21 Agarbatti Marketing Ideas: Tips to Promote Incense Business

Agarbatti, also known as incense sticks, has been integral to various religious and spiritual practices for centuries.

However, in recent years, the demand for agarbatti has extended beyond religious settings, and it has become a popular household item for fragrance and relaxation.

With the increasing popularity of agarbatti, it’s essential to have a robust marketing strategy to promote your business and stay ahead of the competition.

This article will discuss some effective agarbatti marketing ideas to help you increase brand awareness, drive sales, and grow your incense business.

Creative Agarbatti Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Print an Attractive Logo For Your Incense Stick Marketing Business

It is important to invest money in the company logo to help your potential customer to identify your brand. The logo should be attractive to look at. You could print your logo on your outer packaging to promote your brand.

This will also create awareness about your brand identity. You could also ask your employees to wear a T-shirt or caps with a logo at the workplace to grab the customer’s attention

Offer Quality Product

This is the sure-shot mantra for success. Giving quality products will ensure repeat customers as well as attract new customers too.

You should get good quality raw materials like using a good quality bamboo stick or using fragrances on incense sticks to enhance the product and lure in new clients for your business. Saving money by buying cheap raw materials will not take your business far.

Provide a Variety Of Products

Keep changing the product range with the changing market trends and tastes of the customers. Offer a new product range from time to time to get the attention of potential clients.

This will also help you to keep up with the market trends too. Offering a variety of products will also keep you ahead of your competitors as well. Add new fragrances or services to drive more sales.

Offer 24/7 Hour Services

Offering such services will help you in your business growth. Saying yes to urgent orders or last-minute orders will help you build goodwill among customers. This will also lead to customer satisfaction and build loyalty towards the brand.

Business Cards

Business cards are a must for these types of businesses. Customers need to have your contact to be able to reach you. You should print a high-quality business card to give a first good impression to your potential clients.

You could even go for online business cards, which are also becoming trends nowadays to promote your business. You could print your address, telephone number, and email for easy accessibility on your business card.

Accountability through POS System

It is important to keep track of inventory as well as keep track of theft or error in the business transaction. The point of sale system helps you to achieve the accountability of your business.

It will help you save time, and you could remove items that are unnecessary from your business. This will save money and energy and help you focus on more productive work.

Participate In Trade Fairs And Business Events

Trade Fairs and Business Events are attended by lots of businessmen to promote their businesses. You could too participate in these events and showcase your product range and services offered by your company.

A Large number of people attend this event, which will create awareness about your product and services. You will also get in contact with other people in business from the incense stick business too.

Hire A Brand Ambassador

Hiring Brand Ambassadors could be expensive but is a sure-shot way to drive the sale. Brand Ambassador could add goodwill to the company and help you with the standing in your industry.

It will bring exposure to your product and create awareness about it. This incense stick marketing technique is used even by big players of the business.

Sell Your Incense Sticks On eBay, Amazon

You could partner with business houses such as Amazon, eBay, and sell your products online. These sites boast clients from all around the world and could help you to get exposure for your incense stick business. You could also form contacts with people from the same industry.

Post Miracle Stories Online

This type of marketing gets a lot of attention online. You could ask your existing clients to post miracles stories online.

You could offer prizes such as best stories would feature on the company’s website or a chance to meet a celebrity to encourage customers to take part.

This helps you to create a brand identity and get noticed by other businessmen from the same industry.

Offer Pay On Delivery Services

This is an effective tool to drive more business sales. The customer will only pay the money when and if the product is delivered, which builds trust factor among them. This also leads to customer satisfaction, which is essential for any business growth. This reduces the chance of fraud in the business too.

Offer Price  Range That Caters To Different Clients Base

Having a range of prices for different customers’ tastes and requirements could help you bring in more new customers.

You could offer a price range from lowest to highest so that the client gets the idea of the products your company offers. You could also have premium products to cater to clients having expensive tastes or under 500 range products to cater to clients that want to shop on a budget.

Offer Subscription Services

You could offer monthly subscription services to your customers. These will help your customer to get an up-close feel of the product range offered by your company. This will help you build customer loyalty and promote your product too. You could also offer discounts or attractive deals to lure in a new client base for your company.

-Have A Photo Contest On Twitter, Instagram

Organize photo contests on Twitter, Instagram like click photos with the company logo or click photos outside the store and post online to win prizes. This brings exposure and promotes your company in a fun way.

Finding the right slogan for your incense stick is hard, but seemingly necessary. Do check out the Best Incense Stick Company Slogans and Taglines.

You could even invite new people to participate in bringing in new potential clients. These social platforms are viewed by a large audience and are a fun way to promote your business venture.

Offer Exclusive Deals Or Discounts

This is the marketing technique that is used by all most all business ventures. Having exclusive deals helps you to draw new customers.

You could give 10% off on the sale of a certain product or buy one get one free deal to lure in more customers. This is a win-win situation for both the customer as well as the seller.

Store Marketing

This will help you target your local community. You could do seminars or workshops locally to educate them about your products. You could even get listed in the local business community to get exposure for your business.

You could also design the product according to the unique aspects of your locality to draw in more foot traffic. Example for you could advertise your products during a religious festival like Durga Puja if you reside in Kolkata and so on.

-Offer Free Samples

Giving free samples in shopping malls or trade fairs will help customers to know about your product first hand. They can test the product and offer you valuable feedback. This incense stick marketing idea will help you in your business growth.

Post Customer Feedback Online

This business strategy will help you drive traffic to your website. You could ask your existing customers to post an online review of your products.

A large number of people read this review before investing in any product, so having a positive review of your product will help you drive more sales.

Educate Customers About The Healing Effects Of The Products

You could do workshops and seminars to educate the potential customers about the healing effects offered by some of the products.

This will benefit your business as today’s generation has become more health-conscious. This will also create awareness about the products offered by your company and help built brand identity.

Get Listed On google my business

Getting listed on Google My Business helps you to locate your customers globally. This is a platform that caters to all markets and helps you to promote Incense Sticks’ marketing tips or ideas. Use this platform to promote your brand and services. You could post valuable information and your company’s USP to attract potential customers from all parts of the world.

Use Google Display Network To Promote Your Business

You could use google display network an online platform where you could run ad campaigns to promote your business.

Google AdWords helps you create banners or campaigns which could be viewed by a large number of people using online services such as Gmail account or simply browsing through the internet. This also gives you option on how to display your ad through image or video and so on.

Take advantage of these incense stick marketing ideas and turn your business into a success story. These ideas are also used by the big business house to promote their products. So choose the tip or design to suit your need and grow your business globally.

Are you starting an incense stick business? If so, one of the very first things you need to do is pick a name for your business. So check out the Creative Incense Stick Company Names and Ideas.

How to do promotion of Incense stick business?

  • Make sure to use proper signs and flex in order to attract local customers.
  • An attractive packing can be a great way to attract potential customers.
  • Don’t forget to get listed in online business directories.
  • Enlist your shop on Google to help your customers to find you an easy manner.
  • Tie up with other local vendors or temples to get bulk orders.
  • Promote your brand through an online business card. Also, distribute that card to potential customers at the store.-
  • Print an attractive logo that represents brand identity.

How to generate sales for Incense stick business?

  1. Participate in trade shows, events, religious fairs, and other charity shows and offer its samples as a free gift.
  2. Hiring Brand Ambassadors could be expensive but it is a great idea to add goodwill to the brand.
  3. Do not hesitate to sell products on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  4. Offer subscription services to the customers and give discounts over the same.
  5. Held at various social media contests online, post pictures, write about healing methods and much more.
  6. Ask clients to write a good review of the product on the digital platform.
  7. Held festive and seasonal offers to grab existing as well as new customers.
  8. Spend some money on various additional paid ads such as Google Ad-sense, banner ads, etc.

Important FAQ’s about Incense Stick Business to Grow at the Next Level

What raw materials are required for starting an Incense stick business?

Coal powder, Gum powder, bamboo sticks, Jikit powder, perfumes, etc., are the primary materials used in incense sticks production. You can find your supplier of raw materials easily in your town or can even visit every incense sticks production unit in your region.

Is incense sticks business a profitable one?

The production of incense sticks is a highly profitable enterprise. Anyone can start doing this incense sticks business.

The machine’s cost is about 80k. For this company, the raw materials available must be purchased wisely and fragrances are rich in diversity.

What machinery is required for the Incense stick business?

The entrepreneurs must choose the right machinery for Incense stick manufacturing according to their desired performance.

With regard to the project feasibility, it is one of the most critical considerations to select the right machinery. The company manufacturing incense sticks is competitive and there are many forms of machinery on the market.

There are three types of machines available for incense sticks production. They are automatic incense sticks machines for manual, automatic, and high-speed output.
Besides these, the acquisition of incense sticks machine mixer and drying machine for better production efficiency can also be considered.

There are different kinds of Options we are using to purify the environment of the Home. There are many other natural ingredients that we are using for a very long time. Here is the infographic which gives more detail about Palo Santo Wood. Read More

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