23+ Actionable Hair Salon Marketing Ideas

A hair salon business might prove to be the most life-saving startup for you in today’s time when the world is moving towards trends and hair styling fashion. But, are you looking for some fantastically crafted ways to get numerous customers for your hair salon?

How to promote your hair salon?

  • Create a professional logo and attractive website.
  • Do not forget to put signs and promotional standees to attract visitors.
  • Make sure to list Hair Salon in online business directories.
  • Collaborate with other business partners and create a combination offer.
  • Distribute business cards or punch cards to potential clients.
  • Conduct parties, events or charity events at a salon to grab new clients.
  • Try to get sponsorship to make people know your brand.

Well, if you are standing on the footpath of promoting your salon, then you need to take a good look at the following proven marketing ideas for an outstanding business growth rate.

best marketing ideas for Hair salon business which helps you to get more Customers

Put on Display Exclusive Hair Products

Now, when a customer enters your hair salon, the first thing that he will probably notice subconsciously is your hair product range.

The more extensive it is, the better it will be for you to leave a solid impression on them. Tell them about the different products that help to maintain the youthfulness of hair and advice them to get specific hair treatments done at your salon.

Form a Good Long-Lasting Relationship With the Clients

Forming good relationships with the customers and clients is essential to get them back to you. Be humble and friendly in guiding them about your services and suggest to them the best methods of hair care.

You can also inform them about the various offers and give them pamphlets for improving their knowledge about your salon.

Provide Add-On Services

The trick of upselling has been the latest method adopted by modern businessmen. This ensures that you provide some extra services along with the one for which the customer has made an appointment.

For instance, you can offer a session of hot oil treatment to the customer who has booked an appointment for a haircut.

Show Off Great Testimonials

Testimonials are proof of your excellence in your respective field. This means you have the full right to show off your testimonials to the new customers on your website or any other relevant place that has maximum viewership.

You can also display the testimonials inside a cover frame and hang them in the waiting room for the incoming clients to look at it.

Never Miss the Facebook Ads

With the immense capability of Facebook to let you set up target demographics, you have a good chance of letting in more clientele inside your salon.

This is also quite similar to Google AdWords where you pay only when your ad gets clicked. So, make sure to create a strategy to improve Facebook ad performance and keep creating ads on Facebook!

Magazine Advertisements are Helpful

There must be local fashion magazines that require new ads and content inside their columns.

You can target such magazines and pay them to put your advertisements in their major limelight columns.

This will bring to you great customer contacts and incentives to work harder for your hair salon promotions.

Begin an Interesting Blog

Blog writing is a recent trend in the advertising industry. You too can look forward to this concept of content marketing and write blogs on a regular basis.

You just need to provide quality content to the readers, so that they find you reliable and easy to approach. Write extensively on hair care tips, food for healthy hair,  daily nourishment techniques for healthy hair, etc.

Run an Intriguing Contest for Gaining Customers

Running an online contest is an art in itself. You have to think of content ideas that do not waste much time on the followers and appear really encouraging to them.

For example, you can make an online contest that puts a condition in which the first 100 people who comment ‘yes’ on the contest post and share it will get a free spa service at your hair salon.

If you have created a website for your hair salon business, so make sure to create the best about us page. Do check out the hair salon: 8 about us page because it’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your hair salon business provides.

Fabricate Online Videos

Videos uploaded on online platforms like YouTube guarantee a high rate of customer attention. Your videos can be instructional and informative that can teach people to look after their hair once they undergo a hair care treatment or a new haircut.

You can also show different haircuts that are trending during the year and ask people to get them done at your salon.

Bring a Webinar in Front of the Viewers

A webinar can be considered a seminar that takes place online. You can center the webinar around different topics like natural hair care products for different hair types, the hair colors that don’t destruct the hair roots, how to maintain the volume of the hair during winters, how to defeat the bane of hair fall, etc.

Inspire the Customers for Referrals With Your Work

Asking for referrals from the customers is not a matter of shame. In fact, why don’t you just present a superior quality of work before them that automatically encourages them to talk about you in front of others?

This is undoubtedly the best background for building your word-of-mouth marketing scenario.

Think of Hosting a Workshop

Organize a workshop that straightforwardly gives you an opportunity to interact with the people out there in your city.

You can teach them how to be professional hair experts or educate them about the basics of entrepreneurship. This will be just another reason why they will feel inspired by you!

Don’t forget to check out the catchy hair salon slogans and taglines.

Share Your Business Goals With Other Businessmen

Partnerships are often the swiftest styles of promoting your business even in other domains. You already know that people of all age groups from all walks of life require haircuts or hair care therapies.

This makes it even easier for you to join hands with a cooperative business partner who wants to expand his business as well. You can mutually trust each other and follow the theory of cross-promotions.

Leave SMS on Clients’ Phones

An SMS sent from your side every weekend keeps reminding your customers about your hair salon. You need not always send SMS full of gestures. Sometimes, you can also use them to inform the clients about good discounts on special events in your salon.

Begin a Widespread Survey Program

Survey programs can be a powerful way to know exactly about your business image in the minds of the customers.

Feedback can be obtained in plenty when you do this and you can also think of any improvements that should be made in your hair salon. Send survey sheets to the old and new clients to know their opinions.

How to drive sales to your hair salon?

  • Promote gift cards to clients to increase their visits.
  • Give seasonal/festive discount offers or group discount packages to raise sales numbers.
  • Keep updating the social media accounts and run a digital contest to get attention.
  • Ask your happy customers to do hashtag your brand on their social media profile or Instagram.
  • Promote your services through Phamplets or radio advertisements in local areas.
  • Start giving referral discounts to make an extraordinary profit.
  • Request your loyal clients to write reviews on the company’s official page.

FAQs about Hair Salon to Get more Detail about it.

Do you earn lots of profit by starting a Hair salon business?

The prices are determined according to the business plan of the lounge by the owner or the individual stylist. Each customer is charged for their goods and services.

It is the normal process for the customer to add tips that go to the hairstylist who has performed the services directly.

How much one can charge the customers in the Hair salon business?

The products and services provided will be charged to your customers. A customer who is handled with shapes, colors, and hair is more than one who just joins a haircut.

It is critical for your employees, according to what they desire from their appointment, to excel in time management and to prepare clients properly.

Every moment is a chance to bring the company more money. As creators, every one of your designers will also benefit.

This can be arranged in two different ways: you can pay the artist a commission on the basis of services they have provided or they can spend their space using a flat “rental” fee.

The commissions charged to the hairstylists range between 35% and 50% while other commissions are charged on a graded basis.

What complimentary services can be offered at your Hair Salon?

-Offer additional facilities such as nail, skin, massage, and waxing. You will be able to keep your client up as a customer if you are able to arrange their nail appointment around the time of your haircut. Please provide your clients with an online scheduling service. 

-Dedicate some space for the retail sales. It is estimated that retail sales are 2 to 3 times rentable as hair care. 

-Keep your retail room innovative with more than hair items included. Most owners have items such as paintings and jewelry. The artist will be compensated after a sale is made and you receive a percentage of each sale on a shipment basis. 

-Tell any of the suppliers if they have packages for free gifts. This gives customers the opportunity to try out a product before they invest in it.

-When each customer heads out, make sure that they are told to reserve their next date. You risk losing a valuable customer if you have to call back later.

-Create and include videos for a small fee online. Construct a catalog of techniques that you have learned throughout the years and your staff. It’s a perfect way to make a little extra profit, and it gives you a leader in the industry.

Looking for more? Check out the trending hashtags for the hair salon business.

Haircare is a very trending industry. Here is the infographic which helps you to know more about hair care techniques and stats about this industry. Read below

hair care facts

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