15+ Top Hyundai Competitors and Alternatives

Chung Ju-Yank founded Hyundai in 1967. Hyundai has been selling cars for more than 100 years and now specializes in sedans, Hatchback, and SUVs. It has recently entered into the EV revolution.

In 2020 Hyundai was among the top 10 in automotive sales despite the sales being down by more than 15%. It is heavily spending on customer acquisition to spread its roots in America and Africa. 

List of Hyundai Competitors


Ford is a company every American knows and is always the first preference of many American citizens. It is an automotive company that majorly operates in many big and small vehicles.

Ford has been number 1 for many consecutive years, and it recorded its highest automotive sales in the year 2013. Recently Ford stepped back and completely stopped its production in India, which created a massive problem for the users.

The reason was the rise of the purchase of domestic vehicle producing companies. It recorded a whopping amount of $ 10 Billion in Earning Before Interest and Tax. 

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General Motors

General Motors Company is a USA company that reported a net profit of more than 5 Billion USD. It produces cars such as Cruze Equinox and Sierra.

It said more than 9 Billion US Dollars as a net profit after Interest and Tax. It recorded its highest sales in the automotive segment in 20017, accounting for Asia. 


A Japanese citizen started a handloom manufacturing company with his associates and later shifted to creating the number 1 car manufacturing company in 1937 and named it Toyota.

It deals in many lights and heavy and small, medium, and large vehicles that run majorly on Japan’s streets. Because of build quality, we can consider Toyota as the leading competitor of Hyundai

Toyota has been featured many times by magazines and the press for its sheer durability and niche strategies.

Two major manufacturing companies jointly own it. It has various subsidiaries and ventures under it. Its Earning before interest and taxes for 2021 was more than US $35 Billion. 

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Nissan is best known for its cars: Versa, Sentra, Maxima, etc. The parent company of Nissan is another manufacturing giant, and Nissan owns many subsidiaries and ventures.

Nissan is Japan’s favorite car manufacturing company due to its racing cars. Nissan broke all the charts and records in 2017 when it recorded its best-selling year and highest in Japan and Asia- Pacific.

Nissan is a well-reputed brand in the United States of America, with its stadium named after it in Nashville.  

FAW Group

FAW is an entirely Chinese state-owned company and the first automobile venture in China. Recently its market share declined to 17.85% from 22.06%. Due to this, they just produced 250000 units.

FAW’s best year was 2019, before the pandemic when China’s production was at its peak and the company sold more than 400000 units worldwide. Its major revenue comes from exports done to more than 75 countries.

FAW is known for its less expensive material but more advanced features and is readily available in the market due to its fast production and cheap labor in China.  


A top competitive automotive giant owns KIA motors as a fully-owned subsidiary. It heavily spends on Customer Acquisition, which has proved its best strategy till now.

Nowadays, KIA has become the biggest competitor of Hyundai.

KIA’S best-selling year was reported in 2022 when it sold more than 25000 units in a single quarter. Kia heavily spends more than $4 million on marketing its products. Celebrities such as Lebron James and others are associated with KIA. 


Americans popularly demand Chevrolet due to its muscle cars and comfort. Its Chevy series is the favorite of Americans.

Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette are the most equipped cars on the American streets due to their vintage design and durability.

Chevrolet recorded a revenue of more than 120 billion USD. Its primary revenue came from Asia Pacific countries and especially from China. Its EBITDA was more than 35 Billion US Dollars.  


The company produces a range of cars such as Trucks and Vans Heavy and Light motor vehicles. It recorded $2.5 Billion US dollars in earnings before Interest and Taxes.

Renault sold more than 750000 units worldwide, mainly in Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. It sold 14440 cars in Europe alone and 265000 teams in America.

Renault has, year by year, improved its comfort level and broke its records consecutively to achieve greater heights. 


FCA is one of the most demanded car manufacturing companies in Europe due to its comfort and sense of luxury.

Per a survey, every car out of 5 is an FCA Company car in Italy and Europe. FCA shares are currently trading at 26.38 USD, down by 0.24 points.


Volkswagen is also the Big Caretaker of all the Premium Car Brands. Under the rise of the German Army and the advancement of technology, Volkswagen embraced its brand image and manufacturing services. It owns Bentley, Trenton, etc.

Consumers often pick Volkswagen cars due to their high brand value and sheer comfort, and the sense of royalty it gives. Although the car’s maintenance is primarily expensive, Volkswagen’s first choice is people in Europe.

Volkswagen has improved its customer service and taking necessary measures to lower its servicing charges and after-sale service charges.  


It was founded as an engine-producing company. Due to stiff competition and a readily available market, it shifted to making cars. BMW is often seen in various sporting and racing events.

Different endorsers and racers usually pick its vehicles due to their rugged built and superb engines. 

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Daimler is the parent company of the cars leading and winning most of the racing and sporting events in the world.

It is the most picked vehicle due to its leg room, better services and features, and readily available spare parts.

It is exported to more than 45 countries, and exports account for more than 30% of the revenue. Daimler has improved its services and production facilities yearly, keeping in mind its customer’s demands. 

Hyundai Competitors

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