An Ultimate Guide to In-store promotions To Increase Sales

As a small business, you must look for every possible promotional strategy to promote your product and increase your reach for targeting the audience. 

But maybe you are overlooking one of the powerful marketing strategy options. In-store promotions can be used to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

guide on in-store marketing

Marketing can help you introduce your business as well as establish your brand. It not just creates buzz in the market but also makes your customer interested in what you are selling, 

Here is the beginner guide for you to understand how you can use in-store promotion for your benefit.


Why does Your Business Requires In-Store promotions?

In-store promotion is a business strategy that targets their audience when they are in brick-and-mortar or physical stores.  Instore marketing focuses on engaging their audience when they are in-store instead of attracting them to the business. 

With marketing, small businesses get control over the experience of their customers. The owners can dictate how and what can be helpful in their surroundings to increase engagement. 

The marketing uses physically available locations like showrooms or stores as a base. The locations are used for marketing activities, including distribution and sales.

common types of instore promotions-

Brick & Clicks 

This one uses both the physical location and online presence to attract the audience for sales.  Here, customers can order just with a single click. This enables the companies to serve their audience through digital and physical channels. 

Public Relations 

Public relations use flagship and showrooms for developing and boosting relationships with stakeholders and media. It includes partners,  regulators,  investors, and employees. 

Market Research 

The in-store promotions type is used for doing research based on customer needs,  behavior,  preferences, etc. 

It can be used as a taste test to attract people, design new products, or improve the old ones. 


The in-store promotions type is for promoting new products and services. It can use events, demonstrations, displays, workshops, etc.

The in-store promotion creates an interactive environment so the customer can be introduced to the product you are selling. 

Customer Services 

The type of in-store promotion is used for customer service points. Here the customers find easy and much hassle-free services instead of self-service or phone calls. 

You can start your small stores to help customers to return their eCommerce goods. It will be more hassle-free and convenient for them to process the return of the items. 

tools for in-store marketing

Importance Of In-store promotions for Small Businesses

In the internet world, sellers need to hold their quince attention at both store and website levels. Promotions and engagement are crucial for selling products. 

According to research done by time-honored,  almost 70- 75 % of buyers decide what they will buy when they are in stores. It’s enough to use it to boost sales for products. 

In stores, the surroundings and ambiance influence the mood of buyers. Also, a small business can use it to get the results they are hoping for. 

The in-store promotion gives positive experiences and taps the sales cycle. It can help the buyers to move in their next purchase.

Also, it helps create loyalty toward the brand and boost the number of new buyers. 

why small business need in-store marketing

Instore promotions Strategies That You Should Follow  Right Away 

Improving your in-store experiences, so the visitors can be convinced to try something from your brand. 

It’s not just about choosing a good location or adding flyers but adding value so the customers feel at ease and confident about shopping from your brand. 

Be Where You Get More Customers 

Even if you have the most foolproof planning ever, but you don’t have the flow of customers, then it will fail in the end. It’s important to be where you can meet more customers. 

Before starting with marketing, take some time to plan and analyze the locations where you can get most of the flow. 

Identify those channels and choose the locations according to that. Here are a few ways to add more traffic to your business – 

In-store Displays 

Image Source: US Chamber

Displays are the first thing your customer notices.  It should be attractive and interesting and make your audience curious.

The displays of your stores play an important role when the customer decides whether they should visit. 

Listings The Store Online 

People are increasingly using google and other apps to discover new stores nearby. Make sure to add the business in such stools and available information so the customers get a complete idea of what they can expect. 

Digital Marketing & Publicity 

Social media can help locate the audience to bring them near you. With the help of Adwords and a strong presence on e-commerce, you can attract more people  to your instore,

Word of mouth is an effective way of bringing traffic. The more people will talk about your business; the more buzz will be created. It will bring more ideal customers to your business. 

Use The Assets You Already Own 

Fancy promotion tactics will cause investments; start with what you have already. If your store is already running, you mostly have a lot of resources. Use it to bring the best from the situation. 

The assets can be – 

Merchandise & Fixtures upgrading 

Amazing merch is a game-changer in conversing with more people and making them curious about your brand.  Make sure that you have stocked up products that your customers will buy from you. 

Use creative displays and arrange the items to please for eyes; useful and easy to get the order. 

Services & Staffs 

Since your customers are not shopping online,  physical buying is stressful. On top of that, unsatisfied customers will likely never come back. 

That’s why having all the needed services to make your customer comfortable is crucial. Keep the payment methods available and keep it easy for the customers. 

Along with services, your staffs are important for leaving a good impression of your brand on people. Your employees can be good marketers, but they should be motivated and engaged too.

Offer Wi-Fi For Free 

Believe it or not, free wifi can bring many customers to your brick-and-mortar locations. Also, it can be useful for alerting the customers about your marketing and allowing them to promote your brand. 

Most customers appreciate wifi promotions. Not only are your customers satisfied and happy, but they can be more relaxed and patient while shopping. 

Free wife lets them be busy scrolling their phone while waiting in the billing line, or the staff takes time. Also, it ensures that happy customers are more likely to visit again. 

Use The Social Media For Promoting Your Instore 

When you are offering free wifi, you can also encourage your visitors to share reviews or check-ins via their social media accounts. 

It will help promote the brand among more people and target a better audience, not near your location. 

When it comes to social media, Facebook, Pinterest, and  Instagram are serious platforms that are more consumer-centric.  

You can follow the tips to get more customers from these platforms, including – 


Image Source: Promoboxx

Facebook is one of the strong consumer-centric platforms online. You target your audience by posting the ads and starting your group. 

You can start the page for your store, along with information like location, about us, contacts, email address, etc.


Image Source: Wordstream

Instagram has more than 800 million users monthly.  You can post pictures of your brands, start your hashtags and upload stories, etc. 

But to start with Instagram, ensure you have a brand aesthetic ready, so the profile looks inserting and appealing to your audience. 


Curation is an important key when it comes to Pinterest. Posting randomly won’t work, and you must focus on where your boards are navigating your visitors. 

However, the Pinterest algorithm is different, and your content might not get surfaced so easily. It can take around 6 months for your content to start appearing. 

Win-Back Campaign For Inactive Users 

Win-back campaigns are focused on the customers who used to shop from your brand but are not active for a while or in connection with you. 

The campaign helps you bring them back and try your brands and visit your store too. The win-back campaign can include coupons or discounts exclusively for them.

You can send them emails or messages, depending on how you were connected with them. Make sure to add a limited-time period offer, so the buyers feel an urgency to try it as fast as they can. 

Look Out For Influencer Marketing 

The customer lookout for content that can be relevant to them.  Influencer marketing is specially designed to deliver personal, specific, and relatable content. 

According to experts, there will be a 65% increase in influence marketing by 2020.  You can look for influencers to promote your brand and boost your reach to customers.

Using influencer promotion, gaining trust, and building new customers in the market are much easier.

You can find influencers on Instagram, as the platform is considered a hub for influencers. It’s designed to allow user-generated content, and you can find the influencer who fits your ideas naturally. 

Try New Technology For Personal Customer Relationship 

Image Source: PRweek

Well, In-store promotion strategies also include digital technology for collecting consumer data and information. The collected information is used for designing personalized development and solutions. 

You can place beacons at the entrance of your store; the small Bluetooth device will be connected to the customer’s phone to collect ethnic data. 

The data includes email address,  location,  birthday,  demographics, etc. Also, the data can be sued for sharing coupons, deals, and discounts via push notifications. 

Engage More Customers By Customizing Services 

Recently,  product customization has become valuable and extremely useful for customers.  They expect the brand to understand and express the sense of style and share their values.

Product customization allows the customers to be a part of the product manufacturing until the final result includes what they feel and want. The benefit of this is that you get better conversion rates, traffic, and sales. 

Create A Dedicated Spaces For Informing About Products 

More than 55% of customers prefer to visit stores before buying the product. The reason for visiting stores is to feel and try the products. 

The close look helps the buyers understand what they are buying and whether it’s suitable for purchase. The brands can take this for their use and create short corners to help the visitors educate themselves. 

Customization is another option that helps the buyers to use the product the way they like. Creating the product with the options to add their touch makes it fascinating and useful for them. 

Use Of Retailanment For Attracting Customers 

George Ritzer, an author and socialite, discovers the word Retailanment. The word means using surroundings,  emotions, ambiance, and activity to make your customer interested in your brand and change their mood to buy it. 

The fact is the more time your customer stays in your store, the higher the chances of buying increase. It makes your customers introduce your brand.

For that, detailing is an important part. To attract your buyers,  everything from music to scent and even your staff’s uniforms plays an important role.

In your store, everything should be aligned according to customer perception regarding images and values.  The elements should be used to increase the experience and enjoyment. 

Experts’ Tips To Make Your Instore promotions Effective.

Sometimes the in-store promotions companion can hit the slump. To avoid such situations and increase foot traffic, some experts shared tips that you can use. 

Give A Solid And Strong Reason To Your Customer

Image Source: Wordstream

Most buyers don’t prefer visiting stores to buy products. They prefer online options, but to increase the foot traffic to your store, you must give solid and convincing reasons for them.

The reason can be exclusive sales or discounts, or you can hold events and promote your store by sharing codes that can be used in-store only. 

For buyers, there must be something big to push them and visit your store to try your product. They will ignore the store if they don’t find it attractive or appealing enough.


Focus On What And How You Are Selling 

Assume that what you sell is not something anyone wants, or maybe they don’t.  The buyer should know how to sell when a senior turns out like this. 

In such a scenario, focusing on what you are selling becomes important. Make sure you know the audience you are targeting and how it will affect the life of the users.

Either the consumer should have their raisins to buyers, or you should give one. It should be something your buyer will not get anywhere else. 

It also depends on how you are selling.  The method and mode are both important. How and where you are targeting,  make sure you plan everything to stay ready.

Keep Researching  And Never Stop 

Small businesses should never stop researching. There is something that keeps changing in the market. It can be a trend, requirement, your competitor’s plans, approach, etc. 

Keep researching so you always stay updated with all kinds of changes. Use your research in making your plans and strategies for in-store promotions.

Create Buzz And Approach Customers To Take Action 

A sense of urgency is important to increase the foot traffic to your store. Your audience should feel excited and eager to use what you are offering. 

As a brand, it should create curiosity in those who never tried it. Also, motivate your audience to take quick action. For that, you can offer deals for a limited time or inventory. 

But it’s impatient for your brand to be clear about the message and time frame. The right strategy will keep your audience on their toe, and the urgency will lead them to try the product immediately.

Stay Relevant To Your Surrounding 

The relevancy is of the utmost importance to outreach your ideas and marketing to your local. Also, include the people around you, even the local shops and stores, to use it for your brand. 

Your business should be relevant and grounded with the communities you work with.  It helps you connect with more people who can help you increase the leads. 

Use The Benefits Of Shoppertainment 

Plan short events; you can plan one major and three minor events in your market.  The major event will help you get more traffic and welcome people to your store.

Also, your major event can be anything; just make sure you target potential customers. It should include those people who not just participate but also buy more. 

Your minor can be small demonstrations or classes. It can be anything that can draw the attention of customers to your store as well as your concept without too much time taking. 

You can add more events if you attract more people and want continuous foot traffic. Events are helpful and entertaining for the buyers as well as the audience. 

Sell A Story That Can Be Seen 

Image Source: TheLendified

Your product should be something that can sell a story. It also includes how you are presenting to your customer. In this, the window display is a helpful tool to use. 

You can attract more people by creating windows in your store.  It will work as an invitation for people who are passing by. And even create curiosity which will lead them to enter the store.

Ideas To Try For Your  In-Store Marketing & Promotional  Strategy 

The competition is cut-throat in the market. There are tons of ideas and plans that follow. However, to thrive your business, you must know how and where to use in-store promotions,

If you are confused or lacking ideas, here are some of the best ones you can try 

Get Reviews In Person 

Customer reviews and feedback are the most important for the businessman. It can help you understand what you are lacking or what you can try to satisfy your customer.

Positive reviews help in building a trusting brand, and it helps new customers to try your brand without any doubt, 

According to an estimate, around 78% of customers believe their local business is trustworthy if they have more reviews and positive feedback. 

Customer reviews are considered the top three influences when it comes to local search marketing. It helps build your credibility, but you can also get more foot traffic.

When it comes to encouraging your customers to leave a positive review, it’s not just challenging work, but lots of people avoid it too. 

The reason is not always the unsatisfactory services, but sometimes customers don’t have enough time or strength to do that. 

You can get faster work done if you get the reviews in person when they are in the store. Also in return for appreciating their contribution, you can offer discounts too. 

Use Freebies To Grow Your Email List 

To grow your email list, if you are choosing online options such as post-purchase services, discounts, and content.

But with in-store promotions, the same options can also help grow your email list. The audience mostly feels comfortable exchanging information in return for something valuable.

One of the simple offers can be a discount on the next purchase, but you can also choose other options. You can offer them personalized post services or add-on seasonal products.


Use Strategies While Placing The Product 

Unlike online shopping, most buyers don’t precisely plan what to buy. The buyers can have little idea about what they are looking for. 

The state of mind can be used to focus on how you are placing your products in your store and use strategy to position your items. It can help in boosting up sales. 

You can put high-margin and best-seller products in front so that when visitors enter, their attention gets focused on those things first. 

When you are placing the products, make sure you are following the basic principles.

  • Similar products should be in one group and put in the same section. 
  • To put high-margin products at eye level, use more shelves.
  • Give attention to your customer walk flow and place the best things in the same order.
  • Place the items with a lower margin but low cost for your customer near the checkout. 

Change The Look & Style 

To promote your product, you can create seasonal items especially denoting the holidays, seasons, events, etc. 

If you don’t want that, you can change the look of your product. The packaging of your product plays a vital role in attracting your audience.

You can change the packaging, use color psychology and choose the details according to what your audience would like to see. People associate the colors with events; for example, red, white, and green are for Christmas.

With small changes, you can offer your product in different packaging, 

Use Exit-Intent Offers To Trigger 

Like your website, your use of exit-intent pop-ups gives one more opportunity for buyers to choose the products or services from the site.

You get successful re-engaging prospects, and the information can also be used for email marketing

With in-store, you can make last-time announcements and discount sign boards strategically in the end or customer services rep too. 

The more you are making the customer stay in your store, the higher your chances of a boost in sales you are getting. 

In-Store Contests For Engagement 

Contests are the ideal and effective method for getting engagement and lead generation. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline. In both, the option can work if you are using it correctly.

You can run competitions in your stores and ask your customers to take part in the end gifts. It can be some special deals or prizes, especially for the winner.

Put the submission box along with the staff to describe the contest. To participate in the contest, your visitors can fill out the forms or put their names in the submissions box. 

Mistakes That You Must Avoid In Instore promotions 

Instore marketing has its benefits. If you run the champions effectively, you are not attracting people but turning them into your special deals too.

Since more and more business owners are using this campaign, some mistakes are seen in most of the plans. 

Ensure you are not doing so you can be assured that your plan will work. 

Adding Too Many Messages And Areas To Focus 

People are not interested in every tiny detail about how your product turned out. They are interested in what they buy; most in-store promotions include too many messages.

In this case, you hardly get a minute or seconds to hold your audience’s attention.  You might be over-communicating, which will also result in wasting those important minutes.

Since most of the time, this issue is found in consumer electronics, but even in packaging, the messages can be too detailed.

The buyers are consumed with lots of information, and most of the time, they zone out.  The in-store screens can make your audience feel frustrated or worse; they will just ignore it. 

Using Wrong Location And Medium For Communicating 

The location and medium both decide how much effective your planning will turn out for you, 

.Placing your items in the wrong directions where the buyers can’t see or putting shelves that can be easily passed by are not just decreasing the sales, but you are wasting your resources and time both. 

Where you put your message is important. You must use strategies to attract more attention to your audience where it is needed. 

No Idea About The Targeted Audience 

Marketing includes two important factors – your focus and target.  In promotions of your product, you must know the audience and how to make them act. 

Identifying your largest targets and source can help you achieve the sales you are looking for.  Also, learn about what attracts them and how you can use it for your benefit. 

Trying Too Hard to Market Your Message 

Shoppers don’t like it when they get pushed to use or even see something if they are not interested Same thing applies to the messages.

Communication should be easy and not look too clever to them.  It should be simple, easy to understand, and include enough to take action. 

When it comes to options, the customers have tons of them. There are so many brands and companies fighting for their attention. It’s much easier for them to jump if they feel not satisfied. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) about instore promotions

How is an in-store promotion going to boost my sales?

Instore marketing focuses on the audience when they are in a physical store. It helps attract buyers’ attention to your products and encourages them to buy. It also makes the buyers engage with what you are offering, boosting the chance of getting leads. 

How is in-store marketing beneficial for small businesses?

It helps promote the products and encourages impulse buying, which benefits small businesses.  It helps in making the advertising easier for the sellers too.

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