22+ Insurance Business Marketing Ideas: Boost Your Sales Awareness

As an insurance business owner, you know that marketing is crucial to attracting new clients and growing your business.

However, with so many different marketing strategies available, it can be challenging to know which ones will be most effective for your insurance business.

If you plan to start an insurance business, you should have creative marketing ideas to promote it.

Aggressive marketing strategies will help your company to stand out in the market. You can hire a marketing expert to help you attract new clients and retain your loyal customer base.

How to promote your Insurance Business?

  • Build a website to interact with policyholders.
  • Make business cards or magnets with the agency’s information, including a phone number and website address.
  • Conduct insurance-related seminars or sessions and pursue people to enroll in the insurance packages.
  • Get your business listed in the business directories.

A few marketing ideas for an insurance business will help you get more Customers and increase your business’s awareness.

-Find out Clients

Conduct a survey to find out potential clients residing in and around your locality. You should maintain a list of clients who own a lot of property. A list will help you approach each client to promote your insurance company to them.


You need to build a strong network and collaborate with other businesses to promote your insurance company. You are likely to get client leads from property and car dealers in your locality.

Hand over some of your business cards and brochures to such dealers and ask them to pass it on to their customers who are interested in ensuring their property or car. Share a percentage of your profit with them for each successful lead.

-Appreciate Your Clients

You should appreciate your clients for choosing your insurance company instead of others. Please send them to thank you messages through the mail.

You can also send wishes to your loyal clients on their birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and other festive occasions. This will make your clients feel special and let them know how valuable they are to your business.


You need to own a professional and well-designed website for your business. A website will help in making your online presence strong.

Most of your clients will be mobile users, and a user-friendly website will help you to reach out to them.

The website should contain all the information about your business, like the type of insurance policies you offer and their prices. Also, upload your contact information on the website.

There should be an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on your website that will help a prospective client to gain valuable insights regarding the terms and conditions of your insurance policies.

-Social Media

Social media is the best place to find out and target potential clients. You should promote the brand identity of your insurance company through advertisements in social media. Attract new clients by posting promotional content in multiple social media websites.

Inform your clients about new insurance policies or any change in the existing ones through social media. Engage with your clients by sharing interesting content in your social media pages. Also, answer the queries of your clients by replying to their comments on your posts.


Enlist the website of your insurance business in popular search engines. This will make it easier for clients to trace out your company online when they search with keywords that are related to it. Your website should rank high in the list of the search engine results. It will help in drawing traffic to your website.

-Organize or Participate in Seminars

You should invest in organizing seminars or participate in the ones that are taking place in and around your locality.

Educate potential clients through such seminars and let them know the benefits of buying an insurance policy.

Advise them to compare insurance policies that are being offered by different companies and choose the ones that suit their needs.

In this way, you can interact with more people who are interested in buying insurance policies and promote your company among them.


Request the clients who are satisfied or impressed with your insurance policies to refer your company to their friends, neighbors, family members, and relatives.

It is also known as word of mouth advertising. Encourage the referring client by providing incentives like a gift item or commission for each successful referral.

-Business Cards and Fliers  

Print attractive business cards and fliers to capture the attention of potential clients. Your company’s logo should be placed in the business cards and brochures.

Design a unique logo that sets you apart from your competitors, it will actually represent the brand identity of your company. Distribute the business cards and fliers in any local event.


Advertise your business in local newspapers and magazines. You can opt for classified advertisements in newspapers. Also, promote your business through advertisements in TV commercials and radio.

Place banners and billboards in strategic locations where they are visible to your target audience. Make people aware of your insurance business through such advertisements.

-Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite popular among all kinds of businesses these days. Once you get to know your clients’ email addresses, you can send promotional updates to them through the mail.

Send monthly newsletters to them via mail. The newsletter should contain updated information about your business.

-Online Reviews

Ask the clients to write reviews and feedbacks on your website and social media page. Request them to share their opinion regarding the insurance policies of your company.

Feedbacks will help you to bring changes in the terms and conditions of your insurance policies. Positive ratings will make your business trustworthy among prospective clients.


Blogging is an essential marketing tool. It gives you the scope to share your knowledge and expertise in the field of insurance.

Write interesting articles in your blog that will enlighten the readers about different kinds of insurance policies, provide them tips when it comes to choosing insurance policies. Mention the link of your blog on the website and social media page.

-Hire Trained and Experienced Employees

You need to hire trained and experienced insurance agents who can convince clients to buy insurance policies from your company.

They should highlight your company’s specialties to clients and the benefits associated with insurance policies.

-Sponsor Local Events

You should sponsor public events taking place in your locality as this will help you to connect with the local community. Purchase advertising space and place banners of your company in such events. Interact with the visitors and distribute your business cards among them.

How to drive sales to your Insurance Business?

  • Hire a professional business blogger to write a daily blog or creating influence videos.
  • Take the benefit of social media marketing to get the attention of people.
  • Offer a small reward for every referral, like a one-time discount or a little gift card to make your clients. 
  • Offer discount packages, group discounts, and other promotional deals to attract clients.

Important FAQ about Insurance Company to get more detail about it

What are the different categories of Insurance brokers one must consider when starting an Insurance business?

There are total five categories to consider when you start an Insurance business. They are:
-Composite broker
-Reinsurance broker
-Direct broker which includes Life and General insurance
-Direct Broker (General)
-Direct Broker (Life)

How much profit I can make by starting an Insurance business?

Over the next decade, the BLS plans 22% growth in insurance, which is over 10 % higher than all other businesses. However, it takes time to create a business book. The first few years are the most difficult and a lot of research will be needed.

Your benefit is directly related to how and what kind of policies you concentrate on setting up your company. Independent agents with a personal line core business report $85,5000 plus bonuses on average.

Some officers registered even higher income by only writing high-end trade lines. Captive officers report $79,700 plus premiums on average. Independents can make higher bonuses at year-end.

What skills are required for starting an Insurance business?

You need to have a good balance of skills to start an insurance business. It is important to really care about your customers while you spend your day selling policies.

You will have a thirst for information because you will have to keep up with the latest developments and trends regularly. In building relations with insurance undertakings, contractors and customers, strong verbal and written skills are critical. Wisdom is power, as is all in life. The insurance market is lively.

The basic principles remain unchanged while the process of underwriting and claims change constantly. It is necessary to gain real world experience before you start your own insurance business.

For starting your own Insurance business, is it necessary to know about the No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

‘No Claim Benefit’ is a premium renewal policy insurance incentive that supports the wellbeing of policyholders and prevents claims. If in the preceding policy year, the policyholder fails to file a claim, the insurer shall offer the NCB benefit.

The Policy Owner also has the option of collecting the NCB for a few years, which essentially reduces the insurance benefit premium. Other insurers often provide this incentive by increasing the minimum insured number. Insurers increase their basic insurance amount to a pre-defined percentage for every year free of claims.

Starting any business is somewhat busy but managing is very toughest thing. Entrepreneur has to faced many up and down in the business so he may loss something. There are many risk which faced by the entrepreneur during its journey. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea about insurance cover and risk factor in business.

risk faced by business owner

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