Top 15 Best Google Translate Alternatives for Accurate Results

To translate text, audio, and webpages from one language into another, Google Translate is a free worldwide machine translation tool.

It provides a web interface, Android and iOS mobile apps, and an API that programmers may use to create software applications and browser extensions.

Translations among English and Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and many more languages are supported by Google Translate.

Google Translate

Year Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States
CEO: Sundar Pichai

Key Features:

  • Wide range of language support.
  • Integration with other Google products.
  • Text-to-speech.
  • Multiple input and output methods.

Pricing Info:

Google Translate is a free service.

Google Translate pros and cons

ConvenienceLimited accuracy
Wide range of language supportLimited context and cultural sensitivity
Integration with other Google productsIt may not support all of the languages that you need.

List Of Amazing Google Translate Alternatives:

Questsoft Qtranslate

Year Founded: 1996
Headquarters: San Francisco, California 
CEO: Michael Berman

A machine translation technology called QuestSoft QTranslate is employed to translate texts & documents from one language to some other. Businesses and organizations utilize this commercial translation software to translate a variety of information, including documents.

QuestSoft QTranslate is a practical option for companies and organizations wishing to automate their translations, which is impossible with Google Translate. QuestSoft QTranslate is simple to connect to other apps and systems.

Key Features:

  • Text translating in any text selection-supporting application
  • Speech synthesis
  • Text recognition for images
  • Search in online dictionaries

Pricing Info

A free translation for Windows is called QTranslate.

Questsoft Qtranslate pros and cons:

You can convert written text into spoken text with it.There must be an internet connection.
Compared to similar programs, it uses fewer system resources.That is not necessarily true.
Utilize portable QuestSoft QTranslate from a USB driveNot proficient in all languages

Yandex Translate

Year Founded: 1997
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
CEO: Arkady Volozh.

Yandex, a Russian multinational corporation, offers Yandex Translate, a machine translation service. Users may translate text or web pages from one language to another with this free online application. Yandex Translate creates accurate translations using cutting-edge machine-learning techniques.

A large number of languages, some of which Google Translate does not handle, are supported by Yandex Translate. Because of this, people who need to convert between languages that aren’t frequently supported through other translations should consider using it.

Key features:

  • Yandex Translate supports a large number of languages.
  • Option of selecting the languages they want to translate into.
  • Yandex Translate is simple to incorporate.
  • It enables users to edit their translations.

Pricing Info

A free online translation tool.

Yandex Translate pros and cons:

Yandex Translate supports a large number of languages.Limited alternatives for translation in certain languages.
Users of Yandex Translate can edit their translations.Some languages’ translations are of lower caliber and precision.
Yandex Translate makes use of cutting-edge machine learning techniques.The translations produced by Yandex Translate could be inaccurate.

Lingva Translate

Year Founded: 1990
Headquarters: Serbia
CEO: Maria Samarina

It works as an open-source & free translation and has more than 100 languages available. The dark mode is included in Lingva Translate for ease of operation in low light.

With Lingva Translate, you can turn written language into spoken text. It is seen as a replacement for secrecy.

Lingva Translate asserts that in order to provide precise and trustworthy translations, it uses qualified translators and cutting-edge translation technology.

This may make it a superior option to Google Translate for more intricate or subtle translations that demand close attention to detail.

Key Features:

  • It supports more than 100 different languages.
  • It functions as a free and open-source translation.
  • Lingva Translate has a dark mode for convenience. 
  • With Lingva Translate, you can turn written language into spoken text.

Pricing Info:

 It is freely available.

Lingva Translate pros and cons:

User friendly.Inadequate language support
Have several languages.Not to ensure privacy.
Free to use.Low Resolution.

Microsoft Translator

Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, United States
CEO: Satya Nadella

The door to a larger world is open with the help of Microsoft Translator. Now, applications for each of your favorite gadgets have been carefully created to translate anything, everywhere, and at any moment into approximately 50 different languages.

Translating voice, written language, online content, restaurant menus, and even street signs is possible.

Microsoft Translator is more focused on certain language pairings or topic areas than Google Translate, making it a superior option for some translation tasks.

Key Features:

  • Support for more than 70 languages.
  • The incorporation of Microsoft Office, Outlook, but also Skype.
  • The capacity to translate real-time interactions, photos, and text.
  • Translation APIs for integration into other applications.

Pricing Info

Microsoft Translator’s pricing details aren’t made public.

Lingva Translate pros and cons:

Wide language support.The cost of skilled translation services varies.
Integration with Microsoft products.Limited accessibility of some language or language pair combinations.
Professional human translation option.Not freely available.


Year Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Not Publicly Disclosed.
CEO: Not Publicly Disclosed.

For comparative readings, a customized browser add-on called Saladict was developed for online translation. For several of the major languages, it offers substantial dictionaries. Some of its advantages include customization, Wikipedia links, support for many languages, and online translation.

Instead of copying and pasting the content into a different translation tool, Saladict enables you to translate words or phrases immediately on web pages.

If you are doing a lot more reading or studying in a language that you’re not proficient in, this might be extremely useful, as Google Translate does not offer it.

Key Features:

  • Support for multiple languages.
  • In-page translation of words and phrases.
  • Alternatives for modifying the way translations look.
  • Integration with additional programs and services, like Pleco and Anki.

Pricing Info

Saladict is a free tool.

Saladict pros and cons:

The convenience of in-page translations.Limited to use in the Chrome browser.
Customization options.Not offer as comprehensive.
Integration with other tools.Not to ensure privacy.

Mate Translate

Year Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Riga, Latvia
CEO: Not Publicly Disclosed.

Text translations, speech-to-text conversion, and sometimes even device synchronization are all available with Mate Translate, which supports 103 languages.

It is regarded as a choice that respects privacy. Mate Translate’s translation tool is intended to offer quick and precise translations of words and expressions in many different languages.

Mate Translate asserts that in order to provide accurate translations, a staff of qualified translators and cutting-edge translation technologies are combined.

Because of this, it could be preferable to Google Translate for translations that need to be more intricate or subtle and require careful attention to detail.

Key Features:

  • For in-person translations, use the Instant Translation function.
  • Customization options for the appearance of translations.
  • Integration with other tools and services.
  • Offline translation capability.

Pricing Info: 

The premium version’s price is not made publicly known.

Mate Translate pros and cons:

Customization options.There are occasions when translation just fails.
Integration with other tools.Not so comprehensive.
Wide language support.All facilities are not free.


Year Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Petersburg, Russia
CEO: Jean Senellart

Systran is a business specializing in software and services for language translation. Additionally, Systran provides a variety of language interpreters for various languages and language combinations.

This can be helpful for people who want translations across languages that Google Translate or other automatic translation technologies do not adequately cover.

The fact that Systran provides a variety of expert translation services and solutions, such as machine translation, people translation, including translation management software, makes it preferable to Google Translate.

These goods and services are made for commercial use, content production, and many other things.

Key Features:

  • A firm called Systran provides a variety of language translation tools and services.
  • These goods and services are intended for commercial use.
  • Customization options for the appearance of translations.
  • Integration with other tools and services.

Pricing Info

Systran’s products and services are offered on a subscription.

SYSTRAN pros and cons:

Systran also offers specialized language translation.Not comprehensive.
It helps to guarantee the accuracy and dependability of translations.Not always accurate.
The solutions are tailored to the specific language.Some features are not free.

Baidu Translate

Year Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Beijing, China
CEO: Robin Li

Chinese technology company Baidu offers a translation service called Baidu Translate. It provides automatic speech and text translation between Chinese and also other languages.

It provides a variety of specialist translation services, including translation for certain sectors, websites, and documents.

Because Baidu is a Chinese corporation and may have access to data and resources for certain language pairings, it may provide superior quality translation for Chinese to English conversions when compared to Google Translate.

Key Features:

  • Text and voice translation between Chinese as well as other languages.
  • Translation of websites and documents.
  • Translation for specific industries, such as finance and legal.
  • Integration with other Baidu products, such as the Baidu search engine.

Pricing Info

There is no accessible information about specific prices.

Baidu Translate pros and cons:

It may offer better translation quality for Chinese to English translations.Limited to translations between Chinese and other languages.
Specialized translators for particular sectors and content kinds.It may not be as widely used or supported as other translation services.
Integration with other Baidu products.All features are not free.


Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Chicago
CEO: Chrysanthou

Users may translate text and webpages from one language to another using the translation service

The user may personalize the translations by choosing certain translation choices and adding context to the content being translated. It provides a variety of language pairings.

Compared to Google Translate, has additional customization choices, including the opportunity to define the translation’s kind (for example, general, professional, or legal), tone (for example, formal or informal), and target audience.

Key Features:

  • Unique translation memory.
  • Gives automated translation suggestions. 
  • Import/Export functionality for various file formats.
  • Screenshots with in-editor preview and auto-key recognition.

Pricing Info: 

It is free to use.

Translate.Com pros and cons:

It is free.Produces translation with grammatical errors.
It is fast.Results are not always accurate.
It is convenient.Sometimes translation fails.


Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
CEO: Oliver Storz

For iOS and Android smartphones, iTranslate is a translating and language-learning app. It provides a variety of functions for text and speech translation, as well as for studying and using new languages. Additionally, it provides audio pronunciation, translation storage, and organization options.

For many languages and language pairings, iTranslate also provides a variety of language translation services.

This can be helpful for people who want translations across languages that Google Translate or even other machine translation technologies do not adequately cover. The fact that iTranslate works offline is another consideration.

Key Features:

  • Phrasebook for common expressions and phrases.
  • Audio pronunciation.
  • Ability to save and organize translations.
  • Offline mode for when an internet connection is not available.

Pricing Info

There is no accessible information about specific prices.

iTRANSLATE pros and cons:

A complete set of tools for studying and translating languages.Some features may require an in-app purchase or subscription.
Available offline.The correctness of the translations has been a source of complaints from certain users.
Wide range of language options.Not every feature is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Translate’s restrictions?

Google Translate routinely produces translations with significant grammatical errors.

What is the operation of Google Translate?

Google Translate is powered by both human inputs throughout its Translate Community and neural machine translation (NMT).

What is the accuracy of Google Translate?

For a high-quality translation, Google Translate may reach close to 90% accuracy rates, with only 10% requiring revision.

What algorithm is used by Google Translate?

Google Translate’s NMT technology makes use of a huge artificial neural network’s deep learning capabilities.


Compared to Google Translate, certain translation services include greater customization choices, including the opportunity to define the translation’s kind (general, technical, or legal), tone (formal or informal), and target audience.

Some translation companies provide both human and machine translation services. It may be preferable to engage a human translator if you want a translation of especially high quality or if the text being translated is delicate or highly technical.

Some translation services include a translation memory function that saves previously translated text so customers may reuse it for new translations.

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