Top 20 Best Graphic Designers to Follow on Pinterest

There are many designers who pin regularly to make the audience interested in graphic design, photography, and various creative things as well as the clients.

list of best Graphic Designer to follow on Pinterest

1. Mike Dew:

He is a graphic designer born in Cincinnati who is currently working in Philadelphia is famous for his work. He has more than 3500000 million fans who are regularly following his work.

His pins are one of the most following posts on Pinterest which has made him one of the most followed pinners on Pinterest. His work is mainly focused on his proper timed content which attracts huge followers to his content.

He is more coeval than others to his work and it is making him famous. His works include rad shit, Badgography, Stuffology, and also, his regular pins which are making him famous among the pinners on Pinterest.

2. Daniel Nelson:

He is a Swedish born designer and developer who is very famous among the

He has a follower base of approximately 2.5 lakh followers who are regularly following him and this number are increasing day by day. He is the founder of the famous website named “From Up North”.

This blog writing site is highly popular among his follower. This blog site collects pins from around the world to post it to this post.

This page also shows the graphic design of various types. They also post gigs about posts and many more designs of various types and various times from time to time.

3. Tad Carpenter:

He is a famous designer having more than 80000 active followers on punters. He is famous for being a designer and collective carpenter who is very good is illustrator designing.

He has a very active base of followers for having a broad range of retro pop themes logos and various kinds of designs and various results. He is inspiring a huge follower base via various kinds of design.

4. Mr. Cup:

Mr. Cup is a French graphic designer who is very passionate about image and graphic

He has a huge follower base who are inspired by his various kind of designs about letterpress, map identities, and many kinds of designs.

The followers can be inspired by his designs and for that, anyone can take inspiration from his work to do new work.

5. Jessica Hirsche:

Jessica Hirsche is one the most seen designer in social media like Pinterest. She has attracted her follower through her good skills as an illustrator.

He has a good portfolio which is very much rich. And her personality is having more impact than her work on her followers.

She has a lot more work in her Pinterest account which is very much influencing her audiences.

6. Richard Baird:

He is a British Designer and writer who is currently working as a freelance worker. He basically works in brand identity designing.

He has a very enriched Pinterest account filled with various designs regarding branding.

Anyone can take inspiration from his design to design logos, packaging and many more. He is worthy of following if someone is looking for inspiration to do some design work.

7. Luke Tonge:

He is a graphic designer and Art director currently working in the United Kingdom, famous for his work in Pinterest.

He showed his expertise in the famous magazine named boat magazine. His design focus on Poster design, book design and many more.

8. Rusty Cook:

He shows his interest in branding and about illustrator and designing through Pinterest. He mainly focuses on brand identity and online promotion and mobile and web app.

He has a huge follower base on Pinterest.

9. Jeff Andrews:

He is a graphic Designer who mainly works in an illustrator for the logo and brand identity. His Pinterest post mainly focus on brand identity and design related post and tips about

10. Fabio Sasso:

He is a social media celebrity who has a follower base of 5000 who are
following him daily for the post of web and graphic designing. He is currently inspiring has
these followers by posting an inspirational posts on Pinterest.

11. Jenna Chambers:

She has a colorful board of Pinterest by which she motivates her follower
to design a business card, web template, and many more.

Her works are inspiring a lot of people to design business cards and print-related items.

12. Jen Vasseur:

He is a designer based in Connecticut and mainly works on web design and
web development and he has a very wide number of pin regarding color and font selection.

He has some interesting pin about color selection which he finds useful in the website.

13. Xinkui Wang:

best pinterest board for graphic designer

This designer has vest pins about mobile design. He is a famous Chinese
designer who basically works and pins about mobile design and apps and mobile logo design.

So he can be a great inspiration for those who are looking for inspiration to become a mobile Designer

14. Terry Holtze:

She is a well-known web designer famous for her work on web design-related work.

Her web design shows very much heavy and responsive design and she loves
beautiful work and provides inspiration to those who are looking for it.

15. Adam Smith:

Famous for his typography and web design on Pinterest and also has a great board on branding and packaging design in his Pinterest account by which he inspires his
followers to do web and graphic design.

16. Violeta Patolova:

This Bulgarian designer has a wide variety of pinboards like almost 50
boards on Pinterest to inspire his follower base.

He works in typography, product, and package design, and web design and he has this type 50 board by which he inspires his followers.

17. Oen Hammonds:

He is a popular person on Pinterest having approximately 25000 followers and has a variety of talents regarding artistic work. He is good at product and package. Designing, photography, illustrator and this type of artistic things. He maintains his huge fan base by his artistic various pins.

18. Derek Kimball:

He is a great inspiration for the graphic designer especially those who are
new in this sector and he provides literally everything regarding graphic designing which will force you to feel interested in graphic designing.

19. Malin Otmalm:

He basically designs about typography and designs related to type. he
posts pins about typography by which he maintains a follower base by posting regularly on Pinterest.

20. Nancy Charter:

She is a very talented designer specializing in logo design. She inspires her followers by pinning various logo designs and providing tips for the newbie's of the sector.

Her post covers pins about the illustrator, art logo, and many more things. Here are some famous designers of Pinterest.

There are thousands of designers who are regularly inspiring their fan base via posting their work on Pinterest.

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