35+ Pro Tips to Increase Sales of Your Products Today

Every product that comes in the market is out there with the hope of making it big and striking the right chord with the customer.

Once it succeeds, there is no looking back at it but the pain begins when the product isn’t really making the waves as expected. For such instances, certain measures are to be taken to boost sales.

Some extra efforts and calculated marketing strategies can surely kickstart your sales campaign and offer extensive results.

How to Increase Sales of Your Products:

Show your potential 

Unless you reflect on what you have got to offer to the customers you cannot expect the product to shoot skywards in the market.

As soon as you show your customers the kind of performance the product can deliver, they will have ideas about its usage in their daily lives.

Once they find reasons, they will surely buy the product so as to make their work simpler and faster.

For example, the popular beauty product Olay gained immense popularity since the time it showcased the results it brought when it came to anti-ageing of the skin. 

Create goals 

Your marketing strategy needs to be broken down into further smaller goals. These goals can be the number of sales calls to be made or the number of sales messages or emails to be sent out to the customers on a daily basis.

Your progress growth will motivate your sales target achievement and you can dream bigger.

Smaller goal fulfillment allows people to dream big and as soon as people start dreaming big, they truly make it big. It is also beneficial to to maintain attention and energise the actions in the right direction.  

People buy people 

In sales, it is always “people buying people” rather than people buying products. The kind of approach your sales team will be the key to boosting the sales of the product.

You need to have a positive set of people in your marketing team who are ready to work hard day in and out.

The kind of authentic effort people put behind promoting and marketing a product is something that people end up buying rather than just the product.

You as a producer or seller need to know exactly what the customer needs and then deliver accordingly. 

Know your target audience 

This is significant if you want to make a mark on sales. Know every detail about your customer. Some of the things that you need to know are – 

  • Age group 
  • Gender
  • Family or the number of dependents 
  • Annual income 
  • Education qualification 

With these, you will have a detailed idea of what they expect out of the product and exactly which form of marketing will reach out to the target consumer group in the best manner. Customers are the main source of revenue for the business and hence studying them in detail is inevitable. 

Problem identification 

As soon as you research on your customer base, you will be able to know the problem and crisis they are facing.

The kind of product that you have planned for sale needs to be aligned to the needs of the customer and then only it will be able to create a stir in the market. Many a times problems are clear and obvious while on the other hand they are unclear.

If the problem is non-existent for your customer then the sales will generally dip and your product will fail to meet ends. For example- as the issue of hair fall kept rising, shampoo and oil with Minoxidil kept rising the ladder due to the heavy demand in the market.

Competitive edge 

Your product should have specifics that will encourage the customers to buy it. Perform a thorough competitor analysis to understand what other brands are offering in the segment.

It will ensure that you stay a step ahead from your competitor and add those USPs in your products that are missing from those present in the market.

With these, customers will enjoy purchasing the products you have on offer and the word of mouth will spread like wildfire.

For example- Apple iPhone had ruled the market in the US since a long time but with the coming of Samsung’s Android phones and its high customization features (which iPhone lacks definitely), the market share has been significantly divided. 

Content marketing 

Content is the king these days and if you are planning to reach out to the audience with some exciting content, it is truly the best idea! Major benefits of content marketing are- 

  • You will get hold of a bunch of qualified leads 
  • Sales channels will open up and you will find new opportunities 
  • This is a relatively affordable way to get hold of more customers. It is effective and smartly curated content will surely max out the customer base to its peak.

Real time lead generation is possible with content marketing and this is why it is touted as effective and worthy method by the genius marketers of industry. 

Use of apps 

With the coming of mobile phones and the various application stores such as the Apple App Store or the Android Play store, apps have become a major part of the marketing world.

You can promote your product through the apps on these platforms. As most people are always active on the internet through their phones, they can browse on their phones and download the app.

You need to include offers and interesting interactions through the app so that people are intrigued to try it out. It can bring your product to the forefront and boost sale volumes majorly. 

Catchy website 

In this age of digitization, every business needs to have a website that attracts people in the best manner. People will search for your product once it is launched, and if they find its presence online, they will find it more credible. You need to hire a professional designer to do the job for you.

The design of the website is the key and this is why attention needs to be paid to the details of it.

Your website should be mobile-friendly in the first place so that more people can access it. People are 24/7 on their mobile phones and hence you should focus on creating websites that are easy to load. If possible, you can add a shopping cart feature on the website so that people can purchase through the website. 

Professional product photography 

Images speak louder than words, and this is why it is a must that you opt for professional photographers to shoot your product. If you have got a stock of photos to woo the audience, there is nothing better at boosting your sales.

You can post your product images at the website and if they are appealing enough it will generate interest and boost sales.

Your social media profiles will have these images posted and if they are of high quality, it will skyrocket the sales report for that product.

Such shoot will cost you but be ready assured that the results will be positive. For example- Photographs in the ecommerce markets such as Amazon are working great as they pull customers and lead to direct sales.   

Chatbot interaction

People tend to believe more on live conversations these days. The sales oriented advertising and marketing materials may fail to work wonders for your product but chat support will never fail. If you have installed chat bots in your website, people will be interacting with it 24/7.

The major benefit is the fact that your chatbot will never go to sleep and no matter when people try to have a conversation with them, they will get instant replies.

You can design the replies in a manner that your product will be promoted and people will be convinced.    

100 calls method 

The fear of being rejected is true for every seller out there. However, failure is one major part of the entire sales process.

It is suggested that when you call or reach out to individual prospects for products, make sure that you get over with the first 100 entries at the earliest.

Barring the results, getting through the first 100 calls will ensure you get confidence and lose the fear of rejection.

Also, you will have more time to connect with a higher number of people throughout the day. For example– Energy saver equipment in the US is sold via telecallers.

These callers reach out to a maximum number of people and it helps them to widen their prospect list and in turn, they surely get more sales daily.  

Set the price range aptly 

If you are planning to launch your new product or maybe rebrand your existing product, make sure that you research the competitors price. It will give you an idea of the basic price for the product you are offering.

If you want to put a higher price tag on your product, be ready to deliver premium quality or else customers will shy away from the product without any second thought.

For example- Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad were launched as costly gadgets. However, due to their great build and quality, success came flying to it regardless of the price range.   

Effective sales presentation 

When you are pitching your products to a customer through presentations, you must make it more happening. There is no person who would enjoy sales presentations that are boring and only speaks about the product.

Try and increase communication throughout the presentation and bring stunning visuals on screen rather than the dull slides of your PPT file.

We all know the reason behind the success of every Apple product and Steve Jobs’ presentation is truly the cause of it. Even his last presentation in 2011 about iCloud was a superhit because of his amazing creativity and interactive presentation style. 

Allure bigger customers with freebies

You should always know where to invest your money. If there are prospective clients who can be a major source for your sales, make sure that you offer them with freebies.

The profits you make while selling the product will ensure that you regain the costs of the freebies but in the first place those gifts will create a rapport of your brand and the product with the customers whom you are targeting.

Freebies always work no matter which group of customers you are targeting!   

Proper customer service 

As a producer or manufacturer, you goal should never end with only sales. The main game begins post sales and the way you serve the customers with customer care is what makes or breaks the deal.

If your existing customer has a problem with the product and fails to get it repaired, you will never have a positive word of mouth in the market.

The brand Mcdonald’s took a major hit when a customer was seen in a fight with a person at the counter and the entire episode went viral. This shows how badly can poor customer service impact your sales.   

Under-promise and over-deliver

It surely is the key to success when you are coming up with a new product. DO not give away every detail about the specifications of the product. Keep surprises waiting for those who actually go ahead and purchase the product.

It will make sure that those purchasing the product will spread the word about the surprise offering. It will be intriguing for others and they will lead the queue to purchase your product!

Try it out for sure because the more you please your customers, the better they would post on your behalf on the online media. 


People are always eager to read and this is why it is essential that you give them the literature that is needed for the product. Giving physical copy of literature is of no use these days and this is why third party blog posts are great for the job.

You need to post informative content speaking about the product in a subtle tone and not outrightly promoting it to the people.

Such third party endorsements are trusted more by people than direct promotions from the brand itself. These days, the influencers are writing blogs and shooting vlogs for various brands which are doing wonders for sales. 

Product videos 

Visuals are really effective in connecting with the people. If you plan to shoot product videos, it is truly an amazing idea. There are various products which are also showcased as videos that graphically created.

Stunning visuals always appeal to the hyman eyes and you can expect more sales. Create a team of expert videographers and let them develop the product video.

With Youtube having such a huge user base as well as Instagram and Facebook allowing to post videos, your product video can do magic! The recently launched iPhone 11 pro product video had been trending and the sales report does reflect the fact.

Care for your existing customers 

You always gotta remember that your existing customers are the asset that you cannot miss out. If you treat them with great customer service, timely updates, and loyalty offers, they will surely recommend your new products to their friends and family.

Truly speaking, they can take your product to distance, and people will trust them more because they have already been associated with your brand.

If you fail to keep them satisfied, no matter how hard you try to campaign for your product, it won’t work as the market is already rife with negativity for your brand.  

Make an event out of your product

The sole onus to put light on your product is on no one else but you. Out of all the wackiest ideas, this one really strikes big time with the customer. If you have a store or online presence, turn the launch of your product into an event set up.

This was popularly done by some of the hamburger retailers who jointly came up with the idea of Hamburger day and the sales skyrocketed on the day.

People love to be part of a new trend; with such events and holidays, your product will be the trending topic.

Teach and then sale 

Unless you let a person know about the opportunities that await him/her with a new product, they will never be interested in buying it.

You need to make a team that will teach people skills that they aren’t aware of. Once the customer will know the skills, they will need the tool and equipment to fulfill their purpose.

Right then, your product makes the entry and becomes their favourite choice. The need created by you is serving your sales purpose and hence it is a win-win situation for you completely. 

Design sales point 

If you have physical stores throughout the country, you need to understand that it is the customer’s point of contact with your brand. For the same reason, you must decorate the store carefully and highlight your product.

Many people go for “impulse buying” when they are at a retail outlet and your storefront decoration can be the driving force behind such purchase decisions.

Endorse celebrities for the product 

People always look up to someone or the other as their idol and most of these are celebrities who have huge fan following throughout the nation.

You may have a one-movie old star or a superstar who has been ruling the industry since ages for your brand promotion.

When they become a part of your product, the value increases and people have trust associated with them, which helps you in convincing people to buy your products.

For example- The association of Emma Stone with Revlon has surely helped the cause if the brand which was losing its ground quite thick and fast. The sales quantity has got a positive boost since she has become the face of it.

Display advertisements 

What people see is what people buy! There’s no denying this conventional method of advertising your product.

With display banners and hoardings across the area, you will surely get some leads that will incur sales. The more people are exposed to your product, the better sales results you can expect.

Pamphlets and posters also do the trick if you are short on budget and yet want to take that extra step to get the most out of your product sales report.

Strategically select locations that have the presence of your target customer group at their best; it will help you directly reach out to them.

Target Existing Customer Behavior

Real-time customer behavior data is a secret weapon for every business to bring effectiveness to their product. If you come up with content and product that aligns with what the customer is already drooling for, it will surely be a success.

Needless to say, these consumer behavior insights will completely transform your sales report as you can target exactly what your target customer group likes.

In Spite of changing trends, it is better to go with the flow and reap rewards for your brand and business. 

Create Packages, Deals, and Bundles

People always love to buy products in a set and combo so that they can use it to the optimum level.

The highest productivity is only achieved when accessories are added to a product, and if you create bundle deals for your customer with certain discounts, they will lap it up thick and fast.

The most striking example is that of the Playstation Console from Sony and its bundle that comes with a DualShock joystick. This combo is the most sold one when compared to PS sets that come alone. 

Put a Call to Action on the Website

Apart from being attractive, your website should seek action from visitors. You need to have a “buy now” option or an option for “sales call” on your website so that people can opt to either purchase or know more about products. In this way, your website will be productive and add significantly to your sales report.

Unless people are asked to take action, they don’t because distractions are in plenty when they are online. Your right CTA can truly work wonders hence. 

Offer Free Trials & Samples

When customers get a tour of your product, they are more inclined towards it. While visiting a store for purchase, if they are in physical contact with your product, they will purchase yours more than the others as they know how it feels and looks.

Free samples are great to let people know about the quality you boast of. If people like it, there is no looking back, and they will run to the retail stores to get the product.

Shampoo sachets attached to top-rated magazines are a great example of such kind of techniques to boost sales. 

Build a customer service approach

Your entire team must be trained in a way that they understand the customer service approach. The experience of a customer, right from influential marketing to sales and then post-sales, needs to be flawless.

A company with trained professionals at each stage will surely rule the hearts of the customer and have positive word of mouth doing the rounds for them. Such positivity is directly proportionate to the sales achieved for that product. 

Show Off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals

Right from your website to the Google business listing, there is a space for customers to leave their reviews.

On your website, try to design a separate page that speaks about the customer reviews and put up the best testimonials you have.

Your service and product quality needs to be spot on so that the public reviews on google are all positive and prospective buyers truly get inspired from them to buy a product from you. It will add a trust factor to your product.

Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Marketing

If the marketing team was reluctant to put out the product, rest assured of slow sales response. This is why it is essential for you to have a sense of urgency. Customers are to be pushed to grab the deals, and then only can the sales shoot up.

Online flash sales organized by various companies are an example of this, and they are truly making a lot more eminent than they would have made if they had not added this sense of urgency to their sales. The leading example can be the success of Xiaomi and One plus in developing countries.

Ready for Money-Back Guarantee

If you are confident about the product, show it and offer a money-back guarantee on your items.

This is a marketing gimmick as most people are never really claiming for the money back, but at the same time, people find huge confidence in the brands that offer such cashback.

It reflects that you boast of a perfect product, and hence you are ready to take that extra risk of offering money back if things ever go wrong (which obviously won’t). Try this out!! 

Answer Every Question Customer Shared

If your customer has a query, you should be the first one to solve it. Firstly, your product FAQ page should have all-encompassing content.

If there are questions about your product on either your website, any e-commerce website or maybe on Quora, try to answer them to every detail.

It will convince the customer about the brand’s responsiveness, making investing hard-earned money in your product easier. Late responses to queries will result in lost sales opportunities. 

Implement Tiered Pricing

Always try and make tiered pricing strategies for your product. You can have different price ranges for the same product and yet differentiate it with the accessories or group offerings you provide.

This will allow people of every budget to opt for your product. And once people buy your product, there are high chances of low-tier customers shifting to high tiers.

This strategy has always been successful and captures the mass market best. As you delve deeper into your customer base with such tired pricing, you can explore new markets for your products. 

Follow-Up Email

As soon as your team gets a lead, it is a must that they pursue that lead and take the onus of converting it into a full-fledged sales. Follow up with emails so that your product stays in the recall memory of the customer and they make the purchase decision soon when they feel the need of it.

Your mails will push the customer into making the final call and with the right pursuance, you shall register sales for sure.

However, make sure that you do not bother your customer a lot with emails or else they will make your brand as a spammer!

Concluding it, if you are looking for the best sales performance, you must push your marketing team harder.

They need to be creative with their approach because the audience has become much more choosy and clever these days than ever before.

Previously people used to trust what they saw, but now they go online and search for genuine reviews and testimonials, and unless they impress them, it will never help you meet the sales goal that has been set.

With all the proven tips posted above, you can create magic and rake in great moolah for the business. Do not give up and be patient because it is the key to success in sales.   

Apart from the above Tips, If we focus highly on the Pricing of product then it will directly influence the decision fo the Customer. Through this Tactic, you can increase the sales of your business. Read Below infographic to implement Same.

price hacking to increase sales
Courtesy: Wikibuy.com/ blog

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