How to Increase Subscribers on Youtube: 30+ Tips and Tricks

Wonder, why does the Youtube channel subscriber’s count matter? 

There are millions of channels on YouTube with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of subscribers. 

 The number of subscribers for a Youtube channel is important because it shows how engaged viewers are with your video content. 

A subscriber is who shows his or her commitment towards your content, so much so that they like to be informed about your upcoming videos as well. 

YouTube has become the largest video-sharing site in the world. To be precise,  more than 2 billion users watch videos on Youtube every month. 

In order to get more views, more exposure,  you not just need more viewers but also more subscribers. 

But not to worry, we got you! Here you not only get these 30 legit ways to boost your YouTube subscriber count but also all the answers to your potential queries related to subscriber count. 

Use these practical strategies to gain new subscribers and reach more people, boosting viewers on your videos as well. 

Why You Should Never Buy Youtube Subscribers? 

Let’s first address the elephant in the room! 

Should you consider buying Youtube Subscribers?  Because that’s the first thought that often pop-up in your mind when you think of growing youtube subscribers. 

Well, the urge to buy youtube subscribers at the early stage is understandable. You are at beginner level and really want to skip to the good part. 

And it is immoral as well as illegal to buy youtube subscribers as well, so you shouldn’t consider buying. 

But even more importantly, it doesn’t work! 

So after all this trouble, spending money, you won’t be really getting anything out of this expenditure. 

In fact, the truth is, if you look at the most successful YouTubers across the world, they are not spending their time on shady schemes for growing their channels, just doing all the hard work.

Why ‘Get Free Youtube Subscribers’ Services Doesn’t Work? 

If you look at these services offering you free subscribers, they basically ask you to subscribe to 20 youtube channels and even as a particular number of videos on Youtube. 

So basically, you may not be paying with money but you are giving away a portion of your freedom to subscribe or at least lease. 

Just like that saying that if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. And there is nothing like free in the world, not really!

And the end results from these services aren’t pretty! You do get a high number of subscribers but don’t get engagement on those. 

That makes your youtube profile untrustworthy and even suspicious. So, these bot subscribers do not engage with your content. 

They are clearly not your audience. You are definitely going to give stink-eye to any potential brands that want to work with you. 

When you are at this stage in your Youtube journey, there are hundreds of tempting content online including articles and videos that draw your attention. 

All because they will be claiming you to tell you a secret on how to get 1,000 Youtube subscribers in one week or even one day for free. 

They go so far to claim that to tell you how to get a million subscribers for free which definitely seems so good to be true. 

So, it is important to stay away from such tall and impractical false claims and clickbaity content and look to grow your Youtube subscribers organically. 

But that doesn’t mean, there are no tips, tricks, hacks, or things that you can do to get free youtube subscribers fast, well there are, all of them are legit. 

How To Gain First 1.000 Subscribers On Your Youtube Channel? 

The fastest and comparatively easier way to achieve your first 1,000 subscribers on your new Youtube channel is by breaking into smaller goals. 

You have to set a SMART goal for gaining the first 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel. 

Gaining the first 1000 subscribers is the hardest, and requires a lot of work but if you move smartly and patiently, you will achieve this milestone in a short time. 

First, break down your 1000 subscriber goal because when you don’t know how much time something is going to take, it becomes even scarier. 

So, you chop it down to small chunks, achievable goals which now don’t look too scary, in fact quite reasonable. 

Here’s how you do it, like to break down 1000 subscribers, it is March going on, then

  • 100 subscribers by May 
  • 250 subscribers by August 
  • 500 subscribers by October 
  • 750 subscribers by December 
  • 1,000 subscribers by February  

So, now this might even seem to take long, and maybe on other hand it also looks possible. 

But even then, if you do not hit these goals exactly as mentioned. It is okay but planning this goal in chunks to achieve makes it easy to approach. 

How To Get Free Youtube Subscribers Organically?

Increasing your Youtube subscribers count is the best way to boost your organic reach to your website. 

If you are running a small business, e-commerce, or any product to sell, boosting your subscribers count on your Youtube channel will give you maximum exposure. 

And in case, you want to earn money from Youtube, then even to begin with that, you have to hit the 1000 subscriber milestone. 

Because that’s what you need to become a Youtube partner and start generating ad revenue. 

And then there are many benefits and perks a Youtube channel gets depending upon how many subscribers they hit. 

increase youtube subscribers count

Writing Compelling Youtube Channel Description

Most of the Youtube channel descriptions are either just plain basic one-liners or not even there. 

You have to imagine yourself in the shoes of your subscriber and think whether the description you wrote will make you subscribe to the channel. 

Is it compelling enough to help your case in the commitment you’re asking to a subscriber? 

You need to tell people what your channel is all about. What can they expect from your Youtube channel? 

Use this section to give out some important information about your channel,.eg how many times you upload in a week or month, your upload frequency. 

You can also include a strong call-to-action, asking people to subscribe to your channel further adding a specific benefit they gain, if they do. 

Pro Tip:  Put a couple of relevant keywords in your Youtube channel description for better optimization. 

This will help your channel and videos to rank better on the Youtube search pages. Make sure you don’t overdo it as well. 

Always Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe 

This is so important that Youtube itself started recommending the creators to ask their viewers to subscribe to each and every video. 

Most of the new Youtube creators hesitate or shy away to ask viewers to subscribe but it is important because if you don’t, viewers do not remember to subscribe to you in most cases. 

And it is true that asking for viewers to subscribe might sound too salesy especially if you are too soon or doing too often. 

What you only need to do is remind your viewers once at the end of the video to subscribe. 

It is purely with the intent at least how you present it, is to make it easier for your viewers or fans to keep up with your videos. 

Don’t forget to quickly mention at the same time why your channel is worth subscribing to. 

To make it less awkward or sales, make sure you ask to subscribe at the end of the video and not at the start. 

So when you will be done by giving valuable information or really entertaining them, asking to subscribe seems more natural and smooth.

Reply To All Comments 

This is perhaps the easiest way to increase your Youtube subscribers.  

In fact, according to the internal data from Youtube itself, there is a clear correlation between replying to comments and the number of subscribers. 

This means Youtubers who reply to the comments on their videos get more subscribers than those who do not, at least initially. 

And basically, it is about engagement, the more you engage with your viewers, the more loyal they become to the community you’re creating. 

When you interact with your fans directly, it makes them more invested and they do their best to participate even more. 

Even if this quite seems to be a general practice or obvious to do, most of the YouTubers do not actually reply to all the comments. 

They do few here and there or for some time but not consistently, not to each one at the beginning of their journey. 

End Your Video With A Tease 

Just like a good cliffhanger in an episode of a series where you get hooked to know more, you need to do the same with your videos. 

Subscribing a Youtube channel is all about anticipation. 

So if a viewer gets hooked with your video whether it is about your personality, your story, your journey, or just your next project, they will automatically subscribe to you to remain connected. 

When you make your next video, make sure you end it with teasing of something from your next project or something that brings them back. 

This requires strong discipline in your content schedule and planning. In fact, to fully optimize this, you better plan your further few videos in advance and sync them together to create anticipation. 

Also, make sure with this tease, in the end, you mention to your viewers to subscribe if they want to know more and remain informed about it. 

Script Your Videos Ahead Of Time 

The classic mistake for new Youtubers and also the reason why they don’t get an increase in their subscriber count is a lack of planning and outlining in their content. 

You might think that just winging on the screen at the time is a good idea but it’s not. 

At least you have to have some kind of script or say outline to give structure to your videos. 

In fact, it’s better to plan the script of your videos ahead of time, read it, and re-write again as you go. 

This makes your Youtube content crispier, to the point, and highly valuable. It assures you have your information spot on. 

And once you do that, you can play with it to add more personality, humor, or story to it easily without disturbing its value of it. 

Especially for small businesses, scripting Youtube videos give them leverage for scheduling high-quality content for better consistency. 

This increases engagement and quality of the content you offer, hence more subscribers over time. 

Interacting With Audience 

When it comes to Youtube, interacting with your audience needs to be more informal and emotional. 

You need to connect with your viewers to create a sense of community. It is almost like being friends with them. 

Once you get friends with your viewers by replying to the comments, addressing them in your videos, providing them with what they exactly need, sharing your journey, they are definitely going to subscribe. 

When you empower others through connecting with them under a community, you never know who will be famous amongst them or how they can help you back. 

Another huge benefit of interacting with the audience is getting free content ideas to create which is definitely going to work as it comes right from a horses’ mouth. 

This is undoubtedly the most powerful way to increase subscribers on your Youtube channel, and that too with higher engagement and building community. 

Focus On Your Video Quality 

Youtube is a competitive space where people are delivering high-quality content, and one of the pillars of that is high-quality video. 

You need to focus on the production value of your content, not just the quality of the content. 

Definitely, there is definitely advice that “just upload videos no matter the quality” well it is only true in the case where you eventually improve your quality in the long run but then it takes time, a long time. 

So, why not focus on video quality initially?  At Least the level of what you can achieve or strive to. 

To attract more people and make your videos promising, you need to focus more on the quality. 

Sure you need to be consistent at the earliest of your Youtube journey to figure out different moving parts of making a Youtube video such as : 

  • Camera handling 
  • Video production
  • Script writing 
  • Lighting 
  • Thumbnails 
  • Youtube video title 

And so much more. 

At that time, you definitely need to focus more on quantity but as you go along, keep increasing focus on the video quality instead of quantity. 

Funnel Target Viewers To “Subscribers Magnets”

Here’s how you do this step-by-step : 

  • Go to your Youtube Analytics 
  • Click ‘Subscribers’ and then go to “See More” 
  • Find out the video that is bringing you the most subscribers, especially check for the last month. So, this video is a subscriber magnet. 
  • Now put this video at the end screen of your Youtube videos 
  • Also, make your playlist start with this particular video. 
  • You also put this video on the card. 
  • This video can also be used a channel trailer for your profile. 

Optimizing Your Youtube Banner Art 

You need to create a Youtube banner that shows up on your Youtube profile header. 

It is the first thing a viewer is going to see when they visit your profile or channel.  This is also a stage where they decide whether to subscribe to you or not. 

People usually do that after watching one or a couple of your videos to see what your channel is all about. So, right there is your potential subscriber. 

Here comes your banner art demonstrating what you offer or what your channel is all about.  It needs to be clean, high-quality, and relevant. 

More importantly, it should be branded as per your channel name, logo or profile picture, and title, basically your overall branding. 

Make sure you have added all the essential links/buttons at the bottom corner such as social media buttons, website links, etc. 

Pro Tip : Using your Youtube banner image along with all the other elements of your channel, try to create a consistent branding, a vibe that resonates with your target audience. 

Create An Effective & Consistent Channel Branding 

Channel branding is a very significant factor for the success of your Youtube channel. It plays a critical role in the growth of your youtube channel. 

In fact, with effective channel branding, you can increase your Youtube subscribers exponentially over time. 

Even if you have made plenty of videos and gotten some good views in a couple of them, or really good now and then but still not getting subscribers. 

Well, perhaps the reason might be your inconsistent channel branding where you haven’t really optimized the elements of your channel branding. 

Here are these elements you need to focus on  : 

  • Youtube Channel Banner Art 
  • Youtube Channel Description 
  • Youtube Channel Icon 
  • Custom URL 

Let’s go through all of them and see how you can optimize them to grow your subscribers count. 

Youtube Channel Banner Art 

As we already discussed how essential the Channel art is for potential subscribers when they land on your profile. 

It is the first thing that welcomes the people who clicked on your profile and looked at your channel. 

So, if you have a clear, visually-compelling, high-quality, and relevant banner image demonstrating what your channel is about, you are most likely to get a subscriber.

Youtube Channel Description 

Apart from the Youtube banner image, another thing that people like to read or just scan through is the channel description. 

And if it is not optimized well, or not well defined, it not just fails to communicate what your channel is about, and what you promise but also paints you as a non-serious creator. 

Or it just creates a disconnect between you and a potential subscriber. And even if you have sorted everything out but still left a description, it’s just one leaf unturned that can affect badly on your subscriber conversion. 

Youtube Channel Icon 

The Channel icon is basically your logo. Along with your channel name, it gives the first impression to a potential subscriber. 

In fact, if you haven’t done a good job with your channel icon, people even feel reluctant to go to your channel page to subscribe. 

You need to make sure it is a clear, high-quality image and easy to notice amongst others. 

Custom URL 

When you create your Youtube channel, you get a default channel URL like this :  

But this is not ideal. And you don’t want your potential subscribers to notice that.  Because not all Youtube channels have this kind of URL. 

And you can customize your Youtube channel URL to make it user-friendly and according to your brand. 

But in order to do so, you have to have at least 100 subscribers. So if you are not there yet, just focus on growing your subscribers and the moment you hit 100, just set a custom URL. 

Leverage Your Custom Channel Trailer 

Youtube gives you the option to add a featured video right at the top of your channel page which autoplay as a viewer lands on it. 

You can choose one video from your existing videos to show up right there as a trailer to what you do. 

It is wise to add your best video right up there for making a persuasive case for your potential subscriber to subscribe to you. 

Interestingly, you can choose one specific video that will show up as your channel trailer to non-subscribers and a different one to your subscribers. 

Especially, to improve your chances of getting more subscribers, you need to create a channel trailer that tells potential subscribers about why they should subscribe. 

Just like a trailer to a movie that persuades you to watch the film. So either you can talk to your target audience or show them your best works, anything, be creative, and put your best out there. 

The idea is to leverage this channel trailer to boost your subscriber count on your Youtube channel. 

Pro Tip:  Make sure you keep this video very short, simple, and to the point. It must connect to your target users right off the bat.  Also, make the editing pacier, put your CTA, and tell them exactly what they can expect from this channel. 

Put Brand Watermark In Your Videos 

You must have seen a small clickable icon at the bottom corner of videos you watch on Youtube. 

That acts as a brand watermark to the videos but also allows viewers to click and subscribe within your video. 

However, what people usually make mistakes is putting a watermark of their own brand which seems obvious. 

But instead, especially if you want to boost your subscriber count, put a simple subscribe button watermark or icon there. 

This will dramatically increase your subscribing chances from the viewers as you are making it so easy to subscribe while they watch the video. 

How To Add Youtube Subscribe Button To Your Videos? 

So, add a “Subscribe” button to your youtube videos instead of your branded watermark. 

Here’s how you do that : 

  • Go to your Youtube Studio account 
  • Click on the ‘customization’ option you see in the left navigation menu. 
  • Now, select the ‘branding’ tab. 
  • Scroll down to the section of the video watermark and upload your ‘subscribe’ icon or image. 
  • Select a display time of your graphic as where you want it to be seen:  at the end of the video, custom timespan or throughout. 
  • It is suggested to choose the video option. 
  • Now, just hit the publish button you see at the right corner of this page. 

Brand Your Youtube Video Thumbnails

Youtube video thumbnails are one of the most important factors for the success of your Youtube video. 

It plays a crucial role in whether a viewer clicks on the video or not, apart from its counterpart such as the title of the video. 

You need to choose a 1280 x 720 px image for the cover of your Youtube video. It acts as a cover for a book or as a movie poster. 

This is your best chance to persuade viewers to see your video along with the title. 

But since this article is not about getting more viewers but more subscribers, the focus here is to create brand consistency in your thumbnails. 

It reflects to the audience that you are a professional and serious video creator. Also, by branding your thumbnail in a certain way you make your video thumbnail more recognizable. 

First of all, thumbnails definitely need to be custom, not just a screenshot of your video. 

So make sure you choose a brand scheme of colors that also match your overall brand consistency and logo.  

Your aim must be to build consistency through the thumbnails which means using the same font, color scheme, and type of framing and composition as well. 

Basically, anyone must know you just by looking at the thumbnail of your videos. 

Optimizing Your End Screen 

Youtube gives you the ability to add a still image or simply optimize the end of your video. 

If you want to increase the number of subscribers, you need to leverage this opportunity where you optimize your end screen to gain more subscribers. 

All you have to do is add call-to-action, that is reminding viewers to subscribe to your channel.  

You can add this end screen to any video to your video as long as the video you’re uploading is more than 25 seconds long. You can even add an end screen to all of your existing uploaded videos. 

Create Playlists of Your Videos 

Playlists are really engaging with the audiences because it allows them to binge on the same kind of content in one stream. 

It is quite like a streaming platform, such as Netflix where it auto-plays the next episode of the series or next film in a set order. 

So, it holds more attention from the audience giving more engagement from an average viewer, hence they are more likely to subscribe. 

It is natural when a user has watched 4, 5, or even just 2 videos in a row, they get tempted to check Youtube channels. 

Since a viewer doesn’t have to actively find videos like that which they clearly enjoyed because they watched it till the end, they end up watching a lot more. 

In a  nutshell, it gives them more reason to subscribe to your channel. 

Promoting Your Other Videos On Your End Screen 

If you watch a lot of Youtube, you definitely have noticed how at the end screen, another video is embedded to watch further. 

And it really tempts you to check that video too or you become too lazy to stop the autoplay to that next video, and you end up watching more of them. 

Well, the same happens with any viewer on Youtube as well. 

The goal should be to make your viewers watch 2, 3, 5, 8, and even 10-20 videos of your channel, so they definitely will subscribe to you, or at least become habitual to your content, and eventually subscribe. 

So, to do this, one of the effective strategies is to put the relevant video at the end of your video, on the end screen. 

Make sure you choose a highly relevant video to the video you are adding to the end screen, so it genuinely helps your viewers to learn more or further about the topic.  

Create Youtube Videos Consistently 

Consistency is the key to success on Youtube.  

If you ask any successful creator on Youtube with million subscribers what they have done to reach there, one factor will be common amongst them – consistency

Youtube has a huge fanbase. They eagerly wait for the videos to come from their favorite creators. 

If you want to make money from YouTube, then you need to be consistent with creating content. You should aim for at least one video per day. It doesn’t matter if they are long or short videos. Just keep making them!

You can create videos in different ways, at least in the beginning. Some people prefer to record themselves using their smartphones, others prefer to use webcam software. Whatever method you choose, the more videos you upload, the better.

In fact, you can create videos without showing your face, using photos and videos with a voice in the background. 

The possibilities are endless and everything has a proof of concept on Youtube to be worked very well. 

You Need To Publish Long Videos 

Long videos rank better on Youtube.  According to the largest Youtube ranking factors study, there were 11 factors in the play. 

And one of them was the length of the video. The longer the video, the more views it gets. 

You can’t control where your video shows up in search results. But you can add keywords to your title and description to increase your chances of showing up in relevant searches.

Keywords in the title and description also help improve your clickthrough rate (CTR). 

This means that users who land on your video page are more likely to watch your video than those who don’t. 

So, basically, you have to combine these two factors which are long-duration videos optimizing it with title, description, and keywords. 

Do Keyword Research And Add Metadata To Your Videos 

You should always be doing keyword research on your video titles and descriptions before you upload them. If you don’t, you could end up with a lot of views but no conversions.

The best way to do this is by using the YouTube Keyword Planner. This will give you an idea of what people are searching for related to your niche.

After you know what keywords you should be targeting, you need to write some metadata for each video. This includes things like the title, description, tags, etc.

These are very important because they will appear on search results pages which means that they will influence whether or not someone clicks on your video.

When writing the title, try to avoid using too many words. Make sure that the title is relevant and interesting.

Try to use keywords that relate to your video. For example, if you are talking about “How To Grow A Beard”, you might want to use the word “beard” rather than just “grow”.

Try to add keywords to the description as well. This is where you can really go crazy with your creativity. Think of other terms that would describe your video and add those to the description.

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