26+ Marketing Ideas for Interior Design Business

An interior design business is quite popular these days. It can turn out to be a profitable venture if you are planning to start one.

All you need to have is a set of unique and creative marketing ideas to promote it. Effective marketing techniques will help you stand out in the competitive market and boost your sales.

How to promote your Interior Designer Business?

  • Make sure to create an attractive logo and brand name that should represent its identity.
  • Build a super slick website with an eye-catchy portfolio.
  • Do not forget to list your business in the business directories.
  • Participate in community events and try to get sponsorships.
  • Collaborate with event planners, wedding organizers, or related vendors to get more business.
  • Distribute professional business cards to customers and business partners.
  • Be ready to invent hoardings, boards, and banners to attract attention.

Top marketing ideas for an interior design business that helps you to get more customers and increase the awareness of your business.

Successful marketing ideas for interior design business

Design a logo

You need to be creative in designing a logo for your interior design company. The logo should depict the brand identity of your business.

A unique logo will help in capturing the attention of potential clients. It helps you to stand out in the market.

-Business cards and fliers

You should design attractive business cards and fliers to promote your business. Don’t forget to place the logo of your company on them.

Give brief information about your company in the business cards, like the type of services you offer, the prices charged, the location of your store, and your contact details.


Advertise your business in both print and electronic media. Highlight the specialties of your business through advertisements in local newspapers and magazines. You can also write articles in magazines that focus on the topic of interior design.

Go for a press release that will make more people aware of your business. Also, advertise your business in TV commercials and radio. Use a tagline in such advertisements to attract new clients.


A website is an essential online marketing tool for any business. It will help you to reach out to a large number of clients who are interested in hiring the services of an interior design company. The website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Clients can gain access to all the information related to your business through the website. Upload clear photos of your previous works on the website.

This will let the clients know the quality of your services. They can also book their services online through the website.

Make sure that multiple payment options are available on the website. Mention the goals and the vision of your company in the “About Us” section of the website.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  is another crucial aspect of online marketing. It helps make your business visible to people who search online with keywords related to your company.

Register your website in popular search engines. It should feature high in the list of online search results.  

-Social media

Use social media to promote the brand identity of your interior design company. It provides you the scope to stay engaged and interact with your clients on a daily basis. Inform them about the launch of any new products and services through social media.

Share photos of your previous works on social media pages and also in group chats. Ask your friends and close contacts to like and share all the promotional content that you post on social media.


Your clients will automatically refer your company to their friends, neighbors, and relatives if they are satisfied with the quality of your services.

It enhances the credibility of your business among potential clients who get all the information about your company from a trusted friend or relative. Reward the referring client for every successful referral with a gift or free service.

-Provide Top Quality Services

The best way to promote your business is to offer top-quality services to your clients. Try to go beyond the expectations of the clients by providing excellent services.

Research the market to find out what your competitors are offering to their clients; you should offer the kind of interior designs which are not easily available in the market and charge a reasonable amount for it.


Blogging is a significant online marketing tool to promote your business. You can draw traffic to your website through effective blogging.  

Post informative and valuable content in your blog that is related to interior design.

-Reviews and feedbacks

Ask your clients to share reviews and feedback on your website and social media page. Follow them up to ask if they are satisfied with your services and products.

Let your clients know that you truly value their opinion. Reviews will help you to lift the standard of your services. Positive reviews will help in creating a good impression among prospective clients.

-Sponsor Charitable Events

Sponsor charitable events in your locality in order to connect with the local people. Donate money, food, clothes, and other essentials to the poor and needy.

-Attend Conferences and Trade Shows

You should attend conferences and trade shows where you will be able to showcase your products and services and also educate the audience on the subject of interior design. Promote your company by distributing business cards and brochures at such conferences.

-Discounts and deals

Offer exciting and lucrative deals to your clients. You can offer seasonal discounts on different types of products and services.

Collaborate with a daily deal site that can provide you with innovative daily deals. You can offer special packages to your loyal customers as a part of your loyalty reward program.

-Identify your Clients

You need to identify the type of clients to whom you will offer your services to help you adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Your target audience will mostly include high-profile residential complexes, hotels,  restaurants, and offices.

-Email marketing

Email marketing helps you to add a personal touch to your promotional offers. Once you know your clients’ specific choices and preferences, you can mail them exclusive offers and deals. Also, send monthly or quarterly newsletters to the clients via email.

-Send acknowledgment notes

Send acknowledgment or appreciation notes to your loyal clients for choosing your services.

You can send a thank you message to them through an email or SMS, but it would be best if you are able to send a handwritten letter or note to their address.

How to drive sales to your Interior Designer Business?

  • Be in mind your customers by posting pictures, activities, latest news of your services on social media accounts.
  • Encourage your loyal clients to write a review on your official Facebook page.
  • Ask loyal customers to post images or appreciation texts about your services on their personal Instagram accounts and tell them to hashtag your brand.
  • Focus on e-mail marketing, online flyers, and newsletters to be on your existing customer’s minds.
  • Make sure to utilize print advertisements. Distribute pamphlets or put them on notice boards and walls in the community areas.

Important FAQs about Interior Design Company

How to make a profit by starting an Interior Design Business?

It is not unusual for a design company to double as an interior design company, combining the two by dual expertise or a partnership of an interior designer with an architect. Several of the best interior design companies in the world have an architectural component that provides additional income.

The development of products (for instance, lamps, furniture, decorative articles, etc.) and the creation of a popular brand name for these products are other sources of additional income.

What skills and experience are required to start an Interior Design business?

The critical elements to be successful in this work are a flair for creative efforts, the ability to work hard, and an eye for aesthetics. Most interior designers are accredited in interior design, but some are architects, and some graduate in fine art, adding their expertise to the required certification criteria by taking interior design classes.

You are on the correct track and could have met your first customer as people step into your home and wonder how it looks and ask if they get similar results.

What are the tips for starting an Interior design business?

It is best to have experience by interning or working with a design company. You can also offer assistance to a successful interior designer who works alone. Build a portfolio of your work while learning. Take high-quality digital photographs, make big glossy prints (11 “x 17” size) for your physical range, and place them in an attractive leather binder. Bring this tangible portfolio everywhere with you and show your work to others as much as possible.

Using a “soft” strategy to sell by not selling something. Just ask someone, even someone you met socially, to give you a view of your job. How can it lead to jobs? You will be surprised. Put your pictures on a website, too; this shows your best work.

What are the different fees charged by the designer for the Interior Design business?

Interior design companies can be paid for in a number of ways. 
-Charging a fixed fee or a flat fee
-Time-based fee
-Project percentage fee
-Retainer with the balance paid after completion
-Cost plus
-Cost per square foot

Interior design is one of the creative businesses where you need to give creative decorating ideas for your home or office. Before starting this business, you need to know about the fundamentals of the interior design business.

guide for interior design business

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