10+ Top Heineken Competitors and Alternatives

Introduced in 1873, this brand from the Netherlands has acquired the beer industry by large, with its rigorous sponsoring of the Rugby World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and many more such events.

The symbolic green bottle with a red star of this Dutch company of Heineken N. V. has also won many awards, including the International Maritime Exposition in Paris, which led it to become the most extensive beer exporter to France in 1875. It has sold in about 170 countries worldwide. 

List of Heineken Competitors


With its iconic ‘King of Bears’ slogan, Budweiser had to be on this list. Based in the United States, this is manufactured by the Anheuser-Busch company and has been running since it was first introduced in Missouri in 1876.

The brand was founded by Carl Conrad & Co., And this company has now topped almost every other beer in the U.S. as China’s fourth-leading beer, making it a globally renowned and preferred brand. 

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This Mexican brand is just as quick-spreading as the virus itself, with its growing popularity over the years in the U. S. beer market. A.B. InBev owns it, and the Mexican company Cerveceria Modelo produces it.

It had the title of being the top-selling imported beer in the States. One of its experiments, Corona Extra, has recently gained tremendous popularity in the U.S. Furthermore, it has been promoting its brand via boxing matches in Mexico. 

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First introduced in 1888 by Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, this Brazilian beer company has been preferred over all else in Brazil with its premium flavor and refreshing aroma.

In 1914, the company decided to spread across countries and has only seen success and a few controversies. However, in 1934 it officially gained recognition as the best-selling beer brand in Brazil. 


Parented by Anheuser-Busch, Harbin Brewery is one of China’s oldest breweries. It was founded nearly 120 years ago in Harbin, China.

And as of now, it has ever since become the fourth largest brewery in the country and owns another beer brand, namely Hapi Beer.

Although not getting much exposure in the Western markets, this Chinese giant has gained popularity amongst Korean and other Asian drinking classes. 


Headquartered in the Shunyi District of Being, China, this state-owned beer company was established in the year of 1980 and has ever since only been seen as an elite product because of its usage as the official beer in the Great Hall of the People (state building for legislative activities) since 1995.

The enterprise has various brands operating under it, like Huiquan, Xuele, Liquan, etc. Being a 40000-employee company, it manufactures mineral water, yeast, and plastic boxes. 


This international beer brand has some exciting roots with the Allied Breweries of the U.K., Canadian Labatt, Unibra from Belgium, and the Swedish Pripps-Bryggerierna, making their production official in Spain with an agreement with Cervezas de Santander brewery of Spain.

It is considered the highest quality beer with a refreshing and contented flavor to its name. It’s one of the five top-selling beers globally and uses only the finest ingredients. 


Leading China’s beer market with a second position, Tsingtao owns 15% of the country’s domestic market share. It was founded in August of 1903 by Kiautschou Bay Leased Territory, which were inherently German settlers in inland China.

However, it is parented by Tsingtao Brewery Group Company Ltd, operating from Qingdao in China. It also has subsidiaries such as Tsingtao Brewery (Rizhao) Co. Ltd, Guangdong Vigor Beer Co. Ltd., etc. 

Bud Light

Another of Budweiser’s variations, Budweiser Light, or Bud Light as it is fondly known, is a light beer introduced in late 1982, and in two years, it gained its name value.

We can consider Bud light as the biggest Heineken Competitors As it’s the first choice for people among other beer brands.

There are other flagships under the name, such as the Bud Light Platinum, Bud Light Seltzer, Bud Light Lime, and Bud Light Apple. 


As known in simplified Chinese, Snow or Snowflake beer was produced by SABMiller and China Resources Enterprises after CR Snow ceased operations in 2016.

With its massive scale of production and consumption, various companies, including Anheuser-Busch InBev and Heineken, had signed agreements taking part in the profits.

By 2014, this was the most extensive beer company in China, with over 90 brewing stations spread over the nation. It is still the biggest globally, with China being its primary consumer. 


The well-known Danish MNC, Carlsberg, owns this brewery; this brewery produces over 300 different beer brands. It was initially founded in 1664 and will be completing 358 years of its running in 2022.

Geronimus Hatt formed it in the place known today as Strasbourg in France, also its present-day headquarters. It is France’s most preferred and top-selling premium brand of lager. 


Holding the title of one of the most liked and preferred alcoholic beverage brands globally, this Irish beer brand was founded in the year 1759 in place of Dublin in, Ireland. It has breweries in about 50 countries and sells in 120 and more.

Diageo manufactures it, and its unique infused nitrogen and carbon dioxide gives it its signature taste. It is a genius technique to acquire a tag of ‘something different in the market to make it sell. 

Pilsner Urquell

Brewed in the Czech Republic, this lager beer was the first pale lager to be drunk. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery manufactures it. This cold-fermented beer brand started in 1842, twisting brewing in those times.

Although its name comes from German origins, the Czech Republic gets the credit for its brand that acted as the foundation stone for more to come of its type in almost all of Europe. 


The last on this list is a Spanish brewing brand based in Barcelona. Running since 1876, this is one of the oldest in Spain and is currently manufactured by S. A. Damm. Following the earlier product, it produces beverages of the Pilsner Lager type. 

Heineken Competitors

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