Top 10 Attractive Hot Sauce Companies in USA

Some foods taste nice when they are a bit spicy. Did you ever wonder what made the food so spicy and tasty? Well, it is the secret touch of some hot sauce that makes the food so mesmerizing to taste.

Hot sauces are usually a mixture of chili pepper, vinegar, and salt along with some flavors deeply infused into them. Hot sauces are produced on a large scale by various food companies all around the globe. We here made an effort to bring to you the top ten hot sauce brands in the US.

Top 10 Hot Sauce Companies in USA

Cholula Hot Sauce 

Cholula hot sauce is a sauce that is manufactured at Chapala in Jalisco it is licensed by Jose Cuervo. Cholula, Puebla is the name of one of the oldest cities and the hot sauce is named after this city.

They have a unique style of packaging their product inside a glass bottle with a wooden cap which is its signature cap with its round shape. The very famous Cholula sauce obtains the specific taste by a beautiful mixture of peppers, water, vinegar, spices, xantham gum.

There are at present six varieties of Cholula hot sauce ruling the market in the United States which include Chilli lime, Chili Garlic, Chipotle, Green pepper, Sweet Habanero, and original.

Franks RedHot

One of the oldest dated recipes for hot sauce belongs to the Franks RedHot sauce. They use a recipe that is almost twenty-five years of age. The owner of this hot sauce company had great chemistry.

Initially Jacob Frank contacted Adam Estilette for the Estilette pepper farm but surprisingly they became the business partner and their company bloomed like anything.

The two men mixed up spices, garlic, cayenne peppers, and vinegar and allowed them to be aged for a long time which ultimately created the original blend of Franks RedHot.

The buffalo wing sauce used this blend as their primary ingredient. Later, Frank’s RedHot was sold to Durkee Famous Food which was owned by Reckitt Benckiser.

Huy Fong Foods

Huy Fong Foods is an American company which is based in Irwindale, California. The hot sauce company started its long journey from Chinatown in Los Angelos and gradually with time it became a powerful leader in the Asian market of hot sauce, especially in Sriracha.

In the very beginning, the sauce was a mixture of Serrano peppers but now the company uses Jalapeno peppers which though was not better than the original but it made the overall pungency less.

A Huy Fong Food can easily be identified because of the rooster symbol and its bright red color with a green cap and have five languages namely Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, English, and Spanish text written over it.


The Mcllhenny company of Avery Island, Louisiana produces the Tabasco sauce which is made from vinegar, salt, and Tabasco pepper.

Initially, all peppers used in Tabasco were grown on Avery Island now all the peppers grown on the island are used to produce seed stock, these seed stocks are then exported to foreign growers mainly in Central and South America.

A perfectly required weather and easily available required soil allows Averi Island to supply constant seeds throughout the year


Tapatio hot sauce is very well known in the United States. It is produced mainly in Vernon, California. The people who came from Guadalajara, Jalisco was called Tapatio, the name was derived from them as the company’s founder came from this place.

The sauce is shipped to various nations like America, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. The ingredients used for making this sauce are water, red peppers, salt garlic, acetic acid, sodium benzoate, xantham gum.

The Scoville heat scale rating of the sauce is three thousand which makes it hotter than the Sriracha. The slogan of Tapatio is “very saucy”.


Texas Pete is developed and manufactured in North Carolina by the TW Garner Food company. This hot sauce is a Louisiana-style sauce hot sauce readily available in the US. This sauce was introduced by Sam Garner who was the operator of Dixie Pig barbeque which is located in North Carolina.

As the United States asked for a spicier sauce the company came up with a different protocol they mixed the old sauce with some cayenne peppers. The name was made American at the request of their father. Texas is well known for the availability of spicy foods as they combined this Thad’s brother nickname Pete.

It is available in three types of bottles which are sixteen, twelve, and twenty-four ounces respectively. The bottle can easily be identified because of its white and yellow label, flip top, bright red sauce, with a yellow and white label, and the name in red along with a red cowboy standing.


La Costena was founded by Vicente Lopez Recipes in the year 1923. The company has now a great demand both outside and inside Mexico.

At present La Costena imports its product to almost forty countries around the globe In two thousand ten it won “El Premio Nacional de Logistica” for advancement in distribution, production, and lowering the cost.


It is a typical type of Louisiana-style hot sauce available readily in the United States. The sauce is owned by Baumer food since 1923. Three million gallon of this hot sauce is exported per year to almost seventy-five countries.

Very sadly the factory was damaged by Hurricane Katrina as they needed to shift to Reserve, Louisiana where they again started up their new plant. At present, there is a text of Crystal and Louisiana written over the bottle in white cursive letters.

The hot sauce is made up of distilled vinegar, salt, and aged red cayenne peppers. The sauce can be easily distinguished by the image of a chef stirring a pot of hot sauce as the steam from the factory comes out.


Taco Bell hot sauce is readily available in different-sized bottles in the United States. Taco bell’s Salsa verde, fire sauce, mild sauce are the only sauces that are readily available in the market or the grocery store.

Taco Bell hot sauces do not have a high concentration of preservatives added and hence they lose their flavor with time. The Taco Bell hot sauce is nearly 3500,000 SHU. There is also Taco Bell Diablo sauce which is comparatively less hot than the Tapiato or Tabasco.

Taco Bell produces a large number of different types of sauces but sadly it does not market every type of its sauce most of it is used by the Taco Bell restaurant itself only. 

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This sauce is a sriracha-style hot sauce although it is much less spicy and a bit sweeter than the rooster sauce of Huy Fong. Ninja Squirrel sauce is pretty famous in the United States and is available in the market.

The company has the majority of its customers from the US rather than any other country. The sauce comes in a white bottle inside which the red texture of the sauce can be seen. A squirrel in black color can be seen holding two red chilies in its two hands over a yellow wrap with text in black and the sriracha written in red with a bigger text size.

Ninja squirrel has red chili pure, red jalapeno puree, sugar, organic white vinegar, water, garlic puree, salt, xantham gum, and Habanero pepper powder.

Top Hot Sauce Companies In Us

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