19+ Actionable Hemp Jewelry Business Marketing ideas

Well, the good news is that many people think that hemp jewelry is cool enough to sustain in the market. So we know that the idea of starting your own hemp jewelry business won’t completely blunder out.

How to promote your hemp jewelry business?

  • Sell items through your website and other e-commerce shopping websites.
  • Tie up without other business partners and get sponsorship.
  • Distribute professional business cards to make a connection with partners or clients.
  • Host a jewelry event on the premises or participation in exhibitions to build connections.

But to flourish in this section of the jewelry business, some proper marketing strategies must be implemented. So the most recommended marketing ideas for the hemp jewelry business are to reach that group of people.

Here are some best marketing ideas for the hemp jewelry business that will help you to get more Customers and Increase awareness.

marketing ideas for the hemp jewelry business


Having a Niche for your business helps you concentrate your marketing effort on a small yet specific segment of the general population. Niches are generally used by business owners to fulfill the numerous demand and requirements set by your targeted customers.

In the domain of the jewelry business, there is also a unique kind of jewelry known as Hemp. Hemp pieces of jewelry are made from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. Some of the popular niches in the world of hemp jewelry are Necklaces, Anklets, Bracelets, Rings, Watches, and Brooches. The most popular among them is the necklace.

-Target Audience

Knowing your ideal purchasers is the first and foremost step for establishing your target audience. Eventually, your target audience will bring in profits at the initial stage of your business.

So by conducting surveys and researching through the internet, you can access all the vital information you will need to reach your target audience. There is also an internet-based technique that is used by an innumerable number of business owners called Google Analytics.

Through the use of it, the analytics will provide you with web statistics which is really helpful in knowing your ideal and targeted consumers.

-Start Selling

If the products at your disposal are already prepared and look amazing, there’s no point in waiting for other things to develop before selling them.

You can keep preparing for other marketing strategies for your business and start selling your products as well. Go to any other relevant website where people are already buying jewelry from, and sell your products there.

You should start with already-established websites where lots of consumer traffic are present. Sites just as Amazon Handmade and Etsy are great sources for handcrafted objects to attract the right kind of potential customers.  

-Markets and Festivals

Look for regional markets and festivals to showcase your products to people who are interested in craft-based items.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to present your creations to the right audience.

Business owners who are into craft-based items take these opportunities to exhibit their products so that the business gets a much need exposure. Another great thing about this window of opportunity is that it is one of the most cost-friendly marketing strategies one can implement.

-Focused Marketing

There are tons of life events that occur in a period of 365 days. So focusing your marketing strategies aligning with some of the major life events is a thoughtful yet profitable idea. Through the use of editorial calendars, start marking the dates.

Marketing events such as summer vacation, back-to-school gifts, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other personal and public events is a sure-shot way to increase the proportion of customers. Focused marketing will also help you in establishing your business in other age groups of people as well.

-Like-Minded Amalgamation

Whenever someone has a business idea that they want to set their future on, the influence and inspiration he received drives that person. So, take a pen and paper and start listing the individuals who are in their realm of creating their own business.

Individuals such as successful business owners, creative people, and bloggers who are great at what they do shall guide your business to a greater feat.

Hence, collaborating with such like-minded individuals will help you plan your marketing strategies in a creative yet fun way. Once the amalgamation results in something beautiful for your business, try to do the same for them.

-Creating a Brand

In the domain of the jewelry business, the brand is what determines profit and sales. However, if you are starting with a small investment, there is no such issue with that.

There are loads of businesses out there that have established their brand, starting with small investments. You can partner up with numerous jewelry shops around the world and allocate your business a section in their stores.

A few years later, when the business increases in its profitable outcome, then you can create a brand for yourself by testing out some concept stores. In this way, you have full control over your brand and the way it is portrayed to the customers.

-Business Website

When the revenues and demands are coming in bulk from the relevant websites that you used to sell your products, it is high time to start your very own business website. Beautiful designs of jewelry need a beautifully designed website as well.

You can easily create your website with the help of a web development platform known as Wix. Wix offers drag-and-drop website builders and several appealing-looking templates that are both compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

You can also include a landing page on the official website to collect the e-mail i.ds from potential customers.


Blogging is a great way to spread your knowledge on how to make hemp jewelry. People from all around the world have taken an interest in making their own jewelry. So this is a great way to engage such people and also inform them about your business so that the website gets loads of visitors.

-E-mail Nurturing

People who are showing some interest in your products by coming into your physical store are the ones you have to nurture the most. Try to collect the email addresses of those potential customers.

Once the e-mail list is created, it is time to nurture them with weekly newsletters and links to the blogs which are available on the website as well. Showing attention to such potential customers will help the business in converting them into regular customers.

-Social Media and Giveaways

Yes, social media is a great way to establish your business presence in the online social world, but a lot more can be done with its help of it.

For example, start a contest on various topics, such as guessing the prize and winning a piece of free hemp jewelry. You can also conduct a hemp jewelry-making competition, and the chosen winner will get a free gift voucher.

In the world of Instagram, you can use hashtags to increase followers, hence letting more and more people know about your business.

How to drive sales to your hemp jewelry business?

  • Promote business through E-mail marketing and SMS marketing.
  • Make sure to maintain the store happening through social media pages.
  • Offer items to influencers and ask them to promote them through hashtags in their Instagram account.
  • Ask clients to write reviews and post pictures on their social media profiles.
  • Do not forget to give seasonal, festive, and promotional discount offers to increase sales.
  • Be active in promoting products through video marketing tools.

FAQs about Hemp Jewellery Business to Get More Detail about it

From where can I find Hemp products for my Hemp business?

Hemp products would definitely come from one of these three countries, China, Romania, and Hungary are the main hemp producers in the world.

Are Hemp products safe for babies, pets, and children?

Ecofriendly, free chemical dye products tested safe for babies and animals are all the hemp twines and ropes (including glow in the dark), bamboo, or organic cotton products. The color is quick, so the skin is not rubbed off.

Waxed cotton ropes, nylon, leather, and other materials manufactured by men can still be covered with wax and are not designed for girls. Only inquire if you have any questions about what your idea can do best.

How does the Hemp jewelry store make money?

By producing and selling hemp jewelry, a jewelry company makes profits. Customers generally pay a fixed price on the part based on metal costs, gemstones, manufacturing, and markings for the jeweler.

How can you make your Hemp jewelry business profitable?

Growing your company is the path to more joystick capital. The product markets decide prices for metals, while the dealers decide prices for gemstones. Joyshop owners must therefore concentrate on the expansion of business.

There are some ideas:

-Online sales via popular online markets (such as Etsy, eBay, etc.)
-Sales through local markets, farmer markets, mall kiosks, and pop-up shops, etc.

A company website allows consumers to learn more about your company and your goods or services. Online networking may also be used to draw new customers.

There are enormous ways that help you to get more sales from the Jewelry business. If you are adopting technology for your business, then you can have more engagement and different ways to get awareness for your business. Read below.

ideas to grow jewelry business

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