7+ Best Gusto Competitors and Alternatives To Watch Out!

When building a loyal customer base in the line of payroll software, Gusto is the first thing that comes to most of our minds. With its amazing people management tools, top-notch business strategies, and beneficial HR tools, this company has built an unbelievable reputation in the market.

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Gusto Inc. Provides people with a list of benefits, lining from a cloud-based payroll to HR Management software.

Not only does it complete tasks without a hassle, but it also eliminates human error, along with cutting the time short by miles. Gusto, formerly known as ZenPayroll, manages the payments to employees of organizations and contractors. 

Along with the payment, it also does all the necessary paperwork required in office premises complying with the rules and regulations of the state – tax, labor, and immigration laws; you name them.

Not only that, the company has managed to function well enough to create an establishment in 50 US states. 

List Of Top Gusto Competitors and Alternatives

Even though Gusto as an application feels like a dream come true, one must not be stopped when it comes to trying out other companies that provide better, if not the same, options. Here is a list of Gusto competitors that one can use when it comes to entertaining their organization’s payroll needs.

Quickbooks Payroll

Year Founded: 1983
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

A desktop application that manages your organization’s payroll, along with your financial records? If that isn’t a dream come true for most company owners! One-stop solution for most financial concerns.

Quickbooks Payroll is considered to be extremely flexible. Starting from paying the contractors to the employees, calculating the tax to making direct deposits, QuickBooks truly is the solution to it all. 

What makes this application stand out is how diverse its options are. Divided into three subscription options, one can choose from its Core, Premium, and Elite plans, the latter miles ahead of the former.

The basic subscriptions include automatic payroll, direct deposit along with health benefits for its employees. 

Square Payroll

Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Square Payroll happens to be a really easy platform when it comes to paying your employees on an hourly basis. The program is the best for supporting big organizations with unlimited payrolls every week. Along with that, the application takes great care for tax filing and other commission-based gigs. 

Not only does the application does wonders for finances, but it is incredibly handy for inactivity. That means one can simply pause their transactions and other activities without having to close their account permanently. This feature is unique to Square and makes it stand out from the rest.

When it comes to dealing with companies that only pay contractors, this application is a boon, as it makes the company pay $5 per contractor. Being one of the biggest competitors of Gusto, this application truly is remarkable.


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Downtown Manhattan

Justworks is mainly termed a Professional Employer Organization, which deals with outsourcing tasks to another set of people outside the organization. All the services thus needed by any company are done by this outsourcing mechanism, making the entire employee workforce more inclined towards the work.

Direct deposits, premium luxury features, and payments are all controlled by Justworks, with a team guiding and analyzing every move of finance 24/7, making it way more reliable than the other sources across the medium. 

Paychex Flex Payroll

Year Founded: 1971
Headquarters: Rochester, New York, United States

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Paychex Flex Payroll the biggest player in the Payroll application market. One of the bonuses that one gets with using this application is that no matter how big or small the business is, you can still make this work for you.

Like all the other aforementioned applications, Paychex Flex Payroll too offers services concerning deposits and tax filing. 

Unlimited HR functionaries can be made available via Paychex, making the employer’s life beyond simple. The pricing of this application starts from $39 monthly, with an extra $5 for each employee, which is way cheaper when compared to other apps providing the same features.


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

If you’re looking for a simple application that puts all of its sights on getting the company’s funds under control, Wagepoint is the solution. Not only does the company deal with paying the employees along with the contractors, but it also helps the business understand its drawbacks with a year-end finance report made with data from the payments made. 

What makes this a deal breaker is how the company website gives you a rough estimation of the payroll for one’s business. As per recent calculations, a business that spends anywhere near ten employees would have to pay an extra forty dollars per its payroll. 


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

An application that works both offline and online and gives away automatic payroll and on-ground reports are the best for any business. One of the best in the market for mostly remote teams, this application does promote GPS tracking. 

The cherry on top is how versatile it is, working on iOS, Android, and Windows all at once, giving business employers a wider perspective. Not only that, but the company also aims at incorporating additional tools apart from its twenty pre-existing tools.

With a headcount of over ten thousand companies using it on the ground, this application is beyond trustworthy.

Coastal Payroll

Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States

Being the first of the applications that support deposits directly without any complications, this company competes with the Human Resources of any organization by printing as well as mailing contractors and employees upon request. Transitioning from one plan to another plan is also very user-friendly.

The company deals not only with payrolls but also includes a Human Resources person for all of the company’s concerns. The only drawback of Coastal is that the pricing isn’t displayed on the website – which means one would have to request the company with the same personally. 

Gusto Competitors

FAQs for Gusto Competitors and Alternatives

How Is Payroll Made Available In Different States Under Gusto?

Yes, Gusto does provide all 50 states of the United States with payroll, the price of which is the same, no matter which states the company is from. 

What Is The Process Of Setting Up A Gusto Account For An Organization?

The process of signing up is really simple. It would require one to create their account if they are a new user or simply switch to the account in case the company already does have a payroll. The entire procedure is available on their website. 

Can Contractors, Other Than Employees, Be Paid Individually By Gusto?

Yes, one of the most talked about features of Gusto is its versatility. The company does let contractors be paid individually without any extra cost.

Is Household Pay Supported Via Gusto?

No, Gusto doesn’t support Household pay for now.

Can People Outside The United States Enjoy Gusto’s Features?

Sadly, Gusto currently only functions in all 50 states of the United States, but the company is sure trying its best to diversify its marketplace. 

Can International Contractors Still Be Paid By Gusto?

Yes. The independent contractors setting helps one to pay their international contractors.

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