10 Best Grocery Stores In USA

Grocery stores have been making a lot of income in the United States, especially because of all the amazing items that they house. Here are the top 10 grocery stores in the US.

Best Grocery Stores In USA

Initially, there were not many chain markets in the cities. People gradually understood that they required products in towns as well. In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 leading supermarkets in the US, which you should not ignore whatsoever.

10. Kroger

Founded in 1883 and based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger is the largest grocery and supermarket chain in the USA and the second-largest general retailer amongst all the retailers in the country. The chain has several sub-brands like Fred Meyers, Fry’s, Mariano’s, Ralph, and Smith.

The oldest cheese brand in the USA, Murray’s Cheese, is now available in countless Kroger outlets. Kroger now has its online arm — Kroger Ship, which transships more than 50000 items nationwide. This year with the pandemic, the chain is very strictly maintaining all other protocols, as confirmed by WHO, apart from social distancing.

9. Albertsons Cos.

Albertsons was formed in 1939 in Idaho and, with more than 2252 stores coupled with 270000 employees, stands at being the second-largest chain in the USA. In 2015, the company merged with Safeway, and this merger was a case of not looking back for the company.

The products are fresh, and to beat it all, the company has arrangements for home delivery arrangements with its in-house driver pools and Instacart. A unique consumer scheme, “ Just for You loyalty, “ is provided to customers. The Other sub-brand is Vons.

8. Ahold Delhaize

The Zaandam, Holland-based grocery and retail chain, was formed in 2016 out of the merger of two companies, Ahold and Delhaize 2016. The original company was formed in 1887  and became public in 1948. The group currently operates around 2000 outlets under its subsidiaries FoodLion,  Stop and Shop and Hannaford brands. Other brands include Giant landrover, Giant Carlisle, and Martin’s. Peapod and Boxfresh.

The group can also truly boast about some of the best online grocers and some of the best-known supermarkets. For the entire group, the USA is the biggest market segment with mammoth global manpower of more than two lakhs.

7.  Publix Inc.

Established in 1930 by George Jenkins in Winter Haven, Florida, the uniqueness of Publix is it is wholly employee-owned, both past and present, and also by the owners’ families. The grocery chain has been placed at the top position on Fortune’s list of the best big companies.

With over 1200 stores in seven states and around 800 in Florida alone, Publix has become one of the largest grocery chains in the USA. Fortune magazine, a couple of years back, placed Publix on its Fortune 500 list. The chain is also known for giving away free cookies to its children’s visitors.

6. H E B

The 1905-born H E B was founded in Kerrville but is now based in San Antonio, Texas. The company owns subsidiaries like Central Market, Favor Delivery, and H E B Mexico. The chain operates around 340 stores in Texas and its surroundings.

The product lines that H E B deals with are bakeries and confectionery, general grocery, dairy products, frozen foods, meat, seafood, and pharma items, to name some of them. Apart from organic and international food selections, the chain also has an exclusive wine and beer selection. H E B is also famous for its charitable works.

5. Meijer

Meijer Inc., in the Grand Rapids Area of Walker, Michigan, was incorporated in 1934 and is widely considered the founder of the Supercenter concept way back in 1962. Apart from 253 grocery stores, mostly in Michigan and Illinois, Meijer also operates 208 gas stations and petrol pumps. Apart from these areas, the chain also operates in Kentucky and Ohio.

The other lines of business that the chain is in our sports apparel, clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, health food supplements, and electronics.  The chain has once been listed by the fabled Forbes magazine.

4. Wakefern Food Corp

1946 formed New Jersey-based Wakefern Food is one of the largest retailers groups of supermarkets in the USA and the fourth largest amongst all cooperatives in the country. Brands like Shop Rite, Price Rite Marketplace, Dearborn, and Fresh Grocer are all owned by Wakefern.

The number of cooperatives that are members amount to 51 with about 70000 plus manpower. The chain provides its members with ancillary services in sectors like publicity, computer services, insurance, marketing, and procurement strategies. The Village Supper Market is also a part of the group. Today Wakefern is also the owner of one of the largest fleets of trucks.

3. Aldi

Owned by the German Albrecht Family, the 1961-formed grocery stores chain successfully operates around 10000 stores in as many as 20 countries globally. In the US, Aldi operates 1800 stores in 35 states. Aldi is also the mother organization of the Traders Joe’s group of stores.

Apart from this, Aldi has a tie-up with local farmers from whom it procures the finest quality organic fruits and vegetables. Aldi has a niche strategy of marketing only 1400 specified selected items, unlike traditional stores. Apart from this, Aldi promises to return or refund 100% of the items if the buyers are dissatisfied.

2. Whole Foods Market

Formed in 1980 and based in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is known for its unique specialty of marketing products that are free from preservatives, artificial colors, and hydrogenated fats. The grocery chain is also renowned for its best organic selections. Only about three years back, the chain merged with the online e-commerce giant Amazon.

Currently, Whole Foods Market is located at 500 odd places, maintaining very strict standards of food quality. The best example of this is their wet market department which sells meat adhering strictly to hormonal and antibiotics norms. As of 2008, the chain has stopped the usage of plastics.

1.  Harris Teeter

Formed in 1936 in North Carolina, with a merger in the 1960s, Harris Teeter operates around 260 stores all over North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, the District of Columbia,  Delaware, and Maryland. The chain, later on, was owned by the Bourgeois Dickinson family.

The Harris Teeter outlet is considered one of the best and most well-maintained stores in the state of Delaware. The grocery store is known for its tidy outlets and well-kept food parlor. Currently, the store chain is owned by one of the giants in the industry – Kroger. The chain plans to do away with plastic in the next five years.

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