Top 10 Intel Competitors and Alternatives

Intel is a semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California. This American global manufacturer of semiconductor chips has been labeled as the largest by revenue. And it has a payment of 79 billion USD as of 2021.

Its subsidiaries include Intel Ireland, Movidius, Mobileye, and even more. It produces and sells microprocessors, systems-on-chip, modems, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets, and vehicle automation sensors.

The biggest producer of semiconductor chips in the world is Intel Competitors and Alternatives.

It was founded in July of 1968, about 53 years back in California’s Mountain View. 

Best Competitors of Intel

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Year founded: 19827
  • Headquarter: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Also known as TSMC, this Taiwanese global semiconductor design and manufacturing corporation is the most prominent independent semiconductor foundry. It is also crowned with producing the most valued semiconductors worldwide.

Founded by Morris Chang in 1987, it is serving from its headquarters in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, additionally being Taiwan’s one of the biggest companies. It deals with chipsets, integrated circuits, microprocessors, SoCs, etc. 

TSMC is Intel’s primary competition and alternative in the chip manufacturing industry.


  • Year founded: 1993
  • Headquarter: Santa Clara, California

Working under Jensen Huang, Nvidia corporation is an American-based tech corporation, running for more than 28 years. Its subsidiaries include Parabricks LLC, DeepMap, Mellanox Technologies, etc.

It also ventured into gaming with its video game Quake II. It deals with cloud computing, artificial intelligence, video games, computer hardware, and software and is known as the biggest competitor of Intel.

The products include laptops, TV accessories, tablet computers, GPUs, and CPUs, which gained revenue of 26.91 billion USD. 


  • Year founded: 1983
  • Headquarter: Seoul, South Korea

It was headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. This global manufacturing conglomerate with a baffling revenue (including its affiliates and subsidiaries) of 237 trillion USD.

From a survey conducted in 2020, Samsung was labeled as the 8th highest in global brand value. It was first a trading Company founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938, and it got into electronics near the end of the 1960s.

Initially launched in Daegu, Japanese Korea (then), it has grown into a global manufacturer and supplier. 


  • Year founded: 1985
  • Headquarter: San Diego, California

Operating from San Diego in California, this multinational company has a wide network of products, including semiconductors and software components for watches, vehicles and smartphones.

It also deals with telecom equipment and has produced very successful products such as the Snapdragon processors and other chipsets.

Due to its dominance in the chip market, Qualcomm is a credible competitor of Intel.

It has generated a revenue of 33.57 billion USD. Moreover, its subsidiaries include Qualcomm Atheros, Airgo Networks, Nuvia, etc. 

Advanced RISC Machine

  • Year founded: 1983
  • Headquarter: Cambridge, UK

Also stylized as ‘arm’, it was a product of a deal between Acorn Computers, VLSI Technology, and Apple, with the employees by Acorn and equipment by VLSI, and finally, the capital investment by Apple.

Its first steps to a successful trade started with the processors and landed its first most significant sales in 1993. It was first founded in November of 1990.


  • Year founded: 1961
  • Headquarter: San José, California

Operating under CEO Hock E. Tan and having a revenue of 27 billion USD, this American transnational company designs and manufactures semiconductor and other software-related products.

Working from San Jose in California, Broadcom was formed in 1961. It provides services and products for networking, software, wireless, and other industrial markets.

More than other Intel competitors, Broadcom can take advantage of the expanding 5G industry.

Furthermore, it used to be known as HP associates, Agilent Semiconductor Products Group, Avago Technologies, and Broadcom Limited before 2018. 

Microchip Technology

  • Year founded: 1989
  • Headquarter: Chandler, Arizona

Microchip Technology Inc. is an American corporation that produces and sells mixed-signal, Flash-IP, and analog integrated circuits, microcontrollers, radio frequency devices, other wireless products, and Serial EEPROM and SRAM devices.

It is headquartered in Arizona. As of 2021, its revenue collection was 5.44 billion USD, with almost 20,000 employees.

It was founded in 1989, and as of now, it’s a huge contributor to various educators and students in different ways, such as through its one-on-one consultations and online resources. 

Maxim Integrated

  • Year founded: 1983
  • Headquarter: San José, California

It is a semiconductor manufacturing company based in San Jose, California. It is also a subsidiary of Analog Devices and Design.

It manufactures various integrated circuits, including its other products in the range of microcontrollers to sensors, interfaces, analog ICs, and communication solutions. Its gross revenue was 2.63 billion USD, as recorded in 2021.

It has offices and design centers worldwide and operates over borders spanning a wide customer base. 


  • Year founded: 1953
  • Headquarter: Eindhoven, Netherlands

It is a Dutch semiconductor multinational producing and dealing with semiconductors. It has over 29000 employees in over 30 different companies. Moreover, it has successfully generated 11.06 billion USD as of 2021 reports.

In the automobile industry, NXP is one of Intel’s main competitors due to its long-standing relationships with manufacturers.

It is currently headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, running for more than 16 years under its CEOs Kurt Sievers and Richard L. Clemmer. 

Marvell Technology Group

  • Year founded: 1995
  • Headquarter: Wilmington, Delaware

Based in Delaware, this tech company mainly deals in semiconductors. It is, however, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, for its operational wing. Sehat Sutardja and Pantas Sutardja and Weili Dai incorporated this in 1995.

Its products include semiconductors, application-specific ICs, Central Processing Units, and Data Processing units, among some more. It generated revenue of 4.46 billion USD with about 7000 employees. 

SK Hynix

  • Year founded: 1983
  • Headquarter: Incheon, South Korea

Producer and supplier of dynamic RAM and flash memory chips, this South Korean company is the second-largest memory chip manufacturer and the third-largest company dealing in semiconductors.

Because of its rapidly increasing earnings, SK Hynix is a potential competitor of Intel.

It was founded in February of 1983 by Chung Ju-Yung. It has a revenue of 35 billion USD as of 2018’s report and currently runs under CEO Lee Seok-Hee. It is headquartered in Incheon-si, South Korea.

Its subsidiaries include Hylogitec Co. Ltd, SK Hynix America and more. 

Micron Technology

  • Year founded: 1978
  • Headquarter: Boise, Idaho

Dealing exclusively with semiconductors, this is an American multinational producer of many software products, including dynamic RAM, flash memory, and USB flash drives. Currently, it has its headquarters in Idaho, US.

This company is operated by CEO & president Sanjay Mehrotra and has accumulated a good revenue of 27.7 billion USD (reported in 2021). 

Applied Materials

  • Year founded: 1967
  • Headquarter: Santa Clara, California

This 5.89 billion USD revenue company is an American-based corporation seeking services and software to produce semiconductors that go into devices such as computers, TVs, smartphones, and other solar products.

Applied Materials Inc., is run by CEO Gary E. Dickerson since 2013 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. 

Intel Competitors

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