Hennessy: 15 Top Competitors and alternatives

Together with constructing 85% of the supply of cognac and 60% of the U.S. market, Hennessy is one of the most demanded brands in the U.S. bars. Its formation and collection go way back to the 16th century, during Louis XV.

\ Hennessy sold more than 16 products of cognac in the market. It reported an annual sale of more than 64 billion Euros in 2021 and a net profit of more than 16 million Euros in 2021. 

Competitors of Hennessy

Remy Martin 

It is the leading firm producing fine cognac champagne and accounts for more than 25% of the cognac’s market share; Remy Martin is everyone’s favorite.

The founder of Remy Martin created a specific trading house for cognac and later passed it on to the next generations. The company’s 90% revenue comes from Fine Champagne and reported consolidated revenue of more than 1 Billion Euros.                    


The brand is the smallest among the other four which produce cognac. The firm’s parent company is based in Japan, and its crafting process has not changed for more than 180 years.

It reported consolidated revenue of more than 3 Billion Euros, and it sells more than 17 varieties of cognac. Suntory Holding is the parent company of Courvoisier. 


A French Multinational Pernod Ricard subsidiary, Martell is the oldest and most consumed cognac. Its premium products are majorly exported to South America and the Asia Pacific, and 45% of its revenue comes from exports.

It produces more than 13 billion cognacs a year, selling fewer products than the other brands. It deals with only nine premium cognacs. It has reported annual revenue of more than 2 Billion U.S. Dollars and an operating profit of 900 million in 2020.


A direct subsidiary of the French Company EDV SAS, Thomas Hine, and Co is one of the leading manufacturers of Cognac.

The company reached new heights when the founder got arrested during the french revolution and then acquired the Hine Company from his father-in-law.

It reported consolidated revenue of more than $11 million in sales and an operating profit of more than $4 million U.S. Dollars. It sells more than five premium brands of cognac. 


In 1850 2 brothers from another country visited France to unleash and search for the famous cognac. In 1862 Meukow was formed. The “Félin” bottle is the brand’s most recognized and renowned cognac.

It symbolizes the spirit of the animal and its strength while consuming it. It reported a revenue of more than 35 million euros in 2020.

Meukow is so highly demanded in western and Asia Pacific countries that it is exported to more than 40 countries in the Asia continent. 

Pierre Ferrand

Planted on the terroir in the heart of Champagne, Pierre Ferrand was established in the year 1989. Its blending process goes back ten centuries.

It is distributed in more than 85 countries globally and has a customer base of more than 1 million consumers.

It produces more than 15 types of cognac under its label, consumed majorly by France, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. It has reported annual revenue of more than $ 6 million U.S. Dollars. 


Matured for years in the oak barrel, Kelt is known for its resemblance to the sea. Kelt Cognac was established in 1991. It produces more than 10 cognacs such as Vosges, Allier, Limousin etc.

Unlike the other brands, its oxidation rate is between 1 and 3%, which keeps it between 1 and 2.5%. It has reported a revenue of more than $ 5 Million US Dollars.


Handled by the six generations of the Camus family, Camus brands are the top and most famous cognac brand in Europe.

It produces more than ten premium cognac; the most ordered ones are Cognac Campus VSOP and Cognac Campus Dark and Stormy. It has reported consolidated revenue of more than 125 million Euros.

It sells 4 million bottles per year, and it is sold in more than 250 airports. Its significant chunk comes from exports. Camus is an internationally recognized brand and accounts for the highest cognac sale at airports.


One of the oldest brewing families in France has been operating since the late 14th century. Its 20 generations were handling the business, expanding it to various countries, and growing it into 30 folds.

They produce more than 16 types of cognac which are far more than the other players in the market.

Frapin was then taken over by two Sikh Brothers, Sukhinder and Rajbir Singh, took it digitally during globalization. It has reported a net profit of more than & Million Euros. 

A.E. Dor

It was established in the mid-19th century by Amédée-Edouard DOR. It is located in Jarnac and produces more than ten brands of cognac.

The cognac is stored for more than 80 years in the oak barrel and then transferred to a secret flask known as Paradise. It is then sold in the market and is known for its outstanding quality.

It has reported consolidated revenue of more than 15 Million Euros and a net profit of around 3 Million Euros. 


In 1863 Anthony Hardy decided to leave his home to find the true spirit of cognac and met Malson Hardy to create one of the most recognized Cognac brands- “Hardy.” The brand was awarded a gold medal in 1891 as an alliance between France and Russia.

It produces more than 25 varieties of cognac and is a market leader in Latin America. It reported a revenue of more than 8 Billion Euros.

Its profit from sales was more than 1.5 Billion Euros, a large chunk coming from exports. 

Francois Voyer

It produces more than eight brands of cognac. The secret brewing technique has been passed on for five generations in the voyeur family.

Some of its best-selling products are Napoleon, VSOP, X.O., etc. Voyer family has received numerous professional awards for the famous brand and its presence in France. The current net worth of Francois Voyer is around 2 Billion Euros. 

Hennessy Competitors

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