25+ Best Intro Email Examples And Templates

Welcome emails are important for email marketing; it’s one of the first emails that your subscribers will get from you. And based on this, it will help in setting the tone and relationship for further realization.

However, to understand better about it, here are some of the best intro email examples and templates to know about it.

What To Know About Intro Email And Its Needed?

Introduction email is a crucial aspect. However, it should be actionable, clear, and informative.

A welcome email is one of the first impressions that the recipient will have of your brand.

This one is a friendly welcome message for the customer to encourage interaction with the service and product your brand offers.

Also, it can lead to customer retention and improve sales.

Also, writing the introduction email offers a range of approaches and how customers can interact. 

However, it’s important to remember that having more open and click rates measures the success of welcome emails.

You need to tweak subject lines and copy to optimize the conversion.

The ideal purpose of writing the email is to encourage the users to get on their onboarding process.

When you are writing the introduction email, here are some of the pointers to know.

  • When you are writing the email signature, this should have the name, role, website, contact information, and social handles.
  • Also, your signature should have information that is consistent.
  • Use the email address which contains your first and last name of yours.
  • When you are sending a cold email, don’t add the product and service.
  • Go with a soft-sell approach that can help in building better relationships.
  • Add The CTA Or Call To Action to your introduction email.
  • Make sure that the opening line is tailored depending on the readers.
  • You can scroll stopping the email subject line; you can also personality depending on the first and last name of the recipient.
  • Offer the value when you are writing the email to your recipient.
  • Show appreciation for taking the time and also send the follow-up email.

What To Add In Your Introduction Email?

Before writing professional introduction emails, it’s important to know what should be added to the introduction email.

These are some of the crucial elements for you to know about.

Subject Line That Can Grab Attention

The first thing you should be considered is the Subject line. The recipient sees the first thing in your subject line, and it will be the reason if they will open and read or not.

Also, choose the subject line that can help you in commuting with emails relevant to them.

Here are some of the pointers you need to remember.

  • Gmail and Yahoo-like email providers have limited their subject line to mobile devices which are limited to 33 to 43 characters, depending on the service you choose.
  • If you are targeting a mobile audience, it’s important to keep the subject line limited to 30 to 40 characters.
  • As for the desktop users, you can set it to more than 60 characters. And keep it between 61 and 70 characters and have more chances.

Keep The Greeting Message Customized

A custom greeting reassures that the introduction email is not spam.

In fact, when you have personalized email, subjects have around a 58% higher open rate.

Also, use the name of the person you know and form an address that can be an appropriate type of your related industry or product.

Add The Explanation Of Your Email

To persuade the recipient in order to keep reading, it’s important to keep your opening sentences in order to communicate fast to contact them.

Also, it’s important to tell them about motivating them to reach out.

Touch A Point Relevant  To Recipient

To keep your business introduction email relent, it’s crucial to connect the reason for communicating with them along with what interests them.

Also, you can pinpoint something which is common in your industry.

Offer The Value

Once you buy the relevant point, position yourself to offer something to the corresponding value.

For example, if you raise some issue that is faced in the industry and keep the matter solved, briefly add what your company can help.

Add the Call To Action

When you send the email, add the call to action at the end of the email. Also, it can show your recipient what to take action after they end the conversation.

For example, if you want to schedule a meeting, you can add the instruction that can help in contacting you.

Add The Ending With Customized Closing

Email should be added with an appropriate closing, and this can be simply something like saying thank you.

Also, this attention and anticipating how they can consider talking with them.

It can add the signature block along with details to contact.

Also, you can add formal correspondence; you can use the simplest standard closing like Sincerely.

However, you can add any other variation you can consider.

Top Intro Email Examples And Templates To Consider

Once you know what are the important elements as well as pointers to remember when you are writing the introduction email.

The next step is to consider how you are supposed to write an introduction email for your brand.

Here are some of the top-listed ones that might help you.

When You Are Introducing Your Business

The business introduction email helps to tell more about the product, services, and company to the recipient.

This is important to inform them about what you do and what they can expect from you.

Also, when you are introducing your business via email, here are some of the points you should consider

  • Cold introduction to people who didn’t meet
  • Add the follow-up introduction to those whom you met but briefly
  • Referral to someone with whom you have the mutual contact
  • Request a referral to the contacts who are at a high level and identified as prospects.

Here is what you can consider writing:

Subject line : ( Add your new client’s name) Welcome To Our Company!

Hi ( Add their name)

Welcome to ( Add your company’s name). I am ( Add your name ), and I will be the one (Add the role of yours to the client)

 We have a lot of amazing and exciting things that our company is working on, and we are really happy to have you with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me anytime.


( Add your name and email signature)

When You Introducing Company

You can create an email template for introducing the company. However, for creating the temple, reach out to clients who might be potential for the business.

Here is how you can write one for yourself.

Subject: Looking For The Reliable Services For Office Cleaning? 

Dear ( Add their name)

I am reaching out to the people like you who are in ( add location) to let you know that now you have better ways of taking care of office cleaning needs.

As you may be aware, janitorial providers might have unsatisfactory services, ending up not restocking supplies in the break room and restroom, emptying the trash, vacuuming, etc.

We ( Add the company name) are a period for offering the best professional janitorial services. We are certified ( add the name).

Our team will take care of every office and room without full professional cleaning, also keep the floors and surfaces clean, and take care of the supplies the company restocked. 

As for new clients, we are offering special offers. So if you are not happy with our services, you can ( add the offer).

If you like to have our services and schedule the date, contact us ( add the number).

We will look forward to getting a call from your side.


( Add your name and contact information)

When You Are Following Up Introduction Email

You can send the follow-up emails once you meet someone through a mutual contact, and in person, you can send them the follow-up introduction email template.

Bonus: Best Follow Up Email Subject Lines Examples

Here is how you can do that.

Subject line : ( Add the lead name). It was meeting you ( add event name)

Hi ( Add their lead name).

I am ( Add your name), and it was wonderful meeting you at ( add the event name or place).

We talked about ( and the specific details ), and I would love to talk about and continue the conversation.

If it sounds interesting to you, you can contact me

( Add the email)

( Add the calendar link)

Thank you for the time, and we are looking forward to discussing more with you.


( Add your email and email signature)

However, if you meet them from a mutual connection, here is what you can use.

Subject line : ( Add lead name ), it was  great meeting you ( add your event)

Dear ( Add their lead name)

( Add the name of the mutual contact) introduced you and me at ( add the event); he or she said that you wanted to ( add the detail needed)

They may have asked you about ( add the company’s name) specialized in ( adding the sharing of the unique selling proposition).

We have a portfolio and a wide range of solutions from which you can benefit.

I have also attached the needed document ( add that type ), which can help in explaining more.

Also, would you like to get a quick call ( Add date and time), or you can link my link ( add the calendar link)


( Add your name and email signature)

When You Are Writing Product Introduction Email

You can use the email for the interaction of the product that you have added recently to the mailing list.

It can be a marketing strategy and also cost-effective.

Bonus: Catchy Product Launch Email Subject Lines

Here is how you can do it.

Subject : ( Add The Product you launched )

Dear ( Add name )

As our user, you will be excited as we are here to announce your recent addition to the product.

We are ( add the product name) launching on ( add date and time).

With our new product, we are offering the features that everyone was demanding.

Up to now, you can ( add the pain points), but now with the recent upgrade, you can also ( add the added features in the new product). This will help in (adding the benefits they will get from new features)

As our current user, you also get the discount of ( add the numbers ) on our latest upgrade.

Click here to know how it will work and learn more about it ( add the link)


( Add your name and contact )

When You Have The Event Triggered Introduction

Sending the introduced email which is based on the event triggered, can help you to sign up more in your email list.

This also helps in establishing rapport with the new people.

Here you can send the email to your customers.

Subject line: It was amazing having you at ( Add the brand name)

Hi ( Add the lead name),

Thank you for signing up for our ( Add your services )

You have taken an amazing step to ( Added Benefit of using your services).

We are bringing more ( add your plan and send when ).

I will love to connect with you more and on ( add the social media platform you want to connect)/

If you have any more queries or questions,  I will reply to your email.

We hope to talk with you soon.

( Add your name and signature )

When You Are Self Introducing

If you have a new employee or want to introduce yourself to your colleagues,  this helps me settle with more friends and establish my relationship.

It can be casual as a self-introduction email allows you to shine through your personality. However, it’s important to not get too overboard.

Subject line: A quick hello from ( Add your new job title)

Hello ( Add your contact name)

I would like to introduce myself and I am the newest ( add the job title).

I am thrilled and happy to be part of a team, and I am looking  forward to meeting with you and (adding the report to this  person)

Do connect with me if you have resources.

I am also open to having conversations with you.


( Add your name and email signature)

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