20 Actionable Home Decor Company Marketing Ideas

Want to expand your home decorating business and find marketing ideas about the same? These different ideas and techniques will help your business to expand rapidly in no time. 

How do promotion of home decor business?

  • Create a logo, catchy business slogan, and decorate window displays with various colorful home decor products.
  • Offer a free visit to new customers to win their trust in your services.
  • Be ready to participate in local events to advertise your exciting home decor ideas.
  • Held a decorating competition in your local store to attract people to visit your shop.
  • Enlist your business location in Google and online business directories.

Effective home decor Business marketing ideas can prove to be very beneficial for the business.

Home Decor Company Marketing Ideas:

Unique Tagline:

A home decorating business is a very fun and exciting one. Like, who does not love colors, right?

With this kind of business, a lot of experiments can be done. One of the important USPs of any business is ‘Uniqueness.’ Try and work on a unique tagline.

The taglines speak volumes about the business and the kind of morals it holds. Build a short yet catchy tagline that remains in the minds of people. 

Play with Colors

Since we are talking about home decorating marketing ideas, one must tip to make as many colors as possible through blending and everything. Try and blend and mix as many colors as possible.

The key is to ‘Experiment’ with colors as much as possible. The more variety of colors you will have, the more the customers will be satisfied with this vibrant home decorating marketing idea. 

Be Competitive with the Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important when it comes to home decorating marketing ideas which can help the business to differentiate from other businesses. It is extremely important to do thorough research before setting the base price.

Set a price that does not even affect the business and keeps the business profitable, and at the same time, does not carry a big load on the customer’s pocket. 

Feedback and Reviews

‘Nobody is Perfect.’ There is always a scope for improvement in everything we do. Feedbacks and reviews are very important from the customers. Ensure that whenever a customer visits the store or purchases products online, fill out the feedback service.

Make sure the business keeps track of this feedback and everybody works on such reviews and feedback. 

Signature of Email

This might be a very small aspect of marketing your business, but it does form an essential part. Make sure that every individual working in your business has a proper signature.

The digital signature should include his or her proper name, designation, phone number, and email address. This gives a very professional look and creates an impact. 

Tie up with Home Decor Stores

Generally, people who visit the home décor company are the ones who are planning to revamp their house or are relocating. With all this, they generally do require painting.

These home decor stores can guide their customers about your business store, and in this way, you can get more customers through word of mouth.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of those platforms which makes everything viral. Every individual, not generally, is on Twitter, starting from all the famous personalities, bureaucrats, dancers, and actors to the general public. Select a unique hashtag and start a Twitter trend regularly.

These twitter marketing trends help get a lot of traction and become a nationwide Twitter trend. These kinds of home decorating marketing ideas will lead to better brand visibility.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin is an excellent platform to showcase your business. It forms an important tool for home decorating marketing.

Make sure to have a Linkedin page for the business and connect with the right people. Be very regular with posting different stuff about the business related to the new offers, services, new upgrades, etc.

Be active and build a community with relevant people to enjoy more traction towards the brand, such as home decorating marketing ideas.

Have a look at the LinkedIn Marketing Tips.

Hashtag Marketing

Who could ever imagine that hashtags could become an important aspect of marketing? However, relevant hashtags do play an important role in attracting more views.

Whoever is in charge of social media in the business needs to be given proper training about using relevant hashtags.

Try and use more and more hashtags, but the key is to use relevant ones. The right hashtags will get you a lot of viewership in no time. 

Do you want to start a home decor company but struggle to decide what to name it? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. Do check out the best home decor rental company names.

Be Active on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most used social media platforms. First, follow the relevant people on Instagram, as keeping the target audience in mind is extremely important. The next is to be very regular with posting.

Make a marketing plan exclusively for Instagram and keep posting pictures, videos, and stories regularly to gain more followers. More followers mean more relevant customers.

Give Free Samples

Since the business is of home decorating, this technique is important in the home decorating marketing ideas.

Ideally, customers first always would want to try your services. To give them satisfaction, make sure to give a few free visits so that they can also look at the quality aspect.

This will also help in building a strong customer relationship.

Take Part in Local Events

Events keep happening throughout the year. Hence, taking part in local events to add to be a very fun marketing technique. Keep a note of some events which are happening around the city and brainstorm some exciting ideas.

Take part in those events, and plan some activities to catch maximum people’s attention. This will help in increasing brand awareness.

Google SEO

Google is by far the best website and the favorite website of everyone. It has made the lives of everyone very convenient.

Just a click, and we get to know about any and everything. In the digital world, Google SEO plays a crucial role. It is always advised to invest a little in Google SEO.

Customers generally have more faith in those websites which are also in the top searches of Google. Hence, build a plan solely for Google SEO marketing. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is currently the number one social media platform for business-related stuff. Facebook has several groups related to various businesses such as tuition, clothes, shoes, flats, paints, etc.

Make sure that someone from the business joins these groups and keeps track of it regularly.

Customers post a lot of queries on these groups. The key to converting clients from Facebook is to be ‘Pro-Active.’

Display of Awards

In the lifetime of every business, after a certain point of time, there does come a phase where the business wins a few awards or performs exceptionally well. Hence, what is the point of hiding these success stories from the outside world?

Try and market these things properly. If the business has won awards, do put that up on the store’s wall and publish these success stories all over the internet. 

E-mail Marketing

Though a tried and tested form of Home decorating marketing idea, it does impact the business.

Maintaining a strong database and sending regular mailers to potential customers is important.

Remember to make the mailers very vibrant and full of pictures and less content. Regular emails are one of the best ways to keep in touch with customers. This helps in interacting with them regularly.

Have a look at the Beginners Guide for Successful Email Marketing.

Online Reviews

Make sure to have your business page on every social media handle. Try and have a strong online review base. Whenever a customer wants to buy a product or service, he or she will always look for the business’s online reviews.

Always push the customers to give genuine online reviews about the business. The better the reviews, the more the customer turns up. 

Don’t forget to look at the 22 Business Review Websites that Help Your Small Business.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is one of-of the websites which allows putting some great photos. The home decorating business is such that it can have a huge portfolio with some very exciting pictures.

Take advantage of this and make sure to upload these pictures there for better brand visibility. 

Website Marketing

Website is one of the first few ways to attract potential customers. This is one of the first communication ones has with its customers. Hence, make the first impression count. Make a very unique and exciting website.

At the same time, the website is very detailed, involving topics such as the business, products offered, services offered, success stories, etc. 

Discounts and Offers

A very traditional and not-so-unique marketing source is to offer the customers regular discounts and offers. Customers always wait for such offers and discounts to float.

During the offer season, the business can gain a lot of traction and get many customers to buy various products. Hence, it is important to keep running such offers regularly.

Now that you have a bunch of 20 innovative home decorating marketing ideas make sure not to forget to apply them in the business for seedy growth.

Looking for more? So do check out the good home decor blog names.

How to generate sales for a home decor business?

  • Ask your loyal customers to write feedback and reviews online about the services.
  • Be active on social media with the help of videos, images, and other event success stories.
  • Upload your home decor business portfolio on the Pinterest account.
  • Offer festive and seasonal discounts to clients.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

From where can I get advice on starting a Home Décor business?

Meet people who had already gone through all this and are willing to share what they learned when they started.

Do proper research! Blogs, small business websites with tips, and free advice must be number 1 on your list. Connect with as many experts as possible.   You can also check your local library books on small start-ups.

Do I really need a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, blog, etc., to start a Home décor business?

The answer is a big YES! Social networking is like air everywhere and is becoming more and more popular.

It is an excellent way to connect with your clients and potential customers and a great resource when looking for advice or information from your skilled colleagues. 

Is it important to focus on Presentation to run the Home Décor business smoothly?

Yes, of course. Presentation is everything whenever you run a home decor business.   You must give the illusion of luxury to sell decor at a competitive price.

A cobalt blue vase on a sidebar of Eames looks much better than the same vase on a shelf with other hodgepodges. Offer as much room as possible to your home decoration and frame it not with multiple pieces.

This helps your client think about how the element will lend a similar plume to your building. The same applies when you sell home decorations online. You must take photographs of your home decoration items in professional quality.

How to give a perfect and attractive name for your Home Decor business?

See to it that the name says everything about your business. It should explain what your business is all about.

Do you use your own name to help your brand and let your clients know you? Or do you use a name that you yourself have created?

It is highly recommended that you use a “made-up” brand name to mark your name. The choice not to mark essentially allows someone else who wants to mark it first to be entitled to your name.

Decorating a home is a great way to connect with your hobby-related business. People spend a good amount of money to decor their homes.

Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas to decor your home.

fresh home decor ideas

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