How to Improve Retail Store Performance: 20 Essential Tips

Running a retail store is much more difficult as compared to the old days. 

People have many online options that make it difficult to attract people to shop in the store. 

However, boosting the customer visit also requires your real store efficiency. Not just it’s for improving profitability and giving a better customer experience to make them visit again.

Having an efficient retail store can help you attract more customers; You can handle your current and loyal customers too. 

Here is what you need to know to ensure you are running a smooth business. 

tips for improving retail store efficiency

Why Is Retail Store Efficiency So Important?

High street sales are going down after the recession started.

It’s important to understand the importance of readjustment in the retail industry. After online shopping came into the picture, the customer has much better and hassle-free options. 

For them, it’s much easier to shop from their house than visit the stores. 

Retailers are going to need more reasons to visit your stores instead of choosing online options. 

The improvement in efficiency can help in getting more people to visit and improve the business. It also holds the current customers to boost their loyalty base. 

importance of efficient retail store

Tips For Boosting The Retail Store Efficiency 

Retail stores have much more in their plat to handle in the year 2020. After the pandemic, it becomes crucial to maintain their efficiency and improve their overall operations work.

To get the best of your retail store efficiency, here are few tips for you to consider.  

1. Keep It Tidy To Start With 

A today store can help you in keeping the efficiency but also save from unnecessary time consumptions. 

Start with organizing your retail store. Make sure that it’s easy for your staff as well as your customers to find what they are looking for. 

Monitor the daily purchase and track the products that have more selling as compared to others. Keep those products closer to your staff and customers to have easy reach.

Position them in such a way so it can be easier to pick and sell. Also, label the items and make it simple to find which things are where. 

2. Keep The Layout Simple

Your store layout can boost efficiency but also customer satisfaction and more visits. 

Focus on offering a layout that is depending on the ease of the moment. Make the design simple and comfortable. 

steps keep retail layout simple

Use signposted departments to give much organized and easy to find products. 

Use your displays to place your items strategically. For example, use mannequin modeling to show off the products that can attract people. 

It will also boost the visualizing of items for the customers. 

3. Determine Your KPIs

KPIs are also known as the Key Performance Indicator. For business, it’s an important part to consider. Without knowing if you are starting, it’s difficult to improve overall. 

 With the help of KPIs, you can use the metrics to measure the overall progress that can help in understanding if you are reaching goals or not.

Image Source: Ginesys

You can use POS or Point of Sale System can help you in getting such data.

To understand where your retail operation is going well, you need to consider the following points. 

  • Sold good cost 
  • Total sales
  • Conversion rate 
  • Best selling items
  • Sales bys tore 
  • Worst selling items
  • Inventory turnover rate 
  • Average sales per employee

When you understand the objective of such areas, you can use your KPIs to know how your store is performing in their respective areas. 

With this, you can identify which area needs more attention and better strategies to boost performance. 

4. Use Merchandise Plan To Success Measurement

Merchandise plan helps you in understanding that you are using the store space smartly and for better work efficiency.

It includes analyzing data of sales and determining if your department is receiving the best or not. 

Well, it also focuses on optimizing the floor space and dedicating the larger areas to boost more profits for sales.

reasons for merchandise plan

With this, you can understand more about your product placement. And also help in not letting the opportunity to earn more slip away. 

5 . Automate Everything 

The time you spent on tedious tasks that can be used somewhere else for better results is one of the factors behind bad store efficiency. 

But thanks to automation tools that come in built-in your POS to make it more efficient. With the help of using POS, you can track expenses and manage your transactions along with inventory maintenance. 

Focus on tools like POS which can help you in saving time and helping in boosting the work efficiency in-store.  

Also, look out for features to integrate your work applications.

 For example, To save time on correcting the transaction and errors, you can integrate your POS with your accounting. It will help you in getting an accurate record of every single transaction that was made in your store. 

You can save your time by removing such work and keep things easier when you have everything automated.

6. Use Online Ratilor’s Habits 

These days most of the retailers have their stores online as well. 

Instead of keeping your retail and online store separate, use the analytic data for improving the store’s efficiency. 

Understanding your buyer’s journey on your online platform can help you in understanding how your customers think when they purchase an item.

Also what kind of stuff they mostly buy and is there any especially kind of bundles that people prefer to purchase. 

Use such data to organize your retail store as well. Put those items together which have higher sales and you can boost the purchase through the customer journey. 

Pro Tip: Use your online platform to drive more people to the in-store experience. Offer discounts and promotional codes that can be used in-store purchases. 

7. Use Inventory Management 

Inventory for any retail is a crucial department. However, it can be messy and consume more time to manage everything. 

With the help of inventory management and POS system, you can get a data-driven approach for improving the efficiency here as well. 

Inventory management can help you in understanding which items have better sales or the highest sales. 

You can use this to manage the stock and keep it always available, so your buyers never have to wait for the next purchase. 

It will also prevent the lost sales that happen due to low inventory.

Also, you can get the data about those products which are not performing well. You can reduce such items from the shelves so you can get more space and save money too.

Pro Tip: Using inventory management can be helpful to track the cost of regular inventory checks and lower it as well. It will reduce the missing product or costly shrinkage too. 

8. Focus On Delivery 

Customers look for an efficient experience from the start to the very end.  

Including the delivery option can help you in improving customer satisfaction too. You can choose free shipping or charge. 

However, make sure you are not overcharging to make your customer avoid the options. 

You can easily look for courier services online which can help you in providing affordable services. 

Monitor the delivery to understand customer satisfaction with your services. By this, you can improve the retail store efficiency but also boost customer satisfaction and sales by the end. 

Pro Tip: Ask your customers to rate your services including delivery satisfaction. It will boost your online effectiveness and attract more people too. 

9. Spend On Training Process 

Behind any successful retail store, they have the best staff working for them. 

Staffs are an important part of your store’s efficiency. Without them, it’s impossible to improve your customer satisfaction and profit. 

For your customers, your staff is the representative of what you sell.  

Improving your staff requires training, and for that, you must focus on providing a high-quality training process to boost their own efficiency as well. 

Make sure that your staff is comfortable around the tools and equipment. Train them to handle it effectively and manage it smoothly while they work with the team. 

You can uplift their motivations and encourage them to work better by offering small gifts for their good performance as well. 

Pro Tip: Conduct short increments of training sessions of 45 to 60 minutes. Make sure it’s hosted by the supervisor. And also make it conversational instead of lecturing. 

10. Communicate With Social Media 

In the business industry, there are not even single stores that don’t have a frustrated customer. Where this situation is inevitable but handling them can improve the effectiveness of your business.

Since social media has become a huge part of people’s lives. Lots of the customers use the platforms to vent out their frustration and anger on their experiences. 

For the business owner, it’s important to pay attention to such customers too. Communicate with them to understand and give them a solution. 

According to the research, 80% of customers come back to the same store if they get treated fairly. Well, the percentage increases to 90% if you communicate with them faster. 

Pro Tip: To keep it attentive and faster in response, get a team to handle this for you. Instead of doing it your own, it will save much time and overall efficiency. 

11. Establish Culture Of Being Productive 

Culture is important to establish in your company performance. A productive culture is important for boosting the overall efficiency, creativity, and making it better in terms of profit. 

To boost the new ideas, ask for adding new ways to get more engagement and focus on their work.

You can do monthly competitions, events and create interesting ways to keep the store impact.

A culture of being productive helps your staff to become better in their own work too. 

By this, you can improve the achievement of their personal goals that will improve the overall effectiveness. 

12. Boost Team Communication 

Team communication is an important part of improving your retail store effectiveness. The more your retail grows, the more customers you will get. 

Your team should know how to handle them along with having better communication together. 

Use technology to boost communication, for example, you can install call points, headsets, smartphone apps, etc. 

Make it easier for your team to communicate with anyone without wasting time. 

Also, it will help you in improving the work speed so the customer can efficiently shop without wasting their time. 

Pro Tip: Using the technology will also decrease the queues which improve the faster working in your retail store. 

13. Listen To Staffs 

Listening to staff can help you in understanding lots of things that you can’t know personally about retail. 

You can find the strength and weaknesses of your store. With this information, you can plan your strategies and come up with ideas to improve efficiency. 

Make sure you take the time to listen to their advice and listen to what they want to say. Identify their problems and solve them to make the process smooth. 

Staff can tell you what works on the floor and what needs to change. You can improve and overcome all sorts of difficulties. 

14. Update The Equipment And Tools 

Equipment and tools are important for retail efficiency.  

By using tools and the right equipment you can save time and make your staff as well as customer experience smooth. 

But what will happen when your system suddenly gets interrupted or crashes because you didn’t update? 

Not just it will affect your work but you will end up driving sales and customers away. To avoid such a situation, you can make sure to update everything and do maintenance of such tools every day. 

Have people look for such works and make sure to get feedback on what is working or whatnot. 

If there are any equipment and tools which are not working that well or are not needed anymore, make sure to replace it as soon as you can. 

15. Map Out The Process

Mapping out the process will help your staff to know what they should do and where to contact. 

It saves time on wasting finding the solution and managing things on your own. 

When your staff is aware of the process including whom to communicate with and where to go, it will help them in handling the customer well.

The same goes for your customers, giving them clear guidance about who can help them in a situation when they want quick solutions, will keep the work smooth and experience better. 

16. Focus On Safety 

Safety is one of the important parts which should be your top priority. There are lots of things you might need to consider to make sure that your staff clearly know about it. 

Get proper check and secure measurements to keep the work going. 

 As an owner, ist your personality to keep your retail store safe for your staff and customers. It includes potential crimes, fire hazards, etc. 

safety things for retail store

17. Reduce Unnecessary Motions

When your store has unnecessary motions, the chances of wasting time and creating more operational inefficiency increases. 

One of the approaches you can do here is to remove the unnecessary touches. Well, it means to eliminate the process that is not needed, cut things short to keep it easier for everyone. 

For example, if you want to avoid the long queue and time dealing with angry customers. Get more options in payment for dividing the line. 

18. Record The Performance 

Recording the performance of your staff and keeping it up every day is crucial. 

When you have everything recorded, you can easily compare how your day went and what else you need to make sure of improvement. 

Recording everyday sales and work can help you in getting much more control over the situation. 

19. Easy Payment Options 

Easy payment options can boost the efficiency of your store. When you have more customers to deal with, it’s impossible to ignore the frustrated customers with traditional methods. 

Introducing the more payment options help you in giving better opportunities for your customer to pay fast. 

Also, it saves time for your staff and customers and keeps it easier for both parties. Having easy payment options encourages people to purchase more from you. 

20. Easy To Communicate Staffs 

It’s important to establish easy communication with staff and customers. 

Make sure you have easy options and ways for them. There are lots of ways which can help them to communicate better. 

Communication between staff and customers eliminates the hassle. 

Also, the customer feels frustrated when they don’t have anyone to help them with, offering them help when they need help in establishing a good relationship. 

What Makes Your Retail Store Inefficient?

Retail stores have to manage a lot of things altogether. It’s challenging, fast-paced, and needs high performance every time to succeed. 

Unfortunately for lots of retailers, online business has become one of the challenges. Where lots of retailers adapted both ways to approach their customers, but balance and being efficient is still one of the issues. 

Before you look for ways to eliminate such situations, it’s important to understand what are those points that make your retail store inefficient. 

Planning Visits Instead Of Maximizing The Time 

Planning the visit to your customer is an important part. But instead of getting stuck with this forever can reduce the chances of maximizing the time customers spend in-store. 

For the retailer, it’s important to understand the importance of how to use every second of your customers when they are in the store. And what else to do to make them stay for a while. 

There is no doubt that the more time your customers are in store, the more chances of purchase increase. Also, people get more engaged and involved with what they are selling. 

What To do: Combine your planning to visit with the maximum time to boost the efficiency of your store. 

Create a list of how to manage the scheduled visits, improving the travel routes, and mapping the direction. 

Also, review the sales to know which items have more purchase and which one has less. 

Sticking WIth Manual And Paper-Based Process

In the world of technology, sticking with the paper-based process can cause more time to waste. 

There are lots of cloud-based solutions and mobility options to make your work much more hassle-free and easy. Also, it removes the chances of errors and misplacing of data. 

For retail stores, checking their inventory, managing the store, and considering all the important aspects altogether can be a lot of work. 

What To Do: In a world where everything is fast-paced, you are going to need a solution to do that work for you. 

It removes the extra pressure, so you can focus on more important things in your retail store. Use technology like POS and retail management system to keep it simple. 

Teams Are Not Update, Trained & Productive 

Having a team that knows what to do, how to do, and when can solve lots of issues without it even gets huge. 

But not having a team who can do that and instead end up doing major mistakes will make your store look bad in front of customers. 

What To Do: For stores, it’s crucial to pay attention to what your team is doing. Focus on making their training efficient and effective. 

Also, it should be easier for them to connect and communicate whenever it’s needed. With the right information and updated tools, they can manage the issues on their own as well. 

Here, having an unprepared team also causes delay and it affects the customers. Your customers might end up not visiting your stores just because your staff is too slow to act. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What to know about retail efficiency?

Retail efficiency means cutting the time waste, efforts, and streamlining the process to get the best out of the situation.

 It includes better results in sales, customer satisfaction, and teamwork to improve the profit of the store.

Why is efficiency important for retail?

Having efficiency gives more time and space to your team as well as you to provide better results. As an owner, you can introduce more options to deliver the results.

 And as for the team, they can use their efforts and time to give more satisfaction to the customer. 

What causes inefficiency in retail?

Having late updated data and information along with technology to handle the situation or prevent it can cause more time-consuming. Also, it makes your retails not serious about their work either. 

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