Top 10 Handbrake Alternatives: #2 Will Surprise You

Video files may be converted from one format to another using the free & open HandBrake software program. 🀨

The operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux all support it.

With the aid of HandBrake, video files in several formats may be converted into ones suitable for tablets, smartphones, and game consoles, among other devices.



Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Not disclosed.
CEO: Ahmed Romeh

Pros And Cons Of Handbrake

The software HandBrake is open-source and free.Batch processing is not ideal for it.
It works with a variety of gadgets.Not all kinds of video files can be produced in a high-quality manner.
HandBrake provides an easy-to-use user interface.The UI could be complicated for certain people to utilize.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • Handbrake may enter various video formats.
  • Modify the video encoding parameters in Handbrake to get the video quality or file size you want.
  • Handbrake can use some codecs to encrypt audio.
  • Multiple files can be processed at once by Handbrake.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

It can be available as an open piece of software.

top 10 Handbrake Alternatives

  • FFmpeg
  • DivX Converter
  • Xilisoft Video Converter
  • Wondershare Video Converter
  • Avidemux
  • Super
  • MediaCoder
  • Vidcoder
  • Format Factory
  • Winff

Top Handbrake Alternatives to Convert Video to Any Format:



Year Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Not disclosed.
CEO: Not disclosed.

A collection of tools for modifying video/audio files are part of the free and open-source FFmpeg software project. πŸ₯Ί

It contains the FFmpeg media encoder, a command-line program for converting audio and video data between different file formats.

It can also be used to convert audio and video files between different formats.

FFmpeg and Handbrake differ in that Handbrake does have a graphical user interface, whereas FFmpeg is a command-line utility (GUI).

This implies that Handbrake has a much more user-friendly interface that allows users to conduct activities using buttons and menus. 😊

In contrast, FFmpeg must be launched from the command line or terminal.

Pros And Cons Of FFmpeg

A free, open-source program.For people who are not accustomed to using command-line tools.
A wide variety of codecs and file types are supported.Can use a lot of resources.
Many systems support this.Some more recent or proprietary codecs and file types might not be supported.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • Various access file types are available.
  • Special effects may be made.
  • Video and audio files may be converted between different formats.
  • A command-line utility.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

Accessible to users without charge.

DivX Converter

DivX Converter

Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA 
CEO: Kevin Hell

DivX Converter software may be used to convert video files into the DivX format, a proprietary video codec developed by DivX, Inc. 🧐

The application also provides various features meant to improve the standard and efficiency of the transcoding process and the ability to change output settings like resolution or bitrate.

The user interfaces and methods DivX Converter & Handbrake use to transcode video differ.

While Handbrake features a more simplified interface that makes it easier for users to pick input and output files and modify quality settings, DivX Converter has a more conventional, step-by-step interface that leads users through the converting process.πŸ™ƒ

Pros And Cons Of DivX Converter

Widely accepted.DivX owns the exclusive format known as DivX.
Efficient encoding.Restricted compatibility
Customization options.DivX only uses one codec.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • Support qualities up to 4K and is intended to provide high-quality video.
  • The DivX encoder is made with efficiency in mind.
  • A variety of file formats can be used to produce video.
  • Other applications can be incorporated.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

A variety of products and price points are available from DivX.

Xilisoft Video Converter

Xilisoft Video Converter

Year Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
CEO: Not publicly disclosed

Users may convert video files to different formats or codecs using the Xilisoft Video Conversion software.

It can be used to transform video files into several different formats. πŸ™ƒ

The program also contains some features aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and quality of the transcoding process, such as being designed to provide high video and the option to alter output settings.

Both Xilisoft Video Converter & Handbrake can create high-quality video outputs, although the two programs’ precise quality settings and choices may vary.

Pros And Cons Of Xilisoft Video Converter

Multiple input and output formats are available.Mac version absent.
Batch processing.Possibility of mistakes.
Special effects.Fewer sophisticated features.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • A wide variety of input and output file types are supported.
  • Audio components from video files may be extracted.
  • There are several special effects included.
  • There are profiles in Xilisoft Video Converter for many different devices.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

Depending on the particular edition and the particular features offered, the price of the program may change.

Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter

Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
CEO: Leo Lee

You may convert video files between different formats with the Wondershare Video Converter software utility.

In addition to MP4, AVI, and MKV, it can convert media files to many other formats. The program also comes with tools for editing videos, the capacity to download videos from websites, and support for HD video.πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

While Handbrake focuses primarily on video conversion, Wondershare Video Converter offers other capabilities, including video editing tools and downloading videos from internet sites.

Pros And Cons Of Wondershare Video Converter

A broad range of formats is supported.Limited trial version.
Quick conversion rates.Some newer formats are not supported.
User-friendly interface.Perhaps prone to mistakes or crashes.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • The program has simple video editing features.
  • Capacity to rotate and the crop can be done.
  • Batch processing is supported.
  • You can change the output parameters.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

Various price ranges are based on the version you select.



Year Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Not publicly disclosed.
CEO: Not publicly disclosed.

For Windows, Linux, and macOS, Avidemux is an open and free video editing & encoding program. 😊

It is designed to be a straightforward and simple-to-use tool for basic video editing activities like trimming and chopping videos, applying filters and effects, and encoding videos in different formats.

While Avidemux is a more versatile video editing and encoding application that can be used for things like cutting, trimming, and adding effects and filters to video, Handbrake is primarily made for converting & encoding video. 😳

While Avidemux provides a complete set of video editing capabilities, Handbrake has a simpler interface that is more geared toward converting and encoding.

Pros And Cons Of Avidemux

It is simple to use.It might process slowly.
A large number of file types are supported.Not all platforms can access it.
It includes simple video editing features.It might not consistently result in high-quality output.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • Wide-ranging video format support.
  • Simple video editing programs.
  • A variety of editing tools, including changes for brightness and contrast.
  • An interface that is simple to utilize.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

It may be downloaded and used without spending any money.



Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Not publicly disclosed.
CEO: Not publicly disclosed.

A free, open-source program called SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder and Renderer) can encode and render video and audio files. πŸ₯Ί

It is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. With a focus on video encoding, SUPER is intended to be a straightforward, user-friendly application for transcoding media files into other formats.

The vast array of input & output formats SUPER supports is one of the primary arguments in favor of utilizing it instead of HandBrake. 😢

SUPER, including 3GP, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, and many more, may handle a wide range of file formats. Additionally, it supports many audio formats, such as WAV, AAC, and MP3.

Pros And Cons Of Super

SUPER is a flexible program for converting media files.It is not as thorough.
It helps to optimize the output file’s quality and size.Certain users have noted transcoding problems.
This might help configure the output file for certain hardware or software systems.Learning how to use all of its features and settings could take some time.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • SUPER can handle many different file formats.
  • Users of SUPER can change the resolution and bitrate of the video.
  • Subtitles may be imported, exported, and burned into the video file using SUPER.
  • It helps configure the output file for certain hardware or software systems.

Pricing Info: πŸ€‘

SUPER is a no-cost program.



Year Founded: 2005
Headquarters: China
CEO: Stanley Huang

A free, open-source program called MediaCoder can transcode audio and video files. 😊

It is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows.

With an emphasis on video transcoding, MediaCoder is designed to be a strong, adaptable tool for transforming media files into other formats.

MediaCoder is an all-around effective and adaptable tool for converting media files.

Even though it may not be like HandBrake, it should be considered as a substitute for πŸ€—individuals who want a greater variety of input and output types or more complex encoding choices.

Pros And Cons Of MediaCoder

The file formats that MediaCoder can handle are numerous.The Media Coder interface is complicated.
Users of MediaCoder can change the resolution.It is not as comprehensive.
In MediaCoder, hardware acceleration is supported.Unable to handle all media file formats.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • MediaCoder supports multi-threaded encoding.
  • It supports some audio codecs.
  • The quality of files can be improved by doing this.
  • Hardware acceleration is available in MediaCoder.

Pricing Info: πŸ€‘

A free program is called Media Coder.



Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: United States
CEO: Not publicly listed.

An open-source, free program called VidCoder can transcode audio and video formats. It is compatible with Windows. πŸ€—πŸ™ƒ

With an emphasis on video encoding, VidCoder is meant to be a straightforward, user-friendly application for converting media files into other formats.

VidCoder’s capability for several encoding settings is a factor to consider when choosing it over Handbrake.

Users may change the audio bitrate but also the sample rate as well as the video bitrate, frame rate, & resolution. This can help to optimize the output file’s quality and size.😧

Pros And Cons Of Vidcoder

The UI of VidCoder is uncomplicated.Utilizing all of its features and settings might be challenging for consumers.
Users of VidCoder can change the video bitrate.MacOS and Linux do not support it.
This can help reduce the size of the generated file.It is not as detailed.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • VidCoder may handle a wide range of file formats.
  • Furthermore, it supports many audio codecs.
  • VidCoder supports hardware acceleration.
  • Increased the transcoding’s effectiveness.

Pricing Info: πŸ€‘

VidCoder is a cost-free program.

Format Factory

Format Factory

Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: China
CEO: Not publicly disclosed.

A free, feature-rich media converter software program for Windows is called Format Factory. 😧🌝

It is intended to repair damaged and corrupted files and convert music, video, and picture files into various formats.

The strength of Format Factory is the range of encoding choices it supports.

The vast array of supported input and output formats offered by Format Factory is one of the primary arguments in favor of choosing it over HandBrake.

Format Factory, including 3GP, FLV, MKV, MPG, OGG, and many more, may handle a wide range of file formats. A variety of audio and picture formats are also supported.😯

Pros And Cons Of Format Factory

Format Factory may handle numerous file formats.The user interface of Format Factory is a bit complicated.
This can help to optimize the output file’s quality.Users find it challenging to use all functions.
It enhances the transcoding effectiveness.Not all media file formats may be supported by it.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • The encoding process is multi-threaded.
  • Hardware acceleration is supported.
  • It supports some picture codecs.
  • It works with many different hardware acceleration techniques.

Pricing Info: πŸ€‘

Format Factory is open source and free.



Year Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Not publicly disclosed.
CEO: Not publicly disclosed

WinFF is a program for converting audio and video formats that are free and open. It is compatible with Linux, macOS, or Windows. 😚

With a focus on video encoding, WinFF is intended to be a straightforward, user-friendly application for converting media files into other formats.

WinFF’s compatibility with a wide range of input and output formats is one of the primary arguments for choosing it over HandBrake.

WinFF can handle a few file types, including AVI, FLV, MP4, & MOV. Various audio codecs, such as MP3, AAC, and AC3, are also supported.😚

Pros And Cons Of Winff

WinFF’s user interface is simple to use.Unable to handle all media file formats.
It supports several audio codecs.Only the Windows, Linux, & macOS operating systems support WinFF.
Users of WinFF can change the frame rate.It is not exhaustive.

Key Features:πŸ”‘

  • Users of WinFF can change the resolution.
  • It enables simultaneous usage of several CPU cores.
  • It works together.
  • WinFF may handle many different file formats.

Pricing Info:πŸ€‘

It costs nothing to use this program.


⭐Numerous input and output formats supported: Some HandBrake rivals, such as Format Factory or WinFF, support more input and output formats over HandBrake. 🧐

This might be helpful if you ever need to convert documents into codecs that HandBrake does not support.

Hand Brake rivals like Vid Coder and Winff feature simpler, more approachable user interfaces. This can be helpful for casual people or those new to video converting.πŸ‘€

Frequently Asked Questions for Handbrake Alternatives

Make use of NVEnc Acceleration or HandBrake QSV.

It varies. Before a graphics card has a dedicated video encoding unit, GPU acceleration is achieved using CUDA cores.

Which is better for HandBrake CPU or GPU encoding?

While GPU encoding is more concerned with speed, CPU encoding prioritizes quality.

Can macOS, Windows, or Linux use HandBrake GPU acceleration?

HandBrake may be used on Linux, Mac, and Windows using GPU acceleration.

Why does Handbrake GPU encoding use only CPU?

It should utilize very little CPU power and depend mostly on the GPU for most tasks.

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