A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right logo for Your Business

It is not possible for the companies to run their business without a logo. It is because there is a great impact on the customers of a logo of a business. It is how the customers perceive a brand. So basically the logo of any business must be outstanding.

The person must make the right choices and navigate through the designing process from defining the identity of the brand to understand what makes a great logo. 

Simple Guide to Choose right logo for your Business.

Tips for choosing the right logo for business

There are many features that must be kept in mind while designing a logo for the company. These characteristics are:

Business mostly relates to attracting the right customers and makes them fall over the brand. The logo acts as the picture of the brands. It is what people take interest in and try to hear more about it. So logos basically have a huge impact on the first impression of the customers towards the business.

It helps the customers to get information about the brand and let them know whether it is the right brand for them or not. A logo is a crucial part of every business, they must make sure that it must be done properly. All the brand material would have the logo on it.

A great and professional logo not only has the power to communicate with the customers but also helps the business to face out the tough competition. 

2. Define the brand identity:

If the business wants its logo to communicate with the customers, there is a need to first create the personality of the logo.

After having the clear idea about the uniqueness of the brand and what the brand is about, it would become much easier to create the design choices of the logo that will complement and complete the picture of the logo.

The logo must describe the line of the business, its beliefs and value, its uniqueness, speciality and its description. 

3. Find inspiration for the design:

The design process is not an easy task but searching for the inspiration is the hardest part of the designing process of a logo.

The person must start with collecting some verbal ideas and preparing with a brainstorm session to point out the needs and goals that business wants to achieve.

They must follow three simple ideas to find inspiration for the design of the logo.

  • Follow the rules of the brainstorm: it is about getting all the ideas out and writing them on a piece of paper. Sometimes a horrible idea can also lead to a genius solution. 
  • Think like the audience: a list of words that describe the brand and how the words must be perceived should be made. The person must think according to the target demographic and must remember that the audience is very important to them.
  • Get everyone involved: designing of logo with the help of diverse person can create the best logo for the company. Hence people from every department or friend or business must be brought together for better designing of the logo. 

4. Check out the competition:

it must be checked before what works well with the audience. It can be checked out with the help of competitors. Logo design can be made different by stalking the designs of others and thinking about how to make them different.

The design must be set totally different from the others. If all other industries of your line are going with monochrome then, colour can be added into the logo. Similarly, if all others are using traditional style then going for the modern or funny logo will be a good option.

It will help the business to attract attention. Different types of logos help to communicate with customers in different ways. 

5. Choose the design style:

after designing the clear idea of the brand it is the time to start translating it into the design. There are lots of elements that can be considered before going for it.

These elements can be colours, shapes, graphics, typography and many more. Checking out every component and what it can do with the logo help in performing the process step by step and not getting frustrated with the whole designing at one time. 

One thing that must be done carefully is to pick the right design aesthetic for the brand. There can be no design that is right for everyone. It must only be best for the brand. Trendy logos can be fun and exciting but they can get outdated very soon. Classic style gives the power to the brand to stay in power and attract customers for a longer time. It tells the audience that it is reliable and down to earth. 

along with the overall style of the logo, there are 7 main types of logos that can be chosen while creating a logo.

The company can choose the one that suits the company name or overall visually best or even both can be combined to create something unique. These 7 types include

  •  letter marks or monograms logos that can be great to use and streamline the company logo if the name is very long and hard to remember. They consist usually brand initials such as IBM, CNN, HP, HBO and many more.
  • Word marks are a very direct way of using a company name as a logo. It includes typography which gives a personality and recognition value to the logo. Example Think Visa and Coca-Cola.
  •  Pictorial marks or logo symbols are iconographic images that are easily recognizable and represent a simple or complex image of the brand. For instance, the iconic Apple logo, the Twitter bird the Target bullseye and many more
  •  Abstract logo marks are geometric forms that do not establish an immediate connection to the existing image but can create something new for the brand. It includes BP starburst-y logo, the Pepsi divided circle and the strip Adidas flower.
  • Mascots are a fun way of giving a personality to the brand. They are often colourful, cartoonish characters that represent that the business is the family-friendly and approachable way. Famous mascot includes Kool-Aid Man, KFC’s Colonel and Planter’s Mr Peanut.
  • Combination mark combines a symbol with a word mark to create an easily recognizable logo. Some well-known combination marks are Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste. 
  • Emblems are also often a combination of word and pictorial elements and usually consisted of text integrated with a symbol, icon, such as badges, seals etc. For example, Starbucks’ iconic mermaid emblem or Harley-Davidson’s famous crest. 

Read the Infographic about Different Types of Logos by type-ed.com

7. Pay attention to the colour:

Colours play an important role in designing. The psychology behind colour is complex but to keep it simple, colours are attached to them to make the logo an emotion and ideas. Colour psychology must be checked before designing a logo. 

  • Red: it stands for excitement, passion and anger. It can be used to represent that the brand is loud, youthful and wants to stand out.
  • Orange: it is much less used than red but is more energetic. It is a very vibrant and playful colour. 
  • Yellow: it represents the brand as an accessible and friendly choice. It shows cheerful, affordable and youthful energy.
  • Green: it is extremely versatile and works for the brand in real. It is used to show the connection of the brand with nature.
  • Blue: it is a very classic and common choice. It is very cool and calming and also is a symbol of trustworthiness and maturity. 
  • Purple: it is used to show the brand as luxurious. Purple can be diverse, feminine and mysterious depending on its shade. 
  • Pink: it is known for its girly look and nothing can work better than pink. It gives a grown up and cool along with youthful and feminine look with its shades like pastel rose, millennial pink or neon magenta.
  • Brown: it may sound like a strange colour but work perfectly for rugged and masculine vintage logos. It represents a handmade, unique and aged look of the brand. 
  • Black: it represents a sleek, modern and luxurious look. Black and white logo can be a good option to go with simplicity. 
  • White: white can be a good option for a simple, clean minimalistic and modern look of the logo. It works in combination with all other colours and adds a clean, youthful and economical touch to the logo because of its characteristic of being neutral. 
  • Gray: it is used to achieve a mature, serious and classic look of the logo. Darker shades can be used to look more mysterious while lighter shades can be used to show accessibility. 
Source: Entrepreneur.com

Source: Entrepreneur.com

33% brands use blue as the color in their logos.Facebook, AT&T and Twitter use blue because it represents interpersonal communications, trust, and honesty.

Source: thedesignlove.com

Red is also known to wet our appetites, which makes it a best color for businesses in the food industry. Coca-Cola, Red Lobster, KFC, Red Bull, Jack-in-the-box, all use red in their logos.

Source: Medium.com

Animal Planet, John Deere, and Whole Foods are some of the brands associated with nature that use green as one of the main colors in their branding.

Source: logomaker.com

8. Pick the right topography:

the font can be chosen that complements and complete the logo. There are four basic types of fonts that can be used to give a unique look to the logo. This includes serif fonts, sans serif fonts, script fonts and display fonts.

These fonts can help the designer to make the typography really powerful by combining different fonts with each other. This can be done by bringing designs elements together. They must be paired in such a way that it harmonious to create a good vibe that the customer is looking for. 

9. Communicate with the designer:

after considering all the style points, it comes to the next step for designing. There are many ways that can be used to get a logo. The choice must be made from them to know which suits them the best.

Different prices come with different qualities and all the options have some pros and cons. The first rule of working with the designer is to communicate clearly. It is generally done to make sure that the design comes out perfectly.

The logo must be created in some way that it gives much information about the company and can create something unique for them. 

10. Evaluate the logo options:

some feedback must be taken from the friends, potential customers and colleagues to take a decision regarding the finalizing of the logo design.

The decision should be made on the basis of some characteristics that must be there in each logo. This includes a description of the business, simple, memorable, easy to remember, versatility, timeless, unique and appealing to target the customers. 

there are some features that must not be integrated while designing a logo for the business.

It includes not giving in to the clichés of the industry, not to make it too complicated, not very trendy, and not to go with the amateur. 

12. Integrate logo design into the brand:

after having the logo of the business and by setting the tone for the style, colour palette, font and overall look and feel of the logo,

it will help the company to create a seamless look for them. It is now ready to show the world its brand new face. 

Existing creative companies’ logos

There are many famous logos in this world. Markets and trends are always evolving but some features like typography, layouts, patterns, and colour have a huge impact on people’s minds. Let us take some companies who have raised their company with the help of logo design. 

  • Target – it created their unique logo in 1962. Originally it had three white and three red rings with the company name boldly displayed on it. But later on, changes were made to it according to the requirements. The red colour of the logo made it stand out due to its strong use and striking simplicity. 
  • Apple – its first logo was very simple when it came in 1976. It was Newton sitting beneath a tree with the apple hanging on the tree poised to drop. While it was creative, Apple quickly simplified their logo to a literal apple. The chrome and then flat colour logos show sleekness and sophistication while the curved apple denotes style. 
  • FedEx – the original logo of FedEx was born in 1973. It was a plain blue wordmark on a patterned blue background. But later on, it was introduced with the iconic white arrow visible between the second E and the X. It is a subliminal symbol of speed movement and precision which is a very important trait for delivery and logistics brand. 

Here are some Best and Popular logos for your Inspiration.

Famous brand logos

As a logo of the company plays an important role in the growth of the company. The owner must take advice from others before choosing a logo for the company. It must look at the mistakes of the others, check ratings, and select a logo after reviewing the statistics. Here are some important statistical data that must be considered while selecting a logo for the company. 

  • 78 % of customers believe in custom content as it is more trustworthy.
  • The right colour can improve readership by 40% as it makes the logo more attractive. 
  • 91% of consumers like to buy from an authentic brand which is represented by a known logo. 
  • It only takes 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand logo.
  • It takes around 5 to 7 impressions for consumers to recognize the logo. 
  • A signature colour can increase the logo recognition by 80%.
  • 33% of the top 100 brands use the colour blue in their logo. 
  • 90% of the snap judgements about purchases are made, based on the color of the products
  • 85% consumers name color as the primary reason behind their purchases of a particular product

Here is one of the Useful Infographic about deciding fonts for your Business logo. Read More detail in below image.

font deciding tips for logo


Nowadays the business owners need to be aware of the brand and its personality to stand out of the competitors. Those companies which have difficulty in describing their business, products or services may experience having difficulties in retaining the customers. Most successful brands in the world have used to logo to develop their voice among the customers and competitors.

A logo works as a guide to the customers about their product and services. Marketing the logo both online and offline can help the customers to become familiar with the brand and associate certain products or services with the company. But before settling a logo for the business, it is necessary to first learn the different types of logo styles that are available.

It is better to make research before designing a logo related to colours, styles, fonts, topography, and designs. 

When it comes to choosing the best logo for the business, an online logo maker must be used to get some templates for generating ideas. There are many templates that can be customized by any business to make it their own logo.

Different variations and layouts in the logo help the business to make it more catchy, memorable and stylish. It helps them to attract a huge audience and target their customers. It helps the company to create its brand a masterpiece. The logo must be created after choosing the name of the business and deciding a template for the logo.

After customizing the logo by changing the colour shape, style or anything else it must be used as a representation of a particular brand. 

Bonus Infographic:

psychology of color in logo infographic

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