15+ Top Goldman Sachs Competitors and Alternatives

The most recognizable company on the streets of Manhattan, ranking second in terms of revenue and consistently acquiring positions on the fortune 500 lists, Goldman Sachs is known to everyone.

From funding startups to playing the role of merchant bankers in the Initial Public Offering or asset management and investment banking, Goldman Sachs is an expert in this field.

It has reported consolidated revenue of more than 58 Million US Dollars, and its stock is currently trading at 32.58 USD. 

Goldman Sachs Competitor

1. Morgan Stanley

With offices in more than 40 countries and a footfall of more than 70000 employees, Morgan Stanley is considered one of the crucial companies for financial decisions.

It was formed in 1935, merged in 2001, and gained its original name Morgan Stanley in the memory of the founder. It has reported a revenue of more than 58 million US Dollars, and its stock is currently trading at 86.45 USD.

Morgan Stanley has worked with various institutions, governments, and national and international companies. 

2. JP Morgan Chase

Talking about the largest universal bank and the custodian bank that works in private banking, private wealth management, investment banking, etc.

JP Morgan Chase is the most significant player in this industry, and it is considered one of the most important banks in America by the Financial Stability Board.

It has reported consolidated revenue of more than 115 Billion US Dollars. The stock is currently trading at 131.27 USD.

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3. Credit Suisse 

The global investment and asset management bank in one of the largest and most expensive economies regarding the standard of living, Credit Suisse, was founded in Zurich, Switzerland.

It works in private banking, merchant banking, and shared services. It has accumulated assets of more than US Dollars 1.5 Trillion.

It has reported a revenue of more than 30 billion US Dollars, and its stock is currently trading at $6.97. Credit Suisse is one of the largest banks in Switzerland in terms of revenue. 


The third-largest bank, along with others in terms of market capitalization, CITI has spread its hands in many ventures of banking and investing globally.

It is considered one of the nine in the market. It has branches in more than 150 nations and a customer range between 150-200 million.

It has reported a revenue of more than 20 billion US Dollars, and its stock price is currently trading at 53.62 US Dollars. 

5. BlackRock

Microsoft and Google are often considered the most prominent companies globally due to market capitalization.

Still, this company is one of the oldest and more prominent in market capitalization than various tech companies in America.

BlackRock holds more than 10 trillion assets, a customer base in more than 90 countries, and offices in more than 25 countries.

It has reported consolidated revenue of more than US Dollar 5 Billion. Its stock is trading at 666.52 USD, which is higher than the other players in the market. 

6. Bank of America

Often confused with the national bank of America, Bank of America is by far the second-largest bank in America and the 9th largest on earth.

It has assets of more than US dollars 1.800 Trillion. It operates in more than 35 countries and serves more than 100 million customers.

It has reported a revenue of more than US Dollars 85 Billion and a net income of US Dollar 35 Billion. Its stock is currently trading at 37.02 USD.

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7. UBS

UBS was founded in Zurich, the largest bank in the most expensive economy. According to a report, it is the most critical bank globally.

With a market capitalization of more than $60 BILLION us Dollars, it is the third-largest player in the industry.

It has reported a revenue of more than USD 37.222 Billion, and its net profit for the year 2021 was more than $7 Billion.

UBS is the official forex exchanger of America and directly gets involved with them in transactions.


Founded in 1848 and today is the world’s most extensive independent asset management and investment venture, LAZARD has come a long way.

Spread in more than 50 countries, it primarily focuses on mergers, strategic investment, acquisitions, and private equity management.

It has a market capitalization of more than 400 million. It reported a revenue of more than 3 Billion US Dollars, and currently, its stock is trading at 35.57 USD.

9. Evercore

Founded by three individuals as an independent investment venture which currently stands at a valuation of more than $4 Trillion.

Evercore now deals in startup funding, asset management, investing, and private equity. It is spread in more than ten countries and cities, offering daily services to various customers.

It has recorded a spectacular revenue of more than $3 Billion US Dollars even after having a presence in very few countries compared to others. Its stock is currently traded at $115.15 US Dollars. 

10. Moelis & Company 

One of the key investment banks of New York, which deals in all the investment-related avenues, Moelis & Company is the most profitable company of employees.

Moelis & Company is the leading competitor of Goldman Sachs. It has more than 15 offices in America and various branches globally.

In the first year of its commencement, it secured its place in the top 10 banks in terms of investment. Its stock price is currently valued at $46.81 US Dollars. It reported a massive revenue of US dollars 1.5 Billion. 

11. Houlihan Lokey

A famous company in Los Angeles that deals in Capital Market and Asset management. Houlihan Lokey has held the position of being the number one advisor for the past five years.

It contains a specialization in Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Finance, Financial Valuation, etc. It has also ventured into other services such as Data & Analytics, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc.

It has more than 25 branches globally and several branches in America. It has reported a revenue of more than $1.5 Billion US Dollars.  

12. Rothschild & Co

From having its roots in the Royal British and French Family to becoming one of the famous Banking institutions of America, Rothschild & Co has been in the business for more than 150 years.

It has faced many disputes and frauds in this journey, such as Switzerland’s one of the biggest real estate scams. It has assets of more than 78 Billion Euros, and it has reported a revenue of more than 1.6 Billion Euros. 

Goldman Sachs Competitors

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