26+ Proven Hotel Marketing Ideas to Drive Bookings

If you plan to start a hotel business, you need to be ready with creative marketing ideas for drawing customers, as the competition is quite tough in the market.

There are so many hotels out there, and you need to stand out from them through effective marketing techniques.

How to promote your Hotel Business?

  • Create a stunning website and list attractive pictures of hotel rooms with exciting packages.
  • Conduct various shows, events, and business-related programs in your hotel to get the attention of new people.
  • Develop a relationship with local tourism boards & Chambers of Commerce to gain more guests.
  • Be a partner with local establishments, venues, or center establishments.
  • Partner with a sports team, influencers, and personalities coming to your area.

Top marketing ideas for a hotel business will help you to get more customers and increase the awareness of your business.


Create a well-designed, professional website to promote your hotel business online. The website should be user-friendly so customers can access it from any device, especially their mobile phones.

The website should provide detailed information about your business to the customers, such as the location of your hotel, facilities and the services available, prices charged, etc.

It should also mention the vision and goals of your business. Customers can book rooms online through the website.


-Post photos and Videos

You should post photos and videos of your hotel on the website and social media pages. In other words, offer a virtual tour of your hotel to the clients through such photos and videos.

Customers can opt for your hotel if they get impressed by seeing the photos and videos. Post photos of the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and dining hall.

-Offer excellent services

Promote your business by offering top-quality hospitality services to your guests. Your hotel should have all the modern facilities that a guest looks for.

Hire trained and experienced staff who will enable you to provide high-quality services to your customers.  Keep your hotel rooms and bathroom clean.

-Business cards and fliers

Design attractive business cards and fliers to promote your business. The business cards will represent the brand identity of your hotel. Mention your contact number and email address in them.

-The physical appearance of your hotel

You need to take care of the physical appearance of your hotel so that customers get impressed by its looks and designs.

You can decorate your hotel based on a particular theme to which your customers will get attracted.

-Social media

Social media helps you to interact with your customers directly. It is an important online marketing tool that helps you connect with many potential customers. Post promotional content on social media websites to attract customers.

Inform your customers about exciting deals and offers through social media. Ask your friends to like and share the social media page that is dedicated to your business.

-Host Events

Host different kinds of events in your hotel, like business meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.

You can also offer to host grand wedding parties, anniversaries, and other social events. Share photos from past events that your hotel hosted on social media pages and the website.


Focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that will enhance the online visibility of your hotel business.

Your hotel should rank high in the list when customers go for online searches with keywords related to your business. Make sure that your website is registered with popular online search engines.

-Register on Trip Advisor Websites

If you are running a hotel business, you must enlist it in popular trip advisor websites. Such websites will help you get customers as they are likely to recommend your hotel to people traveling to a tourist spot nearby.

-Reward Your Loyal Customers

Reward your loyal customers with discounts and deals. Offer them a free or discounted stay in your hotel for one night and two days or provide free complimentary services to them. This will help you to retain your loyal customer base.

-Tie up with a daily deals site

Consider tying up with a daily deals site that will help you to promote your business. The deals site will help you offer customers exciting and tempting daily deals.


Blogging allows you to share your knowledge and expertise in the realm of the hotel business. Your content can answer the queries of several customers.

This will help in drawing traffic to your website. Provide the link to your blog on your website and social media page. You can either be a guest contributor to any popular blog or start one yourself.


Promote your business through traditional advertisements in local newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, and radio. Highlight the specialties of your business in such advertisements.

Put up banners and billboards in strategic locations to create awareness among people about your hotel business.


Ask your loyal customers to refer your business to their friends, neighbors, family members, and relatives.

This increases the credibility of your business among potential customers as they are referred to it by a trusted friend or relative. Reward the referring client with incentives like free or discounted service for each successful referral.

-Sponsor local events

Connect with your local community by sponsoring local events. You can sponsor it by purchasing advertisement spaces. Distribute your business cards and brochures at such events.

-Email Marketing

Ask your customers to share their email addresses when they sign up to book your services online.

This will help you to send personalized promotional offers to them through email. Offers may vary from one customer to another depending on their choices and preferences.

-Reviews and feedback

Request the customers to share their experience of staying in your hotel on the website or social media page. They should rate your services as well as write reviews and testimonials on the website.

Ask them if they want to see any changes in your services. Positive ratings will make your business an obvious choice for the customers, and negative feedback will help in improving the quality of your services.

-Location of your hotel

Another important factor you need to consider for attracting customers is the location of your hotel.

Your hotel should be near a popular tourist spot where many visitors keep on coming throughout the year.

If it is near to a sea beach, then your hotel should offer rooms from which the beach is directly visible to the guests.  

How to drive sales to your Hotel Business?

  • Ask influencers or other loyal guests to market your hotel. Make your brand popular with hashtags.
  • Offer travel writers and bloggers a stay and ask them to write a blog post.
  • Keep your social media pages updated with the latest pictures, offers, or other exciting announcements.
  • Ask guests to write reviews on your Facebook account.
  • Offer seasonal stay packages, discount offers, or group package discounts to increase the visits to the hotel.

Important FAQs about the hotel Business to Get More Detail:

What expenses are incurred in the hotel business?

Current expenses include maintenance, wages, publicity, insurance, linen replacement, office supplies, services, and high-speed internet. Plan your monthly spend on substitution of room colors, shower curtains, carpets, cloakrooms, etc., at least a few hundred dollars. The exact figure depends on the number of rooms you have, the age of the beds, the furnishing, etc.

Low-ranking staff checking in and cleaning the hotel earn per hour. The budget for upkeep services, including high-speed internet, for the entire hotel is likely to cost more per month, at least a couple of hundred dollars a month. Dedicate some amount for monthly advertising.

How to know the target market for your hotel business?

Whether a traveler comes from around the world or across the street, the market can be anyone who seeks a room for the night. However, all hotel owners will build on their amenities and location of their own demographic goal. During a meeting, luxury travelers do not want to stay at the same hotel as a mid-range boss.

How much profit can be made from the Hotel business?

The scope for a hotel business is immense. Such hotels generate six figures annually. In millions, others rake every year. Many hotels do not make any profit, sadly. The profitability degree depends on a variety of factors.

Grow the company, expand to second place, and you will probably be more than six figures. Continue adding places, and a million dollars profit will be added to your hotel business.

How to define the brand in the Hotel business?

Your brand stands for what your business stands for and how the public perceives your business. Your company will stand out from rivals with a clear name. Play your name strongly, especially online, in the public eye.

Travelers will not necessarily find their hotel by Radio or TV, so they use paid ads or organic content to increase their search engine rankings. But letting word of mouth be a powerful instrument (even at the start) is also important. The more specials and discounts you offer, the more likely it is that the hotel will be viewed or not worth its time by clients.

What is the growth potential for the Hotel Business?

In private homes or houses, facilities and services tend to be more intimate and can be appealing to individuals who are ill with corporate structure or lack Empathy on the part of the hotel staff. For a variety of factors, however, the growth potential of hotels is still important.

A lot of travelers still live there who would rather stay at the hotel, particularly given that many people are reluctant to stay with strangers. Websites such as Airbnb are expected to become more regulated in the next few years, making it difficult for passengers to use the lower rates.

Hospitality is a very big industry in every Country. Many independent hotels are adopting new edge Technology to get more exposure and awareness about their Business. Due to this, hotel owner gets huge booking online.

technology savvy hotels

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