triggered by it, the garments industry likewise helps in driving plenty of revenue every single year.

The online outlets, shopping malls, as well as branded companies are all enjoying fantastic traffic at present, which definitely helps to signal that the clothing industry is really doing fine.

As a matter of fact, there is tremendous competition amongst the top-notch label manufacturing companies which try to grab the attention. There is likewise a requirement to dominate the present consumer market out there.

Best Label Companies

In case you happen to be somebody who likes to do fashion and also remain updated regarding the latest friends, then this article will be really useful to you. It is a fact that top-quality garments happen to be a priority, and this is promised by the best brands out there.

This seems to imply the fact that it is important to take a close look at the leading label manufacturing companies worldwide at present. Here we have mentioned the top 10 best-label manufacturing companies in the US right now.

10. Under Armour 

The yearly revenue of this particular brand happens to be $3.2 billion which is more than what it had been the previous year. This helps to assert that Under Armour is quite popular amongst the customers at present. Right now these retail outlet goes on expanding and also signing expensive deals with the top sportsmen out there.

9. American Eagle

The yearly revenue enjoyed by this company happens to be $3.4 billion. This is because of the innovative strategies and techniques which is implemented by American Eagle in the business. The company has been able to launch the one-size-fits-all program successfully so as to form a fantastic connection with the teenagers.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

This particular American brand has been able to collect yearly revenue of $3.6 billion and it is ruling the American fashion industry for more than 30 years. Although it is in this industry for quite some time, Tommy Hilfiger has not lost any of its sparks and it nevertheless provides stiff competition.

7. Coach

Having a yearly revenue of $4.4 billion, this particular fashion brand is nevertheless playing a significant role in the present fashion industry. However, the sales figures are a bit disappointing recently. According to many individuals, the reason for this is mainly because lots of outlets have opened up without any proper management. Let us hope that Coach will be able to overcome this problem very soon in the near future.

6. Michael Kors

This particular company enjoys a yearly revenue of $4.6 billion and this makes it extremely popular amongst the consumers worldwide. It has been a long time since this brand is dominating the popularity charts without any flaw whatsoever. The accessories and garments are extremely luxurious which anyone can be proud to put on at any time of the year.

5. Levi Strauss and Co.

The resurgence of this particular brand in recent times is sufficient to bring smiles to the faces of many enthusiasts across the globe. Basic fashion, classic styles, as well as comfort wear happen to be some of the main attractions of this company as well as the purchases out there. All these attributes have helped to make this company extremely popular at present.

4. Gap

The yearly revenue of this company happens to be $6.4 billion which allows Gap to Stu the limelight from all the customers. As a matter of fact, this company is accountable for paving the way in the social media marketing and there are many things for the contemporaries to learn from this company.

3. Old Navy

In case reports are true, then this particular company is enjoying yearly revenue of $6.8 billion. According to these numbers it helps to imply that the company is slowly gaining momentum and also helping the clients to get the best styles and the most recent trends out there. It is a fact that purchasing items from this brand will help to make sure that your closet becomes quite stylish in the long run.

2. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren happens to be amongst the staple apparel companies in the US which enjoys yearly revenue of $7.8 billion. In fact, it happens to be one of the best clothing brands at present. This particular brand has succeeded in staying loyal as well as honest for many years and this is the main reason for its success. In turn, this has helped the company to become better as compared to its rivals.

1. Nike

Nike has been amongst the most successful brands across the globe. It has got a dominant and solid international market which provides its rivals a tough time out there. With yearly revenue of as many as $30.6 billion, this particular brand is dominating the fashion industry right now. There has been a rumor that Nike has sealed a deal of approximately $1 billion in recent times and it has succeeded in becoming the provider for apparel for the NBA.

Top Label Companies

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