How to Improve Facebook Ad Performance: 30 Tips & Strategies

Facebook is known as the number one option in social media when it comes to driving conversion. Due to this,  Facebook ads have become an integral part of social media strategy in business.

However, there are more frequent examples of bad ad designs and campaigns on Facebook. It can be that the images are blurry, the copy is unclear, or even worse, no one knows what these ads are selling.

Ad designs are important; it helps in visually communicating and presenting the brand to the targeted audience. However, to know how you can improve your ad and performance and get more conversions, here are some of the best tips you might require.

How Can You Get Massive Success Through Your Facebook Ads?

Well, in 2021,  many businesses are looking for ways to optimize their Facebook ads.

Ad design is not that simple,  you have an amazing product and offer, but the traction can be hard if your ads are not appealing to the audience. Or it can be confusing or boring.

When you are creating a great design, it should:

  • Catch the attention of your readers
  • Educate yourself about what you are selling and who you are to the customers.
  • Guide them in knowing what they should do, including all steps towards the conversion.
Image source: adespresso

For your help, here are some of the best points to help you achieve your results.

1. Use Automationic Placements More

When you are using Facebook ads, there are different placements from which you can choose.  The placement means to the place where you want to add to the display.

However, not all options are created equally. Some of the placements have better results as compared to others.

Image source: revealbot

Well, Facebook recommends that you should use automatic placements when you are creating your Facebook ad campaigns.

The automatic placement will show the placement where it can perform the best.  So if you are using it for conversion, the placement will recommend the best result.

2. Add More Of Video Ads

The majority of businesses have pushed video content. Especially with the business, which is services based.

Image source: socialmediaexaminer

You can educate your target audience more. Also, it will help establish yourself as an industry expert and get more clients.

benefits of using video ads on facebook

You can also get customer testimonials, product demos, and an introduction to new products.

3. Take Advantage Of The Facebook Pixel

Installing Facebook is one of those things that you must do.  When you get the Facebook pixel installed, you can easily track people’s actions on your website.

It also helps in retargeting website visitors.

There are lots of advertisers who are using the Facebook pixel, but most of them are using the base code.

Image source: Shopify

Even though the base code is ideal if you are starring. Also, it provides valuable data. However, to get accurately determine the KPIs, you will need the event code.

An event code requires adding to the thank you page after the people are taken to perform certain actions.

With this, you can easily get the leads recorded inside your account for a Facebook ad.  Using this; you can easily determine the cost per lead.

When you know the cost per lead, you can track which targeting options,  campaigns, ads, etc., are working best for you.

You can easily optimize your ad campaign and keep it suitable for your budget.

4. Build Your Group On Facebook

When you have a group on Facebook, you can be seen by many people without cost.  It’s valuable, and you can grow your business.

Getting organic reach can end up disappearing, and a small percentage of people will like your pages.

But with the Facebook group, you get your audience in one place.

5. Target The Hyper Responsive Prospects

Most advertisers spend hours and hours doing research, understanding the demographic, behavioral targeting options, and interest.

But this is not the way where you are going to find the ideal prospects.  The hyper-responsive prospects are people who are already aware of the business.

These prospects can be existing or previous customers, maybe the engagers on Facebook, app users, or website visitors.

Targeting these prospects can help you in getting better results instead of targeting the cold ones.

However, ensure you target your hyper-responsive prospects with a custom audience.

6. Consider Your Format For Ads

The format of your ad also plays a  vital role in success and conversion. This is why you should focus on what type of format you are using.

There are eight overall ad formats that are considered as main, which includes other variations.

types of ad formats for facebook

Each design has something different to offer to meet the market goals.

Image source: idealightindonesia

Here are some of the ad formats that you can consider :

  • Photos:  Focus on creating a visual story that can be powered using a single image.
  • Video: The format is similar to photos, but you get a whole video for showcasing your product, service, and brand.
  • Playables are interactive ads where people can play the game or use programs. It works ideal for some niches. Here people can play before they download it.
  • Collection:  you can show off the ads like videos and images. You can combine both using multiple images. Also, it requires less data usage as compared to video ads. This works better where the internet connection is not good.
  • Carousel: You can use the carousel for showcasing up to 10 images and videos individually. They all have their own link and use the space for telling a story or informing about new products.
  • Messenger: Here, your ads are sent via using the message to the customers. The images are the single focus with short sentences that are ideal to use.
  • Slideshow: this one is a middle ground that you get between video ads and photo ads. You can add multiple images and combine them with sound. It will take fewer data than video.

7. Keep Your 10% Budget For Brand Building

Just like everyone, you also want to generate leads and sales by using ad campaigns on Facebook. And it makes sense.

However, you should have dedicated 10% of your budget to the ad budget. It should target the long-term brand and campaigns.

Focusing on the brand building will bring you more loyal followers. This will help keep your conversion better, and you can also get the results you are hoping for.

8. Don’t Overlook The Visuals Of Your Ads

It only takes 2.6 seconds for your targeted audience to choose the landing section on the webpage.

That’s why you should not overlook the visuals; it increases the chances of getting your audience’s attention.

Image source: penji

Facebook recommends that you use the text sparingly in your images. Also, you should not consider the low-res visuals; it will affect your brand.

Apart from this, using videos and gifs will nab your users’ attention.

9. Consider Using the FTO Method

It can take some time or a couple of days to get the result of the campaign for starting the optimization.

There can be higher chances when you are working with a small budget, as the campaign might take time to take off.

FTO or Fast Take Off can help you accelerate the optimization process.  However, you are required to give them enough time, or at least 24 hours, to adjust the ad’s performance after the new edits.

So whenever you make a substantial change, wait for 24 to 48 hours to draw a conclusion.

Well, to know how this method  works, here is what you should know :

  • Assign a lifetime or daily budget that exceeds the budget planned when you launch the new campaign.
  • You don’t have to use Accelerated Delivery; Facebook will focus on speed ad delivery rather than quality and cost.
  • Once you get the impression of more than 10,000 on your ad,  you can evaluate what improvement you need or what works and benefits you.

10.  Do Ad Rotation To Fight The Ad Fatigue

There is a thing called Ad Fatigue, and it’s real.

According to AdEspresso,  they found the effects that happen to CTR and CPC on Facebook ad campaigns due to the ad frequency.

It showed that the more people see the ads, the faster they get bored of it.  If the target audience has seen the Facebook ad at least four or more times, it will boost the CPC significantly.

But understanding how to show your ad and optimize it without tiring your audience is vital. Here are a few points that can help in fighting ad fatigue:

Create variations of your ads with different designs. Set up multiple ad sets and schedule them every weekday.

11.  Keep Your Copy Crisp, Sweet, And Simple

To make your ad strong, your copy should be crisp, short, and sweet. If you put a lot of things, it will overwhelm the audience, and they don’t bother to read it.

tips writing effective short copy

Also, having a copy that is too much on it will confuse the audience, as they don’t know where to look and what to understand from it.

Image source: kilentboost

Here are a few points that you can use to get the results :

  • Get personal and use personal pronouns to suggest a relationship between users and brands.
  • Don’t use jargon. Instead of using confusing and hard words, keep it simple.
  • Speak in languages that your audience knows. It will help in understanding and avoiding confusion.
  • Keep your copy brief. Avoid using text that is too much, as it can be intimidating.

12. Let Facebook Bring The Targeted Audience 

Facebook advertisers try to precise the targeting, which works; however, instead of doing that, try targeting everyone.

There is a reason why this might work for you. Since Facebook is getting better and better at understanding who will take the actions you desire. Even their targeting algorithm works better than anyone else.

So you can let Facebook filter out the audience for you.

Instead of spending time working out which targeted option will work out for you and bring the results. Or narrowing down the audience, let facebook handle it.

13. Use Your Page Post As Your Ads

When you are running ad campaigns on Facebook, it’s important that you use social proof.  Use the page post where you get the shares, likes, and comments. This type of page post works much better.

With the help of social proof, you can do the online endorsement for your ads. The audience will require reviews and testimonials, which can help them in trusting you.

That’s why you can promote the same post in your ads when you are targeting multiple audiences for advertising.

14. Consider Targeting the Audience Of Your Competitors

Well, you can target your competitors’ audience effectively, saving you from lots of hassle.

However, when you are doing this, you should know that your product has something different. You must be offering what your competitors are lacking. Your offer should add value or solve something that causes problems for the customer.

Image source: socialmediaexaminer

Targeting your competitor’s customers is much easier than finding the new one. You already have an idea of what they are looking for, and they are interested in the products you sell.

15. Keep Your landing Page the Same

When you are showing your ads, you are promising to your audience. As they have to click here to get this.

But if your ad design and landing page do not visually sync, you will get an increased rate of high bounce, which will also negatively impact ROI.

Your ad and landing page should share common design elements. It includes colors, fonts, and images.

Image source: Unbounce 

The more similarity the pages have, the more visitors will feel like they are clicking on an extended ad instead of a new page.

Don’t change your CTA, as both pages should be the same.

It will help in the easy transition and keep your audience comfortable.

16. Optimize Where You Are Placing Your Ads

When you are advertising your ads on Facebook, Your ad placement plays a huge role in your advertising cost.

According to AdEspresso’s data, depending on the ad placement, the CPC can vary more than 550%.

You can get the data from the Facebook ads manager to know your ad placement’s top performance. Go to the breakdown menu to get the break of the campaigns.

Image source: leadsquared 

Once you get the top-performing placement for your ad, you can optimize your campaign according to that.

17. Always Do The A/B Test

To know what is working for you and which part has the most effective results in your Facebook ad optimization. And the best ways to run the A/B test on Facebook.

But again, you should not test everything. 

When considering what to test, think about the ad element that affects the CTR and the highest conversion rate.

You can start testing by :

  • Campaign objectives
  • Bidding methods
  • Ad designs
  • Ad copy
  • Unique value offer
  • Ad placement
  • Call to action buttons

18.  Choose The Right Objective For the Campaign

When you are setting up your new ad campaign, the first thing you need to select is choosing the objective of your campaign.

It can be improving brand awareness, local awareness, increasing reach, etc.

The campaign objective helps Facebook to know what is your advertising campaign’s ultimate goal.

With this, the Facebook algorithm can organize your ad delivery to achieve the best result.

That’s why you need to be sure and choose the right one. Because if you are choosing wrong, the results will not be what you are expecting.

Choose the objective which matches your advertising goal. 

19. Set Up The Rules For Auto Optimization

Well, you can set up the automated optimization rules using your Facebook. 

The feature, also known as Facebook Automated Rules, is free and available for free. Also, anyone who is advertising on Facebook can use it.

To  set the rules of auto-optimization on Facebook, here are what you need to do :

  • Visit the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Choose multiple or one campaign, ads, or ad sets.
  • Now click on the edit; you will find this on the right-hand menu.
  • Click on the create rule

If your rule condition matches, there are four things that will happen automatically:

  • You can turn off the campaign, ad set, or ad
  • Sending notifications to the ad manager
  • Adjusting the budget
  • Adjusting manual bid

Once you get the rules set, Facebook will follow the auto-optimizing depending on the rules you set.

20. Keep Your Image Qualities Right

Image qualities are important; a poor one can fail the reason why you have ads in the first place, i.e., Attracting the audience’s attention.

Image source: jumpermedia

Also, the image you choose represents your brand as well as you on Facebook. That’s why you should choose it carefully and custom-made. It will get the attention of the reader’s attention.

tips make facebook ad image perfect

Choosing the right image can help in conveying the story to the audience. You can also consider taking help from Facebook’s resource center, as they can help you learn what makes your image perfect for your ads.

21. Consider The Color Psychology

When you are designing your ad, it’s important to pay attention to the colors you are using. The color selection is equally important as your text and images.

Well, according to the Management Decisions study, more than 90% of all product images about the product can be backtracked depending on the color.

Image source: coschedule

Science says that different colors have different psychological effects on the population. For example, older people have a shorter wavelength, which includes colors like Purple and Blue.

But younger people are into bright colors such as Orange and Red.

That is why using the color that represents you and the brand is crucial. Using color can help you in :

  • Grabbing the eyes of your readers by showing them the contrast.
  • Defining the brand’s identity
  • Associating your brand with emotions or feelings

22. Take Use Of Campaign Budget Optimization

When you are using Facebook for the ad,  you also get the feature of using CBO or Campaign Budget Optimization, and you should not ignore it.

With the help of CBO, you can keep your set budget depending on the campaign level.

Set the budget at the campaign level, which means that Facebook will make sure to optimize the budget across a different set of ads.

This will help you get the result as the budget is spent on your target audience and delivering what you are hoping for.

Spending more of your budget on elements that are high performing will help you in getting better results.

Also, it will lead you to more conversations where the cost per conversion will be lower.

23. Use The Price Discount For Action

There are lots of businesses that drop their price for a good reason.

However, reducing prices can affect the profit margin. But it also affects how the audience perceives your brand.

Image source: embertribe

But if you are getting an increasing number of buyers, then price reduction is not going to impact negatively.

You can depend on the discount on what you sell, some of the products have heavy discounts, and some can work fine with 20% too.

24. Spy On Ads That Your Competitors Are Using

Well, working out what is working and what is not can take too much time of yours. Also ist not cheap as it costs to do the testing.

However, the easy option that you can consider here is looking at your competitor’s Facebook ads.  You can use the Facebook Ad Library tool; it will help you in taking at anyone’s ads on the platform.

ways spy on competitor ads on facebook

With this, you can know the running time and where the ads send the audience.

You can spy on your competitors and see what’s working for them. But ensure you are not blindly following it, as you might have something different that doesn’t work well with their model.

25. Don’t Distribute Evenly For Ad Budget

There are lots of companies that spend around the same budget every month on their Facebook advertisement.

However, it doesn’t make sense as the majority of companies have their own busy seasons. The same goes for quiet seasons too.

The cost of advertising can change by 50%, depending on the time.

Well, you can set the budget low when your business has the low season, And save the extra budget for the high business season.

This will help in long-term ROI. Also, it can improve your result.

26. Keep Your Expectation Realistic

When you are using Facebook ads, it’s important to set realistic expectations. If you are looking to get the insanely lower cost per lead or numbers in cost per purchase from Facebook, it can be quite unrealistic.

Well, it’s obvious that Facebook advertising is one of the competitive marketplaces. There are lots of buyers and sellers. And to find yours, it will take clear goals and realistic expectations.

Depending on what you are offering, you can generate leads or sales.

27. Leverage The Audience Insights

You require to separate who are your potential buyers from the rest of the audience. And for that, you should be aware of the power of audience insight.

With this, you can divide the audience from average to below average and high performance.

Audience insight is a powerful tool that can help you in pulling from self-reported data on Facebook. 

Image source: hootsuiteblog

Self-reported data are the information that is given by Facebook to their users when they fill out profiles.

Also, with that, you get third-party data which is that information related to purchasing behavior, household income, etc.

This information is used for creating a new audience. Facebook gets this information by offering three options such as :

  • Glean insight into everyone who is using Facebook
  • Connecting people to the page
  • Existing custom audience

These are for laying the interest and behaviors to refine the audiences and insight as much as it can be possible.

28. Experiment With The Facebook Lookalike Audience

Without having a lookalike audience,  the platform cannot be that much effective.

Well, lookalike audiences are those groups of people who are similar to another group.

Image source: socialmediaexaminer

In other words, a Lookalike Audience is a way that helps in reaching new people who are likely interested in your business as they are similar to the customers you have.

This can be the practice of managing your data for creating a custom audience.

how to build lookalike audiences

With this, you can get a new segment of potential customers and help you get the sales.

But these prospects are not yet introduced to your brand, so it’s important to focus on how you will do that.

29.  Famialier Yourself With Custom Audiences

To understand Facebook remarketing, you should familiarize yourself with the custom audiences.

The custom audience is those ad targeting options that help you in finding the existing audiences.

Also, a custom audience allows for targeting the five different user segments such as :

  • Website Traffic: These are those people who visit the website or specific pages.
  • Customer File: It includes matching email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Targeting those accounts who are on Facebook and its users as well as existing accounts.
  • Engagement: This includes the list of people who are engaged with your content or Facebook.
  • App Activity:  It includes the people who interacted with or launched the app or game.
  • Offline Activity: targeting the people who interacted in-store, or by phone, or through offline channels.

30.  Focus On What Matters

A lot of businesses feel that Facebook ads are confusing and sometimes difficult to use. Also, there is lots of functionality, and Facebook keeps adding more all the time.

In the end, there might be limited metrics or maybe 1 or 2 that work for the business. And you should ignore all other options that are not for your business.

It will just confuse you, and you can end up losing your focus.

That’s why focus on what matters for your business; apart from that, there is nothing else you should concentrate on.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What Is Considered A Good Conversion Rate On Facebook Ads?

Well, according to the workstream Facebook ad benchmark, the good conversion rate for Facebook ads is around 10%.

Why Is Advertising On Facebook Worth It?

Advertising on Facebook is worth it because the CPC is lower. If the campaign is right, it will get more high-quality clicks that can help in producing more value. Also, it is more profitable as compared to advertising channels.

What Is The Ideal Facebook Ad Frequency?

As Facebook says, the optimal ad frequency you should do is between 1 and 2 during the length of your campaign. It includes the tripping point of 3.4. From here, the ad starts to lose its effectiveness.

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