Top 10 Best Interior Design Companies

The interior decoration firms in the USA are known the world over for their superior talent in proper utilization of the interior spaces and creating stunningly beautiful designs by determining various factors such as space requirements etc.

Best Interior Design Companies

They are also selecting the decorative items, and final decision making authority on the matters such as colours, lighting, etc. Of course all these are done keeping the building codes and inspection regulations in mind in the various States that the interior decorators wok. 

10. Eastlake Studio –

Situated at Michigan Avenue, Chicago the firm was formed in 1987 by three enterprising architects. One of the earliest clients they could work with were IBM and the First National Bank Of Chicago.

Eastlake has also won the prestigious AIA Chicago Honour Award for the Hudson Highlands as well as a national award for the most socially responsible design.

Other awards have also followed suit. Notable interior designs that Eastlake has done and has received extraordinary accolades are for the Chicago Tribune, Euro monitor International and a host of other highly acclaimed buildings.  

9. //3877

Based at Washington, the name itself signifies that the firm is unique in all respects. The concept and the creativity of the organisation is very innovative compared to the others in the fraternity.

Whether the projects are in residential domain or healthcare or hospitality or restaurants, //3877 has carved a niche for itself and a definite mark of superior workmanship in the executions.

The clients are very satisfied with the fact that apart from bringing in  brilliant concepts, they are very cost conscious so that the clients do not feel the pinch

8. Indidesign

The Los Angeles based firm specializes in branding and interior decoration be it hospitality industry, corporate or commercial interior. With clients in all parts of the world, every project the firm executes is unique and innovative and differ from the other.

The firm strongly emphasise in putting the client’s viewpoints at the uppermost and as the top agenda. The firm has won several awards for highly innovative designs and  some of the high end clients include Hilton Hotels group, Hyatt and the Palace Hotels group.  

7. Lauck group –

The Texas based organisation founded in 1984, believes in blending creativity, artistry with strategic thinking for its clients. Once again the long standing relation and the requirements of the client is kept in mind while taking up the new projects.

Some of the outstanding projects that the firm has executed are Houston First Corporation; McCarthy Building companies Houston, and a number of marvels in the healthcare, higher education and the hospitality sectors. 

The client’s list of the firm includes organizations like Capgemini, Deloitte, Mindspace, Houston Sports Authority, Texas Monthly etc. 

6. Diva Interior design –

Based at New Mexico, the owner is an internationally famous personality in interior designing and she looks at the job as a creative passion and not as profession.

The firm believes in giving complete solutions to interior planning right from the beginning by drawing up of the floor plans, specifying on the minutes details, providing the furnishings and then selecting the interior finish.    


Based at New York, ICRAVE is an extremely creative interior designing firm where it believes in delivering complete solutions to the client’s brief rather than looking it as a project completion.

Some of the best projects that the firm has worked upon are Washington, New Orleans Philadelphia and Denver International airports, the terminal of Delta Airlines  at New York JFK international Airport and the internationally famous Sloan Kettering Cancer centre.

The firm has also worked on the Toronto International Airport in Canada.  

4. IA

Established in 1984, the firm keeps the environment topmost in mind while designing for any new project or any restoration.

The main focus of the work is kept on the brief of the client and the execution and implementation takes place by putting the best brains together in the industry.  The firm believes in taking the suggestions and views of all its members from different profiles and perspectives and the best ideas are then put into operation and practice.

One of its passionate and best known clients is the global beverages pioneer and trendsetter, the Coca Cola Company. 

3. Ike Kligerman Barkley –

Established in 1989 with offices in New York and San Francisco, Ike Kligerman Barkley is a major interior design firm with international presence too.

With a number of prestigious awards in its kitty, the firm has been included in the top 100 design firms list a number of times by the Architectural Digest.

Some of the most important buildings that the firm has worked on are Stanford University Institute of Economic policy and the Ramble Living Well Centre in North Carolina.  

Other important residential projects the firm has worked on are Green Springs Farm in Louisiana and the Hawaiian Long House at Hawaii. 

2. Tom Stringer Design Partners –

The Michigan Avenue, Chicago based firm follows the classical and contemporary approach while designing the projects. The firm has been awarded a number of times from the American Society of Interior designers and the House Beautiful magazine.

Some of the most important projects that the firm has handled are the restoration of North Shore Lake Front, Harbour Springs Contemporary cottage and the Multigenerational Lake House.

The firm has also been getting very good reviews in the press also and from the specialised dailies of the same industry.  

1. Studio 0 + A –

The San Francisco based firm is undoubtedly one of  the top notch interior design firms in the USA and its strategy is to completely rethink afresh and create a whole new concept of the project that it is undertaking. No doubt some of the best organizations in the USA are its esteemed clients. 

Some of the highly outstanding works of the firm are the Headquarters of McDonald, the McDonald Innovation Centre, Atomic Fiction studio at Montreal, the highly acclaimed commercial building 2201Broadway, the Stevenson School on California, Kimball Park Avenue showroom, Microsoft envisioning centre etc.

Reviews on the works of O+A have been carried in almost all national dailies as well as magazines and newsletters specifically based on interior design.

Top Interior Design Companies

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