18+ Actionable Hobby Store Marketing Ideas

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for thinking of such a noble idea for a business. Hobbies are a great way to distract yourself from the unavoidable stress that is now a part of our everyday life.

How to promote your hobby store?

  • Design a fantastic logo and professional website that should represent your business.
  • Conduct regular events or meeting at your premises to build new connections.
  • Put some effort into setting up signs to attract visitors.
  • Make sure to be a partner with community vendors.

People do use social media to mitigate themselves from it, but getting out of the house to work on your hobby is still irreplaceable.

So in order to promote and inform about your noble business idea to such people needs some marketing strategies.

marketing ideas for Hobby stores That you should follow-


Let me break to you firsthand that the term Niche does not exist. But it is created by business owners to identify the needs and wants of the customers.

Firms which does not use the method of creating a niche suffer in addressing the demands of delivering goods and services in order to satisfy the customers.

So it has become extremely imperative to create a niche for your business which is the first step before venturing into something.

Some of the popular niches in the domain of hobby stores are modeling, which includes model crafts and airplanes of that sort, and collectibles, such as dolls, coins, and stamps. The two most profitable sellable items are gaming and computers.

-Customer Identification

Mainly there is a set of customers that will provide the business with the initial boost, irrespective of the genre of business.

Similarly, there is an array of customers for your business as well that are lined up to become your purchasers.

The only thing you need to is to identify them, like who they are, what age group do they belong to, there is any gender-biased situation related to it. There are many ways to identify your ideal customers, like internet surveys and online methods.

One such way can be used with the help of Google Analytics. This is the technique that will provide you with instant results based on the web statistics dispensed by them.

-Brand Identity

Brand Identity mainly depends on what are the special things that you are willing to do in order to establish your brand amongst the customers. The old methods of maintaining an everlasting presence in the minds of customers still work wonders for the business. Some of them are as follows-

  • Consistency: Implementing the same logos, the same fonts, and behavioral marketing shall set you apart from the other competing brands in your domain.
  • Voicemail: The audio message that the people would listen to when you are not able to answer your phone is another opportunity for the brand establishment.
  • E-mail Signature: All of the e-mails that you send should contain a piece of marketing information in your brand’s signature.


Executing your business ideas with proper planning is a step that is very pivotal for the business to grow. Once the cost is all figured out, the preparation of your business plan is the next step ahead.

Business plans such as what kind of hobbies you’ll provide, the product range, and the lists of suppliers and prices fall into the line of essential marketing planning.

In the realm of any business, the location of the store is going to be playing a very important role in attracting the ideal customers.

Making a contingency plan will be proven effective in case some of the planning does not go accordingly. Organizing a business plan can be defined as the basic root of marketing your products.

-Arts and Crafts Seminars

With the help of the internet, look for schools and colleges that endorse these types of classes. Contact the administrator and arrange a seminar to host. This is the marketing strategy that directly introduces you to your target audience.

Further on, it will entirely depend on your public speaking skills, which should be influential enough to make the candidates interested. In the end, distribute some flyers and pamphlets containing all the necessary information amongst the audience, informing them about your store.

-Store Navigation

The Internet has become the go-to friend for web surfers looking for information relating to nearby stores. Apps like Google Maps have provided the facilities to locate any kind of stores that the web goers are looking for.

So it is absolutely vital to let the app know that you own a hobby store at a particular location. Through the help of Google My Business, you can claim your business listings and insert your store location in the business directories option.

By doing that, people would be able to navigate through the map to find your store in the easiest way.

-YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd most searched engine behind Google. The reason is, people have become more receptive to the audio and video demonstrations that are available.

So promoting your hobby store with the use of YouTube is not the most ambitious. You can easily create a channel for your business by doing a simple search on Google.

Your video content should contain some demonstration of building some model-based objects which are easily available in your store.

Using the right keywords, thumbnails, and clear and descriptive details, the marketing of your product has the potential to reach millions.


Once the popularity of your store and products has touched its peak, a website is the best way to manage the bulk of orders you are receiving. Make the website more user-friendly and easy to navigate so that the customers don’t face many difficulties while ordering.

Internet presence is a great way to market the store in this age of digital advancements. You can also ask the hired web designer to include a landing page on the store website for the collection of e-mail i.ds from the site visitors.

You can also include a landing page on the official website to collect the e-mail i.ds from potential customers.

-Store Ambience

Your store may offer some of the best bargains on the products, but it is all worthless if there aren’t many people visiting the store.

Ambiance plays a huge role in bringing in the customer traffic that the store desperately requires. You can easily make a change in the social atmosphere by doing the following-

  • In terms of the music being played
  • The visual appeal and the lighting
  • Most importantly, behavior with the customers.

-Payment Options

For a store that wants to show that it cares a great deal for its customers, including a flexible payment option is the way to go.

Not only has it saved an ample amount of valuable time for customers, but introducing such systems doesn’t make productivity suffers by keeping using the old traditional payment methods.

-E-mail Newsletters

The e-mail list will be building itself from the site visitors and physical store walk-ins. Now it’s time to send out newsletters once a week.

The newsletters shall provide existing and potential customers with all the updates about the products and the discounts that are offered from time to time. You should always try to maintain an e-mail presence in their inbox.

-Social Media Business Profiles

Everybody knows that social media has made an impact in all of our lives. It makes us connect to loads of people from all around the world.

Hence, this feature of it alone makes it an instinctive choice for marketing your business. You can also put up an ad that advertises your store on any of the social media profiles that are out there.

According to the scheme which you will opt for, the ads will linger around the sites for a particular number of days.

How to drive sales to your hobby store business?

  • Send personalized messages to existing clients for important announcements.
  • Keep your clients busy with your social media posts regularly
  • Invent money in newspapers, magazines, flyers, posters, and banners to promote your offers.
  • Do not hesitate to give discount coupons, group offers, and other promotional deals to hike sale volume.
  • Link with your existing clients through E-mail marketing.

What kind of events and meetings can one hold in the hobby shop?

It’s not just a retail shop that the best hobby stores look. We feel like a place – where like-minded people can come together, chat about their interests and become friends. Your aim is to support this kind of community as a hobby shop owner.

Therefore, sponsoring or holding special events related to your store should be considered! In a nearby park, for example, you can sponsor an RC drone race or arrange a workshop where clients learn how to start creating personalized drones.

You may find daily board games and events – for games such as Magic: The Gathering – when you sell board games and other gaming accessories.

You can even rent a room to Dungeons & Dragons groups in your store – there are never-ending options. Don’t you know what kind of things you want to have? In order to locate hobbyist organizations and contact leaders, consider using Craigslist or another local website. You should ask the local group what kinds of events they want to take part in and use this knowledge to create partnerships.

How to attract rural customers to a hobby shop?

Hobby shops can draw buyers around the globe – and many clients from rural areas also come from. In a survey of consumers in hobby shops, rural people collect die-cast cars more than possible.

Rural customers will have to travel pretty far to your store most of the time – make sure it’s worth it. Provide new customers with first-time discounts and develop a loyalty program. Loyalty services are an ideal means of attracting rural customers.

They can make a long drive worthwhile by giving them exclusive offers, exclusive deals, and bonuses – and ensuring you are kept in your store rather than shopping online.

How to create a business plan for your Hobby store?

Prepare your business plan once you have expense estimates. When you apply for funding, you need it to justify your business proposal and potential to bankers. Once you purchase an item, the vendors would like to see how they can extend the loan to you.

It is also useful to show your accountant, lawyer, and potential landlord. It can also form the basis of the design and content of your website. Define thoroughly the interests that you are going to serve, the product selection, price lists, and providers. Trends in project hobbies will also help your business.

If you want to live a happy life, then you should choose one hobby. There are many things that come under the hobby segment.

Reading comics is also an interesting activity for the child. Here is the infographic that gives you more idea about stats and trends in the comic Book business.

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