Top 10 IT Companies In New York: Pioneers Of Innovation And Technology

Employee demand has led to New York City’s designation as the most prominent technological hub in the country. ?

There are a number of information technology companies that have their headquarters in the city that never sleeps.

There are more people employed in the technology sector in New York State than in any other state in the country.

The expansion of the information technology industry all over the world has resulted in the creation of approximately 600,000 new employment opportunities in this sector. ?

There are many large IT firms in the state, and demand for their services is only growing. Here are the top IT companies in the state to shed some more light on the same.

Top 10 IT companies in New York

Alaffia Health
Andersen Inc.
Red Key Solutions
Digital Edge Ventures Inc.
Zeta Global

Alaffia Health

The business is involved in healthcare. The business offers technology that detects fraud and abuse in medical claims using cutting-edge techniques. ?

The business has contributed to a revolution in the handling and clearing of medical claims. It performs the same task using machine learning.

The software company employs about a thousand people and is expanding at a faster rate every day. ?

This business was established in the year 2020 and has its headquarters in New York, New York.


Alaffia Health Location


This information technology company has created software that creates a single network that includes both product manufacturers and distributors. ?

Every proprietor of a company can benefit from this all-in-one B2B solution.

Not only does the platform make the process of networking more efficient, but it also provides users with access to various tools for marketing and analytics.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the business was established in 2018.?

Agroclub Location


This company offers a platform and a simple IT solution to all businesses. ?

Businesses can easily manage all things IT-related, including applications, analytics, and devices, thanks to the platform.

The company hires a large number of information technology professionals in order to assist other businesses in thriving in the technologically advanced world of today.

The business is headquartered in New York, New York, and was established in 2016.?

Electric Location


This company offers every software-related service that companies may require for their operations. ?

The creation of software, websites, and mobile applications is the primary focus of the company.

Additionally, it possesses expertise in areas such as blockchain, cloud services, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and so on.

A real one-stop shop for all things software-related, this company has it all. The business was established in 2002; it is headquartered in New York, New York, but has offices all over the world.?

iTechArt Location

Andersen Inc.

This software development company places a primary emphasis on serving the needs of the medical sector. ??

The company offers a variety of information technology solutions, such as IT design management and UI/UX services, among others.

The company boasts a sizable workforce that takes pride in their work, numerous sales offices located across the globe, and an overall high level of job satisfaction.

The software company was founded in 2007 and is based in New York, NY.?

Andersen Inc. Location

Red Key Solutions

This information technology company asserts that with the help of technology, it can “redefine” work and businesses. ?

The company has been successful in developing an information technology platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to support the organic expansion of its customers’ businesses.

The company was established in 2002, and its current location of operations is in New York, New York.?

Red Key Solutions Location

Digital Edge Ventures Inc.

The company’s primary focus is on providing cybersecurity and cloud engineering services to other businesses as part of its IT solutions business model. ?

In addition to other well-known organizations, the company counts Macy’s and the March of Dimes among its satisfied customers.

The company provides all of its customers with comprehensive information technology-related services and possesses an innovative cloud evaluation instrument.

The business was established in 2000, and Staten Island, New York, serves as its headquarters.?

Digital Edge Ventures Inc. Location


This American cloud computing company is based in the cloud and is one of the top suppliers of multi-cloud services for desktop, web, and mobile application software. ?

The corporation offers its services to companies operating in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, and technology. Its offices are dispersed all over the world.

The company began offering its services in the field of information technology not long after it was established in 1998.?

VMware Location

Zeta Global

This company’s primary mission is to assist its clients and other businesses in achieving organic growth and reaching their target markets.

Utilizing cutting-edge Artificial intelligence and other IT tools, the company helps businesses reach their customers virtually and uses technology to maximize customer acquisition. ?

Over the past few years, the business has assisted in the growth of numerous brands, and it has a solid reputation for assisting clients in accelerating their growth in the most effective manner. With its corporate headquarters in New York, NY, the business was established in 2007.

Zeta Global Location


They are an American company that operates as a cloud network provider and offer businesses cloud services that are both effective and reasonably priced. ?

This company, which offers cloud computing services, contributes to the expansion and growth of businesses through its offerings.

The LLC counts well-known companies such as Parabol, Vidazoo, Intricately, and others among its clientele.

They provide products and business solutions to help their customers grow. The business was founded in 2011 and had its corporate office in New York, NY.?

DigitalOcean Location

Frequently Asked Questions for IT companies in New York

1. What is the best information technology company in New York?

In addition to the companies that have already been mentioned in this article, the top three IT companies are Bloomberg, Amelia, and Infor. They provide IT solutions in a variety of industries, including finance, consulting, and other IT-related services, and each fiscal year sees significant growth in their customer base as well as their profits.

2. Is New York City a major technological hub?

Yes. The term “global tech hub” is used to describe this state quite frequently. Not only does the state house the offices of some of the most successful information technology companies, but it is also home to a number of other mid-sized IT businesses that have experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

3. Which of the leading information technology companies has the highest levels of employee satisfaction?

The rate of satisfaction among employees at Anderson Inc., which has its headquarters in New York City, New York, is exceptionally high. All of the other companies that were mentioned earlier also have a relatively high satisfaction rate and a fantastic work-life balance, which is one of the many employee benefits that they offer.

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