10+ Best HP Competitors To Watch Out in 2023

Previously abbreviated as just HP, Hewlett Packard is a Personal Computer and Technology Organization that has endured over the extremely long haul in planning, assembling, and selling PC equipment. It was a well-known American innovation firm that provided different PC equipment items across the different business, government, and corporate circles.

Year Founded: 1894
Headquarters: Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States

The split that prompted the development of Hewlett Packard Venture and HP Inc. would be anticipated as the ruin of this organization in catching greater part share on the lookout. Notwithstanding, it seems like it holds a critical stake in the business.

List Of Top HP Competitors:

Even though Hewlett-Packard might be the name that most people recall when they think about computers and PCs, there are many competitors that one should try. There are amazing options in the market that one can choose from and might even end up loving more than the HP products.


Year Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Hong Kong, China

Lenovo is an amazing Chinese worldwide innovation organization specializing in assembling PC equipment, programming, and consumer management and happens to be proficient in modern customer items. It was established quite a while back and, at present, has its central command in Beijing, China.

Lenovo has its areas of strength over Hewlett Packard and explicitly in PC equipment. Its market is developing everywhere, and as of now, they have more than 70 service places in various nations and have utilized roughly 70,000 specialists in such focuses. Fundamentally, the interest in Lenovo’s PC equipment items has recently expanded worldwide.

At first, it attracted consideration significantly to the Central area Chinese market. However, it could leave an imprint even in countries with rising economies. In light of its major areas of strength for it across the globe and a top to bottom item portfolio, Lenovo is considered one of the top Hewlett-Packard contenders.


Year Founded: 1976
Headquarters: Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, United States

The brand Apple Inc is related to the assembling of top-of-the-line innovation, computerized and mixed media items. Under the stewardship of Steve Occupations, Mac Inc rose to become one of the best personal business realms in the entire world. It is directed by the teachings of positive quality and specialized yet clear development in delivering all its colossal items.

The brand incentive for Apple Inc is presently assessed to be around $235 billion with an approximated yearly net gain of $215 billion. Concerning contest, it isn’t viewed as a major area of strength for Hewlett Packard for two critical reasons; one is that Apple doesn’t fabricate its items in enormous volume, which suggests that it has a divided market to offer its items to.

The subsequent explanation is that it is right now downsizing on delivering its PC equipment items. Mac is doubtlessly the market chief in a few business sectors for its Mac line of PCs, and due to its top-notch brand situating, Apple is viewed as one of the top HP contenders.


Year Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Round Rock, Texas, United States

It is viewed as a strong contender of Hewlett Packard on the lookout. Dell has laid out quite a while back, and this time has been central in creating an impressive number of PC and innovation items for the huge market portion. It has also studied creating other equipment and programming parts and is gradually recovering the piece of the pie it once had in many years.

One convincing perspective to comprehend is that Dell Organization has been in different obtaining bargains previously. Some of such moves had shaken its creation and conveyance processes through a portion of the understanding that reinforced the organization. Dell creates a superior income level from the offer of PC equipment items, particularly computers, Work areas, Scanners, and printers. The blend of these items makes it a deadly Hewlett-Packard contender.


Year Founded: 1938
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

If there is an Asian worldwide combination innovation and gadgets organization that involves a significant level of the worldwide market, you have to give it to Samsung.

Enlivened areas of strength by creating great items, Samsung has turned into a brand to beat, particularly in the purchaser, expert, and diversion innovation items. It is additionally positioned as the subsequent innovation organization with a large number of representatives overall, which right now remains at roughly 320,000.

Nonetheless, Samsung is gradually downsizing its creation of PC equipment items and, on second thought, centers around home amusement like gaming control centers and family electronic apparatuses. However, in emerging nations, Samsung has serious areas of strength in workstations and printers and particularly in Cell phones, making it one of the top Hewlett-Packard contenders.


Year Founded: 1979
Headquarters: Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan

Acer was established a long time back and had its base camp in Taipei, Taiwan. It plans, makes, and sells some PC-related equipment and programming items. Acer has additionally, in the new past, wandered in assembling cell phones and shrewd televisions. Its developing business sector is a sign that, with time, Acer will be among the top players in this industry point of fact. Lack of common sense and business techniques, as well as political and monetary security in China, had seen the brand name and income developing slowly.

In any case, Acer has had the option to roll out huge improvements somewhat recently by laying out different plans of action to make it conceivable to catch the Taiwanese market and the more extensive worldwide business sectors. It has worked by its arrangements, consequently encouraging itself to be an extraordinary PC equipment maker soon.

Hp Competitors

FAQs for leading Competitors of HP:

How can I cancel my order from HP?

Currently, the packages can only be canceled if the cancellation process is complete before shipping. But one needs to remember that according to the conditions made by the company, a total cancellation fee of 5% would be deducted from the customers.

What is the process for returning HP products?

If the shipment was already started when the cancellation process was asked for, an additional 2% of the order would be charged to the customers. 

How can one track their orders?

One can easily head to the website via which the order was placed and log into their already existing accounts. Then on the right-hand side, click on “My orders” – here, all the orders made are listed. Click the product you need the delivery details of, and it is done!

What to do if some of my deliveries are missing?

It is highly unlikely that any food item will be missing, but if there is, one can definitely head on to the website and place a complaint. Also, one can call the customer helpline, which is specific for every state in the United States, making it less time-consuming and helpful for customers. 

What can one do if the products they receive are defective?

It is very unlikely for HP products to be defective, but if they happen to be so, one can bring this to the notice of customer care and/or seek help through the website. They will need to address the exact issue faced and get technical help.

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