Top 10 Best Internet Provider companies in the USA

The internet or interconnected computer network was developed first in the USA sometime in the early 1960s by Pentagon, the US Department of Defence from Arpanet, the forerunner to the internet. Internet connections in the US are mainly provided by private players.

Best Internet Provider companies in the USA

As of last year, according to statistical data, almost 90% of US citizens are covered by the net. The country has some of the largest and the most reputed internet service providers globally, the top ten of whom are being discussed here. 

10. Hughes Net –

Established in 1971 in Maryland, Hughes net was initially known as the best Digital Communication Corporation before being rechristened to its current name. Currently owned by Echo Star, Hughes net provides high-speed satellite internet service to more than 1.3 million subscribers.

After the company launched its new Gen 5 Satellite update, the overall speed, availability, and services have improved considerably. Customers can now access 25 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed.

As a special boost to the customers, one can enjoy unlimited data but should preferably not exceed his plan details. In such cases, the internet will be available but at a reduced price.

9. Via sat –

Headquartered in California and established in 1986, ViaSat offers high-speed satellite broadband service and networking system essentially required by the US military. It has a subsidiary called NetNoir.

Apart from the services to the defense sector, Via sat also provides communication solutions to the corporate sector, administration, and the general public.  

Viasat also offers its services to a broad spectrum of users like the aviation industry, hospitality, education, cyber security, and mobile Telecomm.

8. Optimum –

An award-winning internet provider from Altice, Optimum offers unlimited data, very fast speed, gaming, and live streaming of shows and serials, apart from checking one’s mail and accessing social media accounts.

Internet speeds starting from 300 Mbps to 940 Mbps suit all types of budgets.

Organizations like Netflix and ACSI have been continuously rating Optimum as one of the few service providers with a very high and consistent level of performance. 

As a great offer to its customers, Optimum offers access to WiFi hotspots in many places.  There is no annual contract for the customers too. 

7. Cox Internet –

Based in Atlanta, Cox started operations in 1962, and today it provides the best digital cable TV and Home automation services.

Owned by Cox Enterprise, the company is the third largest cable TV provider in the USA, with a customer base of more than 6.2 million. However, the internet customer base is 3.5 million.

For residential customers, Cox provides high-speed internet, live and on-demand streaming TV, and many more.

Cox also provides wall-to-wall Wi-Fi through its latest sensation, the Panoramic WiFi, through which one can get access to 650000 hot spots. 

6. Centurylink –

Founded in 1930 and operating from Louisiana, Centurylink serves North America, Latin America, and parts of Asia Pacific by providing network services, security, and cloud solutions apart from voice services.

The company is a part of the Fortune 500 and S&P 500 index. Century Link also provides Multi protocol label switching, Ethernet, web hosting, data integration, video network, and its public access apart from VoIP or voice over internet protocol.

For optimum results to get to the customers and clients, the company has divided its core services into three broad classifications — residential. Small business and Enterprise business.  This has helped Centurylink in reaching out more effectively to consumers.

5. Verizon Fios –

Operating from Texas since 2005, the company is more popularly known as Fios or Fibre Optic Services and is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications.

Basically offering bundled internet access, Fios serves over 5 million customers in as many as nine states of the USA. Incidentally, Verizon, the parent organization, is one of the very first service providers for fiber-to-home operations in the USA.

Initially, the upload and download speeds were different, but a couple of years back, Verizon Fios rectified the anomaly, whereby both speeds now match.

Depending upon the plan, speeds range from 50 Mbps to a whopping  940 Mbps. 

4. Frontier Communications –

Founded in 1935, Frontier communications was called Citizens Communications Company until 2008, till the name was changed to what it is known globally today.

The Connecticut-based organization primarily used to serve rural areas but as of now, is servicing both the urban and the rural sectors.

The services Frontier offers are internet access, wireless internet access, fiber optics internet and TV, dish satellite TV, and digital phones, apart from long and short-distance telephone services. 

Frontier has at least seven subsidiaries operating under it. 

3. Charter Spectrum

Established in 1999 as Charter Communications and rechristened as Charter Spectrum in 2014, the company is a major player in internet services, cable TV, and wireless services. The Connecticut-based organization also provides home security internet, VoIP phones, mobile phone HDTV, Digital phones, broadband, and digital cable. 

The bandwidth of the net is enormous, and as a great strategy to woo customers, the company offers a free modem, free antivirus software, and unlimited data usage.

The WiFi hotspots of Charter are also located nationally making things very easier for its customers. 

2. AT&T Internet –

One of the most respected telecommunication companies globally, AT&T internet offers high and consistent speed even at peak times of the day. With the AT&T brand image, customers are satisfied with the reliability and service of the company.

The customers can get high-speed TV bundled with the internet also. The company also offers whole-home wall-to-wall WiFi and internet services, and to cap it all, there is no annual contract with the company.

AT&T also, as a booster to its customer, who is always online, offers an AT&T Visa reward card as a mark of his loyalty. 

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1. XFinity –

The name XFinity is the trade name of Comcast Cable Communications LLC, the Pennsylvania-based organization which was established in 1981. The organization is one of the giants in the internet industry globally today.

It has five subsidiaries under it, and apart from its service as the best broadband internet service provider, Xfinity is heavily into mobile, VoIP phones, cable TV, and home security.

The internet brand name is known as xFi and has very high speed along with advanced security, better coverage and control, and better streaming. 

The company also offers advanced security free with its xFi Gateway. Various plans are available for budget-conscious customers.

Top Internet Provider Companies

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