15+ Inbound Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads and Sales

Small business often struggles when it comes to competing with larger companies. 

Compared to them, small businesses tend to have limited resources which makes it harder to stand out from the crowd. 

In order to get the attention of the new customers, you require to create a brand identity that should be strong, trustworthy, and establish a relationship with your potential clients. 

So how do you get your business noticed online? What inbound marketing strategies should you employ? Here are some of the best strategies for your small business that you must apply. 

What Is Inbound Marketing And Methodology? 

Inbound marketing is known as business mythology which is used for attracting new customers and existing ones by creating the content and experience tailored and valuable for them. 

Also, inbound mythology is a method that you can use for growing the business by focusing on building a meaningful and lasting relationship with the consumers, costumes, and prospects. 

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Here the focus is on providing value and empowering the people to reach the goals they have at the stage of their customer journey with the brand. 

You can use the inbound methodology as it is applied in three different ways, including : 

  • Attract: You can use it for drawing the attention of the right people by providing valuable content and doing the conversation establishing yourself as a trusted advisor. 
  • Engaging: Next is to present solutions and insights to align the pain points and goals so they purchase from you. 
  • Delight: The third one you got is providing help and support in order to empower the customers to find success when they do purchase. 

What Common Problems With Your Small Business Inbound Marketing Can Help? 

When you are looking to implement a strategy that is for the long term, inbound marketing is an investment. This can help you in boosting brand awareness, preference and revenue ultimately. 

Along with that, it can help in solving different common problems that your small business might be going through, such as : 

Not Having Enough Brand Awareness

More than 93% of the buying cycle starts with a search online, so if your brand is not appearing at the top results of a search.  Or if it’s not active on the social network of the searches then you require to increase the brand awareness first. 

For that, you are required to come up with the right message and content that can show up in key inbound channels. 

Not Having The Brand Preferences 

You can educate, interact and entertain potential customers before they do the purchase.  With this, you are building trust and increasing the likelihood that your customer will choose to purchase from you when they decide. 

So it’s better not to underestimate the impact that being familiar can create. This improves the chance of creating brand preferences. 

Not Having More Leads 

Another issue that small businesses have is the requirement of creating more leads but making sure not to invest more. 

Inbound marketing can help as it’s a long-term investment for building on itself over a certain time. 

Your result will help in multiplying the time over becoming adapting at creating as well as curating the content for attracting the organic leads and much more naturally. 

Not Having Enough Staff And Budget For Inbound Marketing 

There is another problem that your small business has is not sure about having the staff or budget for inbound marketing. 

There are many things that you require to put in order to get out of it, so if you have a hood strategy in place for outlining the content, key themes, and distribution, it can help you in avoiding the waste of effort, 

Top Best Inbound Marketing Strategies And Tactics 

Outbound methods include doing television commercials and billboards in the hope of getting the attention of potential customer. 

But with the inbound methodology gives you a much more targeted approach. 

The initial phase of the inbound strategy is to get the attention of the visitors to the website, with the help of what valuable things you can offer. Also, you can have the chance to convert the visitors into your leads and handoff to the sales team. 

However in order to reach them, and offer the right content, here are some of the strategies and tactics that can help. 

Creating The Candid Audit 

Prior to focusing on the strategy development that can attract the potential customer and drive traffic to the website. 

It’s wise for evaluating the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. And with this method, you are already in motion to track what is working and what is not. This is referred to as the inbound content audit, and for measuring the effectiveness of the content marketing efforts. 

audit content marketing performance

With this, you can make it effective, and your team can review the KPI to obtain and record the content strategy, SEO link building, paid searches, and other inbound strategies. 

audit seo performance

Defining The Criteria For Your Ideal  Customer 

For the successful B2B inbound marketing strategy, the first thing you should be familiar with is understanding the audience. 

To draw the attention, build a relationship, and make the customer, you should start with understanding what they need, challenges, and goals are. 

So the first step here is to conduct the research to define the ICP or ideal customer profile. 

The ICP is those who had most of the benefit from the services and products you offer. 

It’s someone who has the problem, and you have a solution, with this, you get the highest probability of turning them into your customer. 

It’s important for the target buyer persona, as it’s a semi function depletion of the person within the company to whom you are trying to sell the services to. 

This can be defined when you determine the role, title, demographic, pain points, motivators, and level of knowledge or expertise in a specific customer. 

What are the corners or questions they might have, and what you can offer? understand the pain points and how you can help. 

Mapping the content including the buyer journey can help you ensure that your team will have the right conversation and at the right time. 

Keep Your Pages Mobile Friendly 

You also make sure that your website is mobile-friendly as well as blogs.  It’s needed in this era because internet searches are done on mobile devices more than ever. 

Not only that , a majority of integers questions are made using the mobile device, instead of Pc or laptops. 

Therefore, in order to appeal to the majority, you require to keep your sites accessible and easy to use for pocket devices and smartphones. 

 Mobile-friendly websites also reduce the friction of the buying experience of the users and increase the customer satisfaction for the buying experience, by offering the extension. 

Creating The Content For Drawing The Visitors 

Using great content can help you in improving inbound marketing, but it’s a cornerstone strategy too. 

Without having the up to date, relevant, and high-quality content, it’s going to be challenging for doing the traction with inbound marketing. 

And in order to set the bar high for checking the right quality, you need to get better than using mediocre content. 

There is no doubt search engines and consumers are becoming much smarter. So you need to create a post that should include useful content, specially crafted for the audience you want to gather attention. 

You can also use different ways of offering the right content, such as product, service, or e-books, case studies, downloadable guides, etc. 

Do Post The Niche Guest Blog 

Since all the backlinks are equal, there are some types you will find in backlinks that can end up hurting the ranking.  Also, the value of the backlink in blog comments and profiles is gone. 

So when you are doing the guest post on a major or any other niche publication which relates to your company. It will help in boosting the organized traffic and getting the reach of the fresh audience who might never have heard about your company. 

It’s one of the best strategies you could find in 2022 for inbound marketing, as a lot of marketers end up overloading the high impact of this. 

To gain better traction and fast impact from doing the guest posting, focus on being the constant especially when you have just started, and choose blogs that can offer the most return. 

Also, focus on making sure that you are including the backlinks to your site so the readers have access to the information regarding the product and company. 

Do The Testing Of Your Headline 

There are more than 50% of the time when you spend time on writing, should be spent on killer headlines. 

While it might seem dramatic, your headlines are actually very important. When you choose a good headline, using the right keyword can help in grabbing attention. 

The audience might click much faster to receive if the headline includes never and negators, instead of always or best. 

Don’t Forget  The Search Engine Optimization 

The next thing you should focus on is the search engine as it’s an essential aspect of your strategy in attracting visitors. 

The position the content appears on google and other search engines’ top, will improve the chances of getting the clicks. 

Also, the use of the right phrases and keywords can increase the rank which improves your organic traffic. 

When you are planning and implementing the inbound strategy, it might get difficult to understand what you should determine first, especially between the content topics and SEO. 

Focus on developing the content that answers the questions which are relevant to the potential customer and their queries. 

Create An Active Footprint On Social Media 

The use of social media, it allows you to keep the connection between the brand and consumers. 

When you have a strong social media presence helps in driving the traffic to the post and blogs, and also improves the targeted traffic. 

Also, the positioning and messaging on these platforms help in better interaction with the potential customer and act as an opportunity to know more about whom you are targeting 

Those who are interested, they will get in touch and ask the questions to the contact representatives. 

Not just that social media presence can help in increasing the knowledge among the public regarding the company. This boost introduces the visitors who are potential to the site, brand, and product. 

But focus on earning the following on social media in an organized way instead of buying it. 

Get The Collaboration With Influencers 

So when you are considering focusing on social media strategy, the best way that you can consider is working with it in order to get your attention. 

But before that you need to find out the influencers who are popular in the targeted demarchy, account for age, location, gender and determine other related factors. 

You can partner with the influencers and help in promoting the product and company. 

Add Actionable Call To Action Buttons 

It’s important that you are providing the opportunity to the customers who hold the potential and offer their information so you can start the conversation. 

At this age, the customers don’t actually trust when they are looking online. Also, they are already tired of pop-ups and in-your-face advertising. So to solve this, you need to focus on giving before you ask for a rule. 

This means focusing on creating a better CTA or call to action that can offer them value in exchange of information. 

Some of the valuable content that you can consider including are : 

  • Free trails 
  • Tutorials 
  • White papers 
  • Ebooks 

Create Compelling Landing Pages

The best way that you can consider converting the site visitors into your leads and eventually into customers is by taking leverage of landing pages. 

According to Google, landing pages are defined as web pages that serve as a point of entry to the section or website. 

It’s the page consumers are led to when they click on a call to action. but when you are creating the landing pages, focus on considering the motives behind them. 

Do you want to create leads,  let buyers purchase the product, or download the app? 

When you are creating the landing page, make sure you are referring to the customer so you know what they expect from you. And make it compelling according to that. 

You should do the experiment with the use of multiple landing pages, make sure each one has its own CTA and copy. 

Don’t Skip The Test 

Since today’s marketers have access to the metrics more than ever, you can use it for measuring the effectiveness of the elements that you are using in the marketing plans. 

Also, this can help you in knowing what you need to adjust and how it can make your inbound marketing strategies better. 

Keep The Effective Lead Scoring 

Not all leads are going to be the same, so you should not treat everyone the same.  Your inbound marketing strategies can effectively boost the number of leads who are visiting the website, also they might not all be at the same phase of different sales cycles. 

And here is when your lead scoring is considered important, it’s a strategy for ranking the leads depending on the qualification in order to determine the value and likeliness to do the purchase. 

There are different criteria on which the lead scoring depends and the qualification. 

Use The Nurturing Leads Techniques On Multi-Channel 

Lead nurturing the strategies of the past which includes the drip email campaigns, and this can send the general email blast to the prospect.  But today it’s much easier to reach out to generate leads. 

With the help of marketing automation platforms, it is much more possible for marketers to execute the lead nurturing tactics, via using multiple channels. 

Also, you can  execute the lead nurturing and tactics through the multiple channels, it can be a combination of different things including 

  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Social media 
  • Direct sales outreach 
  • Dynamic website content 
  • Paid retargeting 

Target Your Content For The Lead Nurturing 

Creating content that is for lead nurturing, helps you in getting better targeting. 

Once you have the attention of the lead, focus on opting to get more information regarding the business and provide the content which is useful. 

With the leads nurtured and targeted content for producing the increases of the sales opportunities. 

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