7+ Best Kraft Heinz Competitors To Watch Out!

Kraft Heinz isn’t a new name in any American’s life. Being the third largest food company, Kraft Heinz is a common friend in North America. Furthermore, the company is the 5th largest worldwide in this industry, making it beyond reliable. The company was formed when Kraft Foods and Heinz merged to form one organization.

Year Founded: 1869
Headquarters: Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

The Heinz company has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. It was the year 1869 when Henry J. Heinz founded the company. Currently, Heinz manufactures unbelievable types of packed foods, and that too in over six continents. The business even markets its products in over 200 companies at present. 

Along with customer loyalty, the company keeps bagging the first position of number one manufacturing company worldwide. One of their products, the Heinz ketchup, turns out to be the first in rank in the United States market.

List Of Top Heinz Competitors

Even though Heinz is the best in business, many other companies should be tried out. After all, one must not be stopped when it comes to trying out other companies that provide better, if not the same, options. Here is a list of Heinz competitors that one can use.

Mondelez International

Year Founded: 1983
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mondelez International is one of the biggest competitors of Heinz in the American market. Alongside Heinz, this company also operates in over 160+ countries. The principal origin of the company was via Kraft Food itself, but later in the year 2012, the holders of the company renamed it to its present name. 

The company gained massive respect from investors when it showed up in the 108th rank in Fortune 500 in 2021.

This company has its hands on the best shelf for chocolates, cookies, and beverages in general. From kids’ morning cereals to every parent’s favorite chiclets, this company has it all in its store for you.


Year Founded: 1866
Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland

Who doesn’t love all the varieties of chocolates that Nestle has blessed our lives with? After running as an individual company for a while, in the year 1905, it merged with two companies.

The first of its massive growth was in and around the First World War, and to everyone’s surprise, it made an even bigger jump in the Second World War.

Over its course of production, the company has managed to acquire a load of many other businesses and its competitors. Regarding the variety of products sold, Nestle offers an extensive range.

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Year Founded: 1919
Headquarters: Paris, France

Another multinational company making its presence known via its incredible choice of foods, Danone has mastered its market in over 120 countries.

Ground coffee or coffee beans, baby products or dairy products, you name them. Before moving its headquarters to Paris, Danone was solely based in Barcelona, Spain.

Not only international brands, but Danone also controls various local franchises. The joint venture is also a factor in Danone’s list. In the year 2020 alone, Danone reportedly earned revenue of €26 billion. Talking about its Human Resources, the company has over a hundred thousand working for it, as per reports.

Kerry Foods

Year Founded: 1972
Headquarters: Rochester, New York, United States

With their busy lifestyle and chaos, who doesn’t like ready-to-eat meals? Add a little water, pop it in the oven, and boom, 2 minutes later, you have an amazing bowl of food, as fresh and great as a homecooked meal. One of the biggest competitors of Kraft Heinz is Kerry foods. 

Kerry foods is a public forum business. This company has its operations based in Ireland. The company laid its steps in the food production business in the year 1972. Just like its competitors, Kerry too has tapped the majority of the worldwide markets and currently stands with over 140. 


Year Founded: 1929
Headquarters: London, England

This United Kingdom-based company deals with consumer goods. Having its origin in England, the company is currently present in over 200 countries. Ice creams are one of its most sold products, and it has its role in over 500 brands in different markets.

Not only ice creams, but Unilever is the most prestigious producer of soap and detergents in the world. The company was founded by merging two big companies, namely The British Soap-makers and the Lever Brothers. It was the year 1930 when the company acquired the UAC.

Pepsi Co

Year Founded: 1898
Headquarters: Purchase, Harrison, New York, United States

Best known for its beverages, Pepsi Co has ruled the market for ages and has officially earned the title of the “drinks king.” Even though the company manufactures a bunch of products, most of its profit is because of its primary products, making it one of the biggest competitors of Heinz. 

With a total of over three hundred thousand employees, the company earns a whopping 72 billion annually, with its income growing by miles each year. Pepsi Co as a company was formed in the year 1965 after the merger of two successful companies – Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay.

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Year Founded: 1906
Headquarters: Battle Creek, Michigan, United States

Kellogg’s company is an American multinational food business that mostly deals with morning cereals. Everyone’s favorite Corn Flakes, Eggos, and Frosted Flakes are Kellogg’s products. Having reach in over 180 countries worldwide, Heinz competes with Kellogg’s markets throughout.

During its initial days, the company only dealt with a few products, but with time, its business grew more than it anticipated, making it one of the top names in its industry.

Its annual revenue as of 2018 was over $20 billion. Today just the name Kellogg’s is more than enough to identify the company that gives away its success. 

Kraft Heinz Competitors

Faqs for Heinz Competitors

When Ordering Heinz’s Products, Is There A Sales Tax?

Yes, sales tax is collected on certain orders. The tax rates can be changed at any point in time, and the sales tax is thus added concerning the delivery location in the required states. 

What Are The Payment Methods That The Company Uses?

The company uses mostly all payment methods, from PayPal to Visa and even MasterCard. Hence, there is versatility in the payment options made available to its customers.

How Can One Cancel Their Orders If They’ve Placed Theirs Online?

The process of canceling orders is pretty simple. One can do so on the website itself. But one thing to be noted is that once a product is dispatched, there’s no means to cancel it. One can always return the products, though. 

Why Can I Not See The Product That I Want On The Website?

One of the main reasons a particular product is not displayed on the website is its distribution is minimal in that particular state in the US.

How Can One Contact Heinz’s Investor Relations?

One can contact investor relations through the company’s Investor Customer Care page.

Does Heinz Use Ay Artificial Flavoring And Coloring In Its Products?

The company declines any speculations of using any artificial coloring and flavoring.

Do The Rumours Of Heinz Products have Too Much Salt Right?

With the claims making rounds of Heinz products using more salt than necessary, the company incorporated and released a series of products with less salt and sugar. These very products have no artificial sweetness.

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