10+ Perfect Google Alerts Alternatives for Your Business

Simple to use, Google Alerts is a content change detection and notifications service that sends emails when it finds new results related to the keyword that you set.

Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Apart from the necessary features, one of its best features is that it also sends security alerts whenever it detects any suspicious activity from your account. You can set the alerts daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also use it to monitor data and track activities. 

Pros: Fast to set keywords; everything is delivered to you through emails

Cons: It can get annoying when you are in the middle of something, and suddenly notifications start popping up, or sometimes alerts are sent that do not pertain to the subscribed content. 

List Of Top Google Alerts Alternatives to Try in 2023: 


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Paris, France

Mention, a social listening and media monitoring platform with over 4000 enterprise clients, has been around for more than ten years and helps 750k users in 125 countries analyze audience perception on social media and the web.

Unlike Google Alerts, Mention facilitates the monitoring of various other things besides web news. 

Pros: Effortless way of keeping tabs on who we should say thank you to or to monitor the success and activity campaigns; it helps us to stay on top of things

Cons: Sometimes, you can find irrelevant results that can be annoying. Sometimes it gets confusing which link to click to see the article or mention. 


Year Founded: 2015
Headquarters: West Coast, Western Us.

If you’re looking for a social listening tool that gives brands access to data that matters to their business, then Awario is the perfect tool for you. It provides you with real-time mentions from every corner of social media and the web. 

It is shareable and flexible and can give white-label reports and boolean alerts that give you laser-accurate results. It is a paid software with a free 7-day trial and a subscription cost of 29 and 24 dollars a month when billed monthly and annually, respectively. 

Pro: Easy to set up, gives very fast and accurate information on an easy-to-read dashboard, is clean, and has excellent customer support. 

Con: Passive monitoring, limited to look mention per month, limits to filter, and amount of info reported back in reports. 

Social Search

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Saint Petersburg City, Russia Federation

Almost a perfect Google Alerts alternative is social search. This software utilizes the elements of behavior ( implicit and explicit) stored as metadata to mainly search user-generated content search queried on social media platforms.

It provides an effective way of disambiguating results and real-time insights into data. 

Pro: Helps build a human network, negligible spamming,  more business, and traffic can be derived based on social graphs. 

Con: Without proper control, users can corrupt the search results with spam results. Long keywords employed by users are not suited for social search as they are rarely used. 


Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Based In The City Center Of Luxemburg

One of the best Google Alerts alternatives is Talkwalker, a time-efficient, enterprise-level social listening tool.

It can provide strategic, real-time insights and track a brand’s global reputation and sentiment online or on social, TV, radio, and print platforms.

Even big companies like Adidas and Duracell are some of the 2000 companies’ brands on Talkwalker roaster of clients. 

Pro: Fast and easy to use, super cool in widgets and reporting, you can send emails to users and crisis monitoring, comprehensive and useful. 

Con: Data mining is poor, and sentiment tagging and listening are very limited on Facebook and Instagram; sometimes, it shows different data on the dashboard, and then when you download it, the data becomes different. 


Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Brighton, United Kingdom

Owned by Cision, Brandwatch is a social media analytics tool that allows companies to understand consumer insights, influencers, trends, and brand perception.

It currently offers two solutions: consumer intelligence and social media management. Unlike Google Alerts, it monitors many more sources than Google Alerts and has some extra features like geolocation. 

Pro: Flexible and scalable and can adapt to all types of organizations. Good connection via API, improve customer experience, highly programmable setup, useful and clear UI. 

Con: The price point is high compared to its other competitors, and UI sometimes struggles with larger categorization. 


Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Integrated with all major social media platforms is Hootsuite, a social media management platform.

It provides you with real-time insights, and you can use it to create, schedule, publish and manage your content and campaign from a single dashboard.

Unlike Google Alerts, it has great customer support services like FAQs, chat, 24/7(live rep), and phone support which makes it a good Google Alerts alternative. 

Pro: The ability to duplicate old posts and edit them whilst doing is very useful; the social media listening and scheduling tool is very handy with a useful drag-and-drop feature

Con: Not being able to edit a scheduled post within 5 minutes of the scheduled post time can be frustrating, has tech issues, and has fewer custom options. 

Brand 24

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Poland

Brand 24 is a software company that provides social media monitoring solutions and access to mentions of your brand across the web.

Unlike Google Alerts, brand 24 is loaded with features, the volume of processed data as well as scopes. It is a paid software with a free trial and subscription of 49 dollars per month. 

Pro: Easy to use platform, the coordinated follow-up process, real-time monitoring, and gives a simple way to organize on the platform. 

Con: The mobile app has a lot fewer features and can be improved. 


Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Brighton, United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a priceless Google Alert alternative that can help you find out what’s trending and interesting.

What’s being shared so that you can use that knowledge to create and publish similar content, then BuzzSumo is the perfect place for you.

Unlike Google Alerts, it is a cloud-based platform that allows you to download CSV, excel doc, or pdf of chosen mentions and engagement metrics generated by your alerts. 

Pro: Accurate social share counts, competitor research, keyword search, brand mentions, backlist checking, content research, following trending news. 

Con: Can sometimes get buggy when integrated with slack, has no automated reports

Loco Buzz

Year Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The only Indian company on the list is Loco buzz, a unified customer experience, social media analytics, and an engagement platform.

It is the most user-friendly tool for any ORM department and is data enriched tool for customer study. It is a great tool for a low cost with very useful tools that a brand possibly needs. 

Pro: Ticketing auto conversation from the social media negative comments, real-time visualization reporting, data extraction, and DIY  dashboards integrate smoothly into your CRM systems. 

Con: Auto replies cannot see comments on actual comments, influencers’ stream can be more streamlined, e-commerce listening, slow updates, and due to that, it is a bit outdated. 


Year Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Netherlands

Just like brand 24, meltwater is also loaded with features that do not come with Google Alerts.

It is an online brand monitoring company designed to fasten the process of scheduling content and engaging with the community.

It offers you real-time insights required to manage your brand, understand competition and keep up with industry trends. It is also a paid app with a free trial. 

Pro: Media contacts, pitching, picking up radio interviews, data range options are good, and media contacts are handy. 

Con: No expanded templates for e-mails, No report options, send repeated versions of the same radio interviews at various time intervals. 

Google Alerts Alternatives


What do Google Alerts allow you to do?

You can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google Search. 

Is there a limit on Google Alerts?

Make more than one alert. There’s a limit of 1,000 alerts per person, which you’ll probably never use.

Do Google Alerts expire?

Google Posts are displayed for seven days before they disappear, and an e-mail alert is automatically sent just before expiration.

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