Top 10 Popular Hookah Bars In The USA Ever!

Hookah, or shisha or waterpipe, is a traditional Middle Eastern smoking device that has gained popularity worldwide. In recent years,

hookah bars have become a popular destination for social gatherings, offering a unique cultural experience for patrons.

Since the last decade, there has been a surge in the number of hookahs all over the USA. Interest among people has been going on regarding hookah smoking. There are top-notch hookah bars all over the USA in all the major cities.

There are some rules which every customer needs to follow, like being older than 21 years and must carry an ID.

The hookah bar4s also started to market their brand and attract people get attracted to their bars.

Diverse Range of Hookah Bars in the USA

The list will help to get some information about some of the best hookah bars in the USA.

Ali mama cafe

This is one of the most famous hookah bars situated on Sunset Boulevard, Silver Lake, California.

They are a spot for no-frills hookah, and they try to make the experience better every time. They also have the facility for card games, coffee, along hookah. 

Their design gives a vibe that attracts people, which has a low-lit room that is intimidating. They market their flavors, which also creates more enthusiasm among people. They are budget-friendly, making them affordable for all people.


This is a Lebanese restaurant that also serves as a hookah bar. They offer hookahs of different flavors. The narrow patio, filled with smoke, is always visited by many people.

There are facilities for people to come in groups and enjoy a great hookah platter, or people may come with their laptops to partake individually and do some of their work. The bar is situated on Venice Boulevard, Palms, Los Angeles. 

The faculties of two types make people love the bar and return every time. Their website is known for promoting their bar through various offers. 

Glass Hookah Lounge

This hookah bar is located in a chic of Hollywood. This is a fancy, upscale hookah bar that offers great variety.

They are fitted with stainless steel hoses, a tiny tripod, and cone-shaped glass hookahs making the environment even more enchanting.

Sitting in this hookah bar makes one feel the exact situation sitting inside a chemistry lab. They market the fact that they make hookah smoking intimidating by providing a high-end hookah experience, a glass hookah lounge, and the right vibes.

Their location in Los Angeles makes it one of the prime locations and provides much promotion.

As a hookah bar owner, your slogan is one of the most important aspects of your business. So make sure to check out the catchy hookah bar slogans and taglines.

Habibi Cafe

This is one of the best hookah bars, with restaurants offering great cuisines like their famous lemon chicken, baba ganoush, and the apple-topped hookah bowl.

The bar has DJ offering great music, mostly Arabic and Bollywood music. Their location is so prime that students frequently visit it as it is close to ULCA, and celebrities are very frequent.

This makes the place very well known. Their flavors make it different from other places.


This is of a different type of hookah bar that pairs hookah with Japanese cuisine making the experience even better.

The bar is very well designed with low-hanging street lights, making it very comfortable and providing a laid-back situation.

They provide sushi rolls along with hookah and stretch a red carpet from the entrance to the back of the bar. 

The bar is known for its flavors and sushi rolls, making the pair great. Their website creates a lot of promotions on the internet and makes people know about their programs and other things.

Boba Bear

Boba and hookah do not come together, but at Boba Bear, a great mix is done to give people a new taste.

This is a place known for keeping entertained till late at night. This place provides a late back feeling which makes the experience more intense.

This place has many flavors and other items along with hookah, making it one of the most favorite places.

They promote their environment, which is very laid back and makes the environment more delightful.

Naab Cafe

This bar is located in Westwood Boulevard, Westwood, Los Angeles, California. This place is not just famous for hookah but also for its menus like beef koobideh, Mediterranean foods, and others.

Their staffs are very friendly and always accompany people to the back. People get into games or gossip while taking on the hookahs. 

They offer many services and facilities like providing the facility to let people play their own games which they can enjoy while having hookah. Their website carries out information of any events which makes their promotion.

Lekker Lounge

This is one of the hookah bars that have come in between the Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo.

Their startling contrast is that they offer a different experience of LED hookah coupled with fiber optic start ceilings.

They offer a VIP chess room for private hookah sessions. The room looks exactly like a chessboard with black-and-white checked wallpaper. 

They promote with special services like VIP chess room, private hookah parlor, etc. Many restaurants nearby bring a lot of people and increase promotion.

Al Layali Restaurant and Cafe

This is a Mediterranean cafe located in West Hollywood. This is one of the most famous places where people hang out in the evening.

Their specialty is providing a relaxed mood with good hookah and a plate of succulent kofta kabab. 

Their location is one of the prime locations for getting promotions. Their uncommon services make them stand out in the market. Their friendly staffs make a lot of effort to make the people know about the bar.

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Divan Restaurant bar

 This Persian hookah bar is located on Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta. The bar was established around 12 years ago and has provided people with a great experience. They also provide great cuisines like duck leg confit, spiced shrimp, and great kababs. 

They are one of the best hookahs and gets a lot of promotion for their service. Their website creates a lot of promotions on the internet and makes people know about their programs and other things.


In this list, some of the best hookah bars have been listed. They try to provide people with some new experience that attracts them to the bars. They also provide great menus with the hookahs and provide a comfortable situation.

Above all smoking hookah is not good for health. The bars are known for their great ambiance and environment.

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