10+ Top Huawei competitors and Alternatives

Huawei or Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a China-based multinational company that broadly designs, manufactures, and sells consumer electronics.

Moreover, Huawei technology corporation invented one of the most luxurious telecommunication equipment and various smart gadgets in 1987. Though this company is settled in Shenzhen, China, the business is widespread globally.

Currently, the firm has CN ¥876.854 billion worth of assets and almost CN¥636.8 billion in revenues as of 2021 by shipping the products worldwide. 

Huawei competitors list:


Being one of the top-tier ICT providers (Information and Communication Technology), Ericsson competes with Huawei for some solid reasons.

The company highly leads the ICT industry with its telecommunications service, 3G, 4G, and 5G equipment. Founded in 1876, Ericsson company continuously catering to people for 146 years.

Lars Magnus Ericsson’s company Ericsson makes its customers connect to the world successfully through creating game-changing technology.

Currently, it has over 57,000 granted patents, the support of around 100,000 people, and generates 232.314 billion yearly. 


Once a leading producer of telecommunication tools and services, Nokia is renowned worldwide for its extensive products.

Nokia always stretches its limits from routers, smartphones, and 5G Networks to cloud services. It rigorously fulfilled people’s requirements since 1865.

Founders Fredrik Idestam, Eduard Polon, and Leo Mechelin have introduced this massive company to the world.

It currently holds around €40.049 billion worth of assets by spreading business over 130 countries. Nokia now employs roughly 92,000 people from over 100 countries and peaked at 85th rank in 2009. 


Another leading competitor of Huawei, Lenovo Group Limited, has maintained its position since 1984.

This China-based technological company, initiated by Liu Chuanzhi in Beijing, specializes in designing, manufacturing, and vending personal computers, laptops, smartphones, consumer electronics, and more.

Lenovo won the title of the world’s largest computer vendor in January 2021 by its unit sales. Currently, it operates in 60 countries and vends its products worldwide in approximately 180 countries with the support of 75000+ employees. 


ZTE Corporation is a Chinese company offering telecommunication and technology since 1985. Founded by Hou Weigui, this company has listed its brand name on Shenzhen and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.

The products of ZTE are well in demand, including mobile phones, telecom software, data gear, wireless gear, etc. With 37 years of legislation, the company stands strong as a powerful rival of Huawei.

It’s one of the top 5 largest smartphone manufacturers in China. It grew US $13.2 billion in 2019 and is reported to possess CN¥141.202 billion in assets. 

Apple Inc.

Being the top-most and dominant mobile manufacturing company worldwide, Apple Inc. holds its position on the first position in this industry.

From Mac, iPod, iPhone, tablets, wireless accessories, and music gears to Home and Accessories, Apple has precisely laid its hands on every sector. With its primary weapon – the iOS operating system.

Apple has come into the limelight, which helped this firm generate US$351.02 billion in assets and US$365.8 billion in profits as of 2021. Currently, Apple operates 519 retail stores, employing 154,000 individuals. 

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Xiaomi Corporation is another leading mobile manufacturing company in Asia that also develops software, consumer electronics, lifestyle, and household items.

It’s the second biggest manufacturer in the world of smartphones, making people go crazy for extensive features and designs. Introduced in 2010, this not-so-old company has ranked 338th on the Fortune Global 500 list.

Though the company comes after Samsung, it’s one of its biggest opponents of Huawei in the unit sales, revenues, and product variants. Presently, Xiaomi has roughly 33,427+ employees deliberately working for the firm. 


Sony is a billion-dollar company founded in 1946 by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka in Sony City, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Although it’s a Japanese telecom service and product-providing company, it has business worldwide, making it the most cash-rich Japanese company. 

Sony competes with major leading companies like Huawei through its product line, such as robots, video consoles, computer hardware, films, music gears, TV devices, smartphones, etc.

Sony now owns US$238.31 billion worth of assets; as of 2021, it generated US$81.38 billion in profits worldwide. 

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Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics company founded in 1969. The corporation is broadly recognized for its comprehensive product range like LCD and OLED panels, Mobile phones (Samsung Galaxy particularly), Semiconductors, Hard-drives, Televisions, and more.

It’s a specialized company in electronics and appliances and a competent firm to generates over ₩279.6 trillion in revenue each year.

Samsung has its sales and network in 74 countries, where it operates through around 290,000 employees, making it the world’s second-largest technology company. 


HTC Corporation is a China-based technology company that started manufacturing notebooks and computers. Founded on 15 May 1997, the company serves the area of smartphones, laptops, headsets, and more.

Later in 1998, the firm began to design the world’s first wireless and touch hand-held devices that shook the world of technology within a day.

Presently, the company values worth over 67.7 billion. It became a smartphone vendor and competent to defeat companies like Huawei. 

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Dell Technologies

Another popular and most successful company is Dell. Dell Technologies is widely celebrated for its reliable technology, service, impressive product range, and impressive features.

By making computers, laptops, and other accessories, Dell has ranked as the 3rd largest personal computer vendor worldwide. Since 1984, this American company has deliberately sold, repaired, and rendered services for electrical products.

Hence, presently, Dell generates nearly US$101.6 billion in profit with the support of its 165,000+ hard-working employees. 

Huawei Competitors

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