27+ Actionable Jiu-Jitsu Marketing Ideas

Are you interested in growing your business? Do you want your Jiu – Jitsu classes to get over-flown with customers? Do you need help in the promotion and expansion of your business? Well, then you have come to the right place. By following this idea, your business can get up to great heights.

How to promote your Jiu-Jitsu business

  • Offering trial classes in the initial days is going to ensure the purpose of promoting your business.
  • Getting listed in the business directories is one of the easiest ways to promote your business in a fast and simplified manner.
  • Selecting a name for your business according to the domain is going to be fruitful in promoting the business.
  • An attractive logo suitable for your business is another effective way when it comes to the promotion of your business.
  • Organizing tournaments will be another effective means for serving the purpose of the promotion of your business.

Here, best ideas that can help your Jiu – Jitsu classes marketing and make your business a success.

Get on a roller coaster ride that goes only up!

Put On Your Business Signboards In The Locality-

Prepare nice informational but short signboards and go wild in putting them at the most crowded area of your locality. Putting on signboards is undoubtedly one of the most Profitable business ideas that you should definitely consider for the betterment of your business.

Electric poles are most useful in this process as the boards can be read even at nights. Do paint them in fluorescent yellow or green color so that they are easily noticeable. This strategy is unique because it might even help you get an amazing Business opportunity, which will be ideal for your business in the long run.

Find A Local Newspaper And Give Your Pamphlets To Distribute-

This is an effective idea for your Jiu – Jitsu classes marketing, make an attractive pamphlet with all the basic information and hand it to your local newspaper vendor he will then put them in the newspapers by doing so a large area is covered for advisement. Distributing pamphlets within your locality will undoubtedly help to Improve your Overall Service.

All the localities which are beyond your reach can be covered too. Apart from this, you can concentrate on the market positioning as well. This is one of the best Growth strategies for Business.

Prepare An Attractive Business Card-

A business card is a must, as it creates the first impression of your business. The card should be professional with name, number, and with the name of the business website. Preparing a great business card will help in attracting Target Customers without any difficulty.

You can also prepare an online business card for the promotion of business. A business card can be a representation of your business. It can help in business Promotions. You can also introduce seasonal cards for your customers to retain them. Business cards are undoubtedly great ways of attracting Potential Customers.

Conduct A Health Camp-

People need to know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, help them to understand how your Jiu – Jitsu classes can make them healthy, and fit to enjoy life. You can emphasize how Jiu-Jitsu has changed the way of living life with a positive attitude. Organizing Local Events like these will help in gaining tons of New Customers for your business.

Make sure that you have knowledge about several local Marketing Strategies so that conducting a health camp is not a problem. In fact, it can also help to Increase sales.

Offer Attractive Gifts For Regular Members-

Pamper your members with gifts like healthy juice packs, or wishing them on their special days. Make your members feel as if you are part of the family. This will promote your Jiu-Jitsu classes marketing through mouth publicity. Greet them warmly and make them feel homely.

Getting gifts for your regular customers is undoubtedly one of the Best leadership traits. It can also be considered to be the most important Strategies to Get More Clients. This will further help you to Market your New Business. Similarly, you can also consider several Gifts to buy for Co-Workers so that you can make them happy as well.

Create A Business Page On Facebook-

Collect all the information about the Japanese martial arts Jiu – Jitsu and create a page on Facebook. Invite the people to look at the page and like it. The page must be informational so that the people who would read it can obtain all the details and the particulars needed.

Creating a business page will help in Engaging More Customers and also grow your online business without many efforts. Facebook groups are also considered to be the best ways of announcing the launch of new products in front of customers. It will also help in improving the Customer relationships as Facebook groups allow customers to reach businesses directly.

Give Discounts To Those Who Share Your Business Page-

Give away some discount to the people who like your Jiu-Jitsu class’s page. This will instigate the public to go on the page read it, like it and become a member. In this way more and more people will visit the page and like it to obtain a discount.

Giving discounts to customers will help in attracting potential ones as well, which in turn will help your business to Earn Good Money. In fact, it an amazing way to Attract New Customers. This is undoubtedly an effective marketing strategy that you cannot miss considering.

Stick On The Informational Stickers About Classes In The Buildings, Gardens Or Schools-

Compose some excellent sticker posters with attractive and catchy lines and stick them on the walls of schools or inside the buildings or even on the garden gates. This can help the name of your classes to be read by every bypasser.

Sticking stickers in areas where your customers can be present is a great way to get Your Business Noticed. It will also help in improving the Brand Identity. You can also Take business next level without many efforts.

Record The Activities Going On In Classes And Post On YouTube-

Make recordings of the various forms of the actions of Jiu-Jitsu and post them on YouTube. This idea will not cost much money, but the videos will lure the people to at least come and watch what is going on. This is exactly what a Creative Entrepreneur does.

When you are recording activities and posting it on your YouTube channel, you are going to Build Customer Loyalty. This is one of the best and most amazing Goals to Improve Business Success.

Make Informational CDs-

You can make CDs of the action squeal going on in the classes. Like experts training the newcomers or competition between two class members or a self-defense session wherein, how can one protect their self from a surprise attack. This can also help you in winning Business Proposals.

When the instructors themselves show the actions on CDs, the people will know that there are no gimmicks and everything taught her is real. Informational CDs can further help to Improve customer satisfaction. You are actually going out of the way for Assisting Customers, which will help to bring in new customers as well.

Put On A Market Stall Once In A While-

You need not sell fruits or vegetables in the stall; you can sell your CDs or distribute pamphlets and also give information directly to the customers. You can also offer spot discount for immediate admissions, which will attract the public on taking spot admissions for the discounts. You have to make sure that you are providing good customer service or your customers are going to leave you.

When you are considering putting on a market stall, it will help your business Thrive in tough times. In fact, you will be able to Scale your Business perfectly.

Organize Camps For Health Freaks-

Organize a health camp for the people who are health freaks. Tell them that this can improve their physical as well as mental health.  Train employees to organize the camps. This is one of the most important money saving tips at Early Stage for your business.

Hold An Event At Schools-

Kids need to be healthy and fit right from the small age, hold an event at schools for the students and their parents to make the acquaintance with benefits of starting classes from the small age. This marketing idea helps in improving Customer relationships. This is one of the best Offline Marketing Ideas that can help your business grow.

Do Involve Customers Of Any Age Group-

While targeting the kids and teenagers do not forget to lure the middle-aged people. You can explain to them that Jiu – Jitsu can be started at any age and all the age group people can get benefited. You can Create website to make sure that customers of several age groups are showing interest in your class. You can also offer coupons so that attracting customers is not an extremely difficult job.

Have A Partnership With Local Gym-

You can even have talks with the local Gyms for the partnership. So that they get something unique and you get your business. Or you can even offer some commission if they send members to your classes. This is a great way of Promoting Services. Make sure you are working on Responsive website design so that people find it easy to understand the information associated with the partnership easily.

Attract The Customers By Giving Extra Free Months On Yearly Payments-

This idea surely will work for Jiu-Jitsu classes marketing. You can easily give away a month of work out extra on the yearly payments. So pay for ten months and get two months free. You can also concentrate on conducting Surveys to understand how your customers are reacting to the free months that you are giving.

Print Classes Names On Balloons And Hand It To Children-

The idea might sound childish but can work. Print the name of classes and hand it to children they will blow them, even if they leave off the balloons in the air it’s advertising. And if they keep it that too will help you. This is one of the best Free Advertising ideas that will also help your business to Get visitors effortlessly.

Print T-Shirts And Hand It Over To The Members-

On a T-shirt of good quality material, print the name of the classes and hand it over to the members. This will promote the name, and members will be happy to have a free t-shirt. This will undoubtedly help you with word-of-mouth advertising and handing over printed t-shirts is one of the Best Advertising Methods. This method can further help your business to Generate Sales.

Listen To Feedback Of The Members-

This is very important to pay attention to existing members. If a member is complaining about any instructor or hygiene, pay attention, and sort out the problem. Mouth publicity can make or break a business. Keep your existing members happy so that they can bring in more. Understanding and paying attention to the feedback should be one of the most important Small Business Goals.

If you do not concentrate on the feedback that you are getting, it will be one of the Bad leadership habits, which you should definitely stay away from. Listening to feedback and paying heed to them are Qualities of successful entrepreneur.

Give Away Group Discounts-

Offer a special discount for college groups of a group of friends that take admissions together. Keep it simple like more the members more the discount percent. A group discount can also attract the office going crowd. You should also have plans to grow your facebook community through which you will be able to provide the group discounts without any hassle. This is one of the most important marketing things every startup needs to know.

When you are offering special discounts, you are going to work on increasing your sales as well, directly or indirectly. It can also be stated that group discounts can help you to get many new customers.

Spouses Pay A Half Price-

You can promote this idea of a couple’s special discount. Come with your spouse and avail discount for the second member. Like in husband and wife, either one can get the membership for half the price. This will encourage couples to take up a couple’s membership. Ensure that you create viral post associated with spouses paying half a price. This is one strategy that will help you to target one particular section of customers.

For Two Children From Same Family Make One Free-

The family with two children will be extremely happy with this scheme. You can say that if the elder child is already a member, the second child can avail a discount. Seeing the elder brother or sister going to Jiu – Jitsu, the younger one will follow him. By the above scheme, the parents will not be burdened and will be more than happy increasing your business. You can also consider to promote your business with facebook.

Print Your Own Christmas Or New Year’s Card-

People love to be remembered; they like to be appreciated. You can do it by printing customized Christmas or New Year’s or Diwali greeting cards. Make the members feel special; this will help in Jiu-Jitsu classes marketing. Be smart at Work and make sure that you are making use of new strategies for attracting the present as well as potential customers.

Offer A Free Training Period-

A month’s period of the free trial will be beneficial to the business. In that month show them maximum activities, explain the importance of fitness, and tell them that you will help them to achieve fitness goals.

Contact Your Local Cable Operator For Advertisement On TV-

The world is full of fierce competition, so you have to be continuously in front of the people; advertisement on the TV can help you with this. On the local cable channel, prepare an advertisement that can help your business to grow.

Organize Self-defense Sessions-

This idea can work out in college as well as in schools. Your class instructors can carry on like a skit or a small play wherein you can showcase hoe going to your classes can make an individual self-dependent. Be successful team by following this important strategy.

All the above-given ideas can help you in the marketing of your Jiu – Jitsu classes. Your business can flourish, and your classes name can be on top of the list of the best classes available. With the help of these ideas, you can also expand your branches with the existing one.

It is crucial for you to follow ideas that will help your business to experience tremendous growth as well as touch the heights of success. Ensure that you are following all the marketing ideas that have been listed above so that you can make your Jiu – Jitsu business walk towards success.

How to drive sales of your Jiu-Jitsu business

  • Correctly utilizing the social media to increase your reach to the interested people will certainly drive your sales up to a great extent.
  • Advertising platforms such as newspapers and television will drive your sales up significantly.
  • Conducting fighting sessions among the students to give them a realistic approach towards using the techniques will serve the purpose.
  • Setting up charges by studying the market properly will increase the extent of your sales.
  • Getting reviews from some of the renowned martial artists and previous customers about your business will attract new customers towards your business.

Here are Some Important FAQ’s about Jiu Jitsu Business.

Is offering referral programs a great Jiu Jitsu business marketing idea?

Word of mouth is the key influence on the purchasing decision hence often a referral program is the right decision. Promotion of your program whenever a new student join your classes is a good idea.  You need to explain them about your program. See to that you promote your Jiu Jitsu business regularly and also send newsletters to your existing students reminding them about different offers if they refer it to someone new.

Does sponsoring a community team increase your chances of Jiu Jitsu business marketing?

Yes. Sponsoring the event in the community is indeed the best way to boost the image of your brand infront of your target audience. Sponsoring an event means that you are interested in contributing towards the community.

Is giving free demonstrations at social events and schools a great Jiu Jitsu business marketing strategy?

Yes off course. This strategy ensures that your business reaches wide community and you can engage face to face with them for showcasing the benefits of Jiu Jitsu classes. This strategy helps you to connect with people those are not present on social media.

How social media helps in the promotion of your Jiu Jitsu business?

You can make use of different social media platforms like Facebook, Istagram and Youtube for showcasing your Jiu Jitsu classes. You can post short videos of customer testimonials. Posting some behind the scene snippets of your Jiu Jitsu classes would also be a great idea.

How Facebook can be used in promoting the Jiu Jitsu business?

Facebook is the right platform for hitting a like and sharing photos and your posts. You can post the pictures of your facilities and then offer one lucky person a chance to win some free lessons. This is the most effective way of promoting your brand. 

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