How to Impress Customers: 10 Effective Ways

In the current situation in marketing where the competition is continuously rising, the company has to strive hard so they can gain profit.

The only way is to get the attention of customers and retain as much as possible. After all, even though the competition is increasing, customers still remain the king.

And having an impressed customer can be a boon for the business. It will bring repeat business but reinforce the brand and act as the advocate.

 However, to achieve that you should not let any chance go in vain, and here are the top ways which can help you in wooing your customer even before they purchase.

Answer Whatever Doubts They Have, Even They Are Not The Customer

Communication is a strong part that has an important role in your relationship building and customer satisfaction. 

When you have strong and trustworthy communication, you can tackle different issues.

Here are few points that you need to understand :

Answering The Queries

References what kind of question they have, even if it’s small or big, if their queries get answered, this might leave the chance to connect with them.

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StrategiesTo Use When Answering Queries

Also, it gives them a chance to spread their hatred, dissatisfaction, and bad customer service from your brand.

Customer Service At Different Levels

To tackle this, you are going to need the customer at all stages where customers might have questions or doubts.

It can start from the pe sales to the return policy. Even though the customers have not made any purchases yet, the treatment towards them should not be any less than that.

Support & Treatment

Customer support and treatment are crucial as 70% of customers reported to have switched the brands if they get the agents who are not answering the question.

Also how you treat your customer even when they haven’t tried anytime speaks a lot of what they will receive after they purchase.

Go Beyond What You Can Do

Customers are the key that can bring success to your business. No matter how much you spend or change in your company or product if you don’t have the customer to purchase,  it won’t do any profit.

So when the customers are your biggest asset then why not go out of the way to make them satisfied?

Never leave your customers feeling dissatisfied, it will cost too much. If you have to then try whatever you can do so they stay with your brand.

How To Deal With Unhappy Customers

When you have a satisfied customer, they bring more customers to your company. With this, you save money on new customers, and you don’t have to worry about building trust as they are familiar with the product already.

According to Forbes, a 5% increase in outcomes retention can boost the profitability of a company by 75%.

That’s why it becomes crucial to have better customer retention and for that, you need to focus on going the extra mile to impress them.

Give Them The Good Surprises

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like the surprises and it goes with your customer too.

Surmising the clients can work as icing on the cake, and the best part is, it doesn’t require to be monetary.

A report submitted by Forrester says that 76% of customers look at customer service for testing their value to the brand.

So companies are required to put more effort into providing customer service that can satisfy the customer. Apart from that, hr are few points for you that can consider :

  • You can offer discounts, additional services, offers, etc. Make it personalized to add more value.
  • Or if you have a dissatisfied or loyal customer, you can add extra perks for pleasing them.
  • Add special gifts during festive or holiday seasons.
  • You can add a personalized touch for the anniversaries or birthdays to make it more about them, instead of the brand.

Be More Spontaneous Than You Are Usually Are

There is nothing for your customer other than waiting. The brand requires you to be more spontaneous when you are dealing with customers.

When you put the customer on wait to get the response from you, it gives the message that the brand doesn’t care about them. This gives them the window to choose another brand over you.

According to Forrester’s research, more than 45% of US customers and their transactions if the concerns or questions are not addressed quickly.

That’s why it’s important that you give a quick response regardless of which stage they are on.

Also, use other mediums for communication, you can consider social media, live chat, etc where the response can be more quickly.

The immediate reaction and attention from the brand will boost the satisfaction level of your customers.

Don’t Break What You Promised

The biggest customer that you can do is to or the salespeople can consider is not providing what they promised.

Never make this kind of site where the expectations of your customers are not fulfilled.

By making the false promise, you end up breaking the trust they developed and the customer leaves the brand with the intention of never returning back.

As per the survey by Mckinsey, more than 70% of buying experience depends on the customer’s feeling when they receive the treatment from the brand.

So if you are cheating them by giving the fake promise, you are not getting them anytime soon.

Also, they spread the news online, and on social media which will affect other costumes as well as damage the reputation that you have.

Treat Them Like Priority Because They Are One

Treat the customer the way you will treat the boss.  As Jeffery Gitomer said, that customer is your paycheck. He further explained that customers are the ones who are going to pay for the salary, not your employers.

So when you interact with the customer, make sure to express gratitude and say thank you for doing the business with you.

Always keep yourself polite and deliver the best you can offer.

Don’t Forget The Unhappy Customers

Well doing business means having some customers who might be not happy or feel not that satisfied while doing the business.

It’s normal, however, not solving the problems and leaving them dissatisfied.

Do not forget to attend to them and solve their problems before it gets too late.  Assure them that their problems will be taken care of, same as for the purchase which had the issue.

Also understanding that following policy instead of principles when you’re taking care of the customer can get you into trouble.

So the purpose should be to make them comfortable enough so they know the brand will take care of them. Because when they have this kind of confidence, they will be more comfortable with the next future.

Provide The Value Of The Customers

It’s not about giving about the prices, it’s about the store having enough worth that can have the business.

If you are charging the costly amount for the products but you are not giving much or providing as other retailers are doing, what exactly are you offering so the system can do the business with you again?

Add something extra more valuable so the customers have the idea of what they will get different from you.

Listen And Learn To Rect To Your Niche Customer

 As a brand, you need to understand what your customers are thinking, even when they visit your store.

 That’s why you need to do the survey, with this you can help you in knowing what they are thinking exactly. 

What they like or not, what they see in your product or service, or what they want more from you. It’s important that you don’t settle just for no as an answer, ask the reasons and know the whys.

Also, it’s important to know how to react to your niche customers. For that you can do these things : 

Send The Cards And Notes

Send the birthday note or appreciate the note, you can make more of your loyal customers through it.

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 Also if the customer hasn’t bought anything for a long time, you can get them connected with the product and services once again. 

Communicate Through Channels 

Communicate with them through different channels, ask for suggestions, look for ways by which you can provide the help. Customers connect better when they believe you are considering them more than someone who will bring profit to you. 

Thank Them And Appreciate When You Get Chance

A quick thank you when they visit your store is good, but not enough. It’s important to show genuine thank you from time to time, it will help you in connecting with them. 

Also appreciating them shows that they hold value to you as a business and individual too. Appreciating them also gives you a way to approach and make the connection better to turn loyal customers. 

While you are at, you ask your customer if they have any kind of suggestion for you, the product, or services. 

You can also get reviews, pitch new stuff, and get feedback. 

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