20 Actionable Hookah Bar Marketing Ideas

Are you a new hookah bar owner and looking for ways to promote your business? Or do you feel a lack of new customers at your hookah bar? Or are you simply looking to grow your business?  

How to do promotion of hookah bar business?

  • Make sure to put up an attractive standee and a signboard to get into the eyes of potential customers.
  • Prepare an attractive logo and build a website.
  • Distribute flyers containing shop menus and provide an online menu to target more customers.
  • Make sure to list your business address on Google maps.
  • Make sure to entertain existing customers through games and other fun activities to build a better connection.
  • Pop-up events like specialty food nights, craft nights once in a week is a good way to maintain clients and attract new customers in your areas.

great ideas to promote your hookah bar marketing business ideas to bring in new customers and help you in your business growth.

Open A Website For Your Hookah Bar Business Growth

In this digital era having a website is a must to promote your hookah bar marketing business ideas.

They provide valuable insight into your hookah bar services and information to your existing clientele.

You could use this website for giving updates and deals as well as promoting the USP of your bar. This is especially helpful if you have just launched your hookah bar. Website if made attractive could help you to draw more customers for your business.

Hire an Experienced Employee

Employees can make or break any business. You should make sure that your employees are efficient and friendly too.

They should be familiar with the work required to be done such as how to fill Sisha or add coals and at the same time should be able to take care of food and drinks ordered by a customer.

A friendly employee will bring you more potential customers and repeat customers as they are easy to talk to.

Display  Your Hookah On Your  Store Window

It is very important, especially if you are new in the business to help create awareness about your product.

If you have a business in a central location, you could use a window display of colorful hookah bars to get the attention of your potential customers. Keep changing the displayed items from time to time for effective promotion.

Offer Exclusive Deals

If you want to get more customers offering exclusive deals is the way to do it. You could offer deals such as 20% off on the purchase of two hookahs, or you could offer coupons to repeat customers.

This will set you apart from other hookah owner businesses around the area and help you get new potential clients. You could offer exclusive deals on holidays too to get attention for your hookah bar.

As a hookah bar owner, your slogan is one of the most important aspects of your business. So make sure to check out the catchy hookah bar slogans and taglines.

Have A Theme Party For Your Hookah Bar

Having a theme for your bars like 70’s era or ladies night or standup comedy nights, world cup nights from time to time will help you drive sales for your business.

Make sure the theme you are opting for is in preference to the local crow; otherwise they will not be interested in your bar.

You could organize your theme parties weekly or even monthly and offer discounted rates to bring in new clients.

Offer Variety In Menu

Keeping the menu the same for over a long period will make the customer lose interest in your bar. Offer a new menu or weekly special to get the attention of the customers from time to time. This will also help you to keep up with the market trends too.

Offering a variety in the menu will also keep you ahead of your competitors as well. Add new flavors for your hookah bar or new trending eatable or drinks to get in more potential clients.

Offer Variety Of Activities To Engage Your Clients

When owning a hookah bar, you need to provide other services to keep the customer engaged.

You could have karaoke or games corner or even have a TV area to keep for the customer to have fun.

They would want to relax and have a good time with friends when visiting the hookah bar. Make sure you offer a variety of food and drinks to make the customer happy.

Organize Photo Contest On Social Platforms

You could organize a photo contest on Twitter, Facebook, etc., and ask your existing clients to post a photo of them having hookah or standing in front of your bar to win discount coupons.

This will attract attention and drive sales. These social platforms cater to a large number of people which could turn into a potential client base.

Offer a Relaxing And Cozy Environment

Having a relaxing and cozy environment in your bar will help you drive a sale. You could provide intimate sitting arrangements with circular sitting to accommodate a large group of people.  

Customers often visit hookah bars with friends, so it helps to have a smooth flow of conversation with such sitting arrangements.

Offer games or other distractions to keep your customers engaged and have a good time. Make the place colorful with bright décor, beautiful paintings, or furniture to make the place attractive to the customer.

Word Of Mouth Advertisement

Another effective strategy to help drive more sales is word-of-mouth advertisement. This builds the trust factor as another customer has already tested your product.

You could offer rewards like discounted coupons on the next buy, free eatables, or drinks to the customer for these advertisements.

Build Facebook Groups For Your Bar

Create a Facebook Group for your existing clients where you can talk about new launches, updates, and valuable information. Highlighting your expertise in your field helps you to draw attention to your bar.

It will also help you to engage with your clients and get feedback. You could also give regular updates for theme party new deals through Facebook groups. This will help you to grow your hookah bar marketing sales.

Instagram Marketing

This is a popular social platform where you could post images of new flavored hookahs or catchy hookah slogans to get the attention of potential clients.

You could even talk about the new launch of products on Instagram. These social sites cater to a large number of followers, which could turn into potential clients.

Marketing Through E-mail

E-mail marketing is the most direct way to reach your customer.  Sending bulk mail through MailChimp etc. is relatively easier.

Although this is common nowadays, these marketing ideas are even used by big companies to promote their products. This is a direct way to reach your potential clients

Paid Advertisement For Hookah Bar Marketing Ideas

You could use paid advertising to promote your business. You could give ads in newspaper or food magazines, or use online marketing sites such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads to promote your hookah bar business. These cater to a large number of people and will help you build brand identity.

Distribute Pamphlets

This is another direct way to advertise your hookah bar. Make attractive pamphlets and sell your hookah bar USP.

You could distribute these pamphlets in malls, fairs, events, or nearby colleges to attract new customers.

This will also help your customer to know about the other variety of services provided by your hookah bar.

Offer Subscription Services

You could offer monthly subscription services to your customers. These will help your customer to get an up-close feel of the product range offered by your company.

This will help you build customer loyalty and promote your product too. You could also offer discounts or attractive deals to lure in a new client base for your bar.

Offer Customers Happy Hours To Drive Sales

Offering happy hours in evenings ranging from two or three hours daily could help you boost your sales.

This is a win-win situation for both you and the customer. You could also add themes or new activities to keep it interesting.

Collaborate With  Event Management Companies

This is another way to help you grow your business. You could partner with the event management companies for weddings, birthday parties, or even corporate events.

This will give your immense business exposure and create awareness about your products and services. You could also get more potential clients from people attending these events.

Having music is a huge plus for such kind of business. It helps the customer to relax and enjoy the environment.

You could also have karaoke to please the music lover or to engage your customer in group activities.

But make sure you set the music right and according to the age groups. This will help customers to spend more time in your bar and get more business.

Provide A Selfie Corner

Taking selfies has become very common these days. Providing an attractive place with an exciting background or slogan will help you drive more sales.

Young people are especially drawn to these kinds of things. You could also use these to promote your bars online.

You could also offer other accessories to amp up their selfies too. This will help the place look like a fun and exciting place to chill.

Use these hookah bar marketing strategies to help you grow your business in leaps and bounds.

These ideas can be used not only to promote your business but will help you convert your business into a successful business venture.

Are you opening a “title” business or company but struggling to decide what to name it? So check out the best hookah lounge names.

How to generate sales to hookah bar business?

  • Run an online blog and showcase the expertise of your team members and share some unforgettable memories of loyal customers.
  • Target audience with social media campaigns, set up a social ad and update social media pages regularly with the activities of the bar.
  • Held an online competition and generate a hashtag. The prize can be a free drink or free entry to a night party.
  • Provide extra points to existing customers and give attractive offers to new customers.
  • Distribute pamphlets, brochures, through newspapers and run a radio ad to reach more customers.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to set prices for the Hookah bar business?

You may not be the first person to open a hookah lounge in your area, and its OK-competition is important for all industries and many options.

However, in close proximity to the hookah bar you have to set prices, particularly as your bar is a newcomer.

Hookah lounges usually charge a session before or after it begins and the price of each bowl is dependent on how much hookah it can accommodate. For instance, a big bowl burns longer and gets a higher price.

How get the permits in your order?

The smoking laws vary depending on the state, the county, or the city, just as it can forbid smoking in some kinds of public areas, your homework can refer to any smoking ban legislation.

You will possibly have to obtain a license to sell tobacco wherever your company is located. Check your place, county, and state laws to see if your tobacco license is issued.

When it is in operation, you will display it on your premises and periodically review it. Although traditional hookah contains tobacco, some lounges do not use herbal hookah to skirt local legislation which restricts tobacco sales.

How to start Hookah’s business legally?

Many costs that differ according to labor law, rental rates, or permit regulations may have to be added to the list:

-License and permit compliance costs
-Registration charge for companies
-The payroll company’s accounting software or contract
-Operating expenses, including charges and wages for workers

Save your funding and keep an eye on start-up business grants as well by saving and lending.

Which is the best location for starting a Hookah bar business?

Once you get the requisite permits from the hookah bar and develop a workable business plan for your new company, it is crucial that you choose a location that is accessible and appropriate for your success.

The best spot for your hookah bar depends on the clientele you desire. Hookah bars are typically located in city centers and trendy neighborhoods, where pubs, clubs, and luxury restaurants combine.

This may be the perfect location for your hookah lounge, or your business may be more appropriate for the outskirts of the city, particularly if you want to smoke outdoors.

Hookah bar is one of the Potential opportunities to earn a great income from it. Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on how to start a hookah bar in a perfect way. Read more.

steps to start hookah bar

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