10 Top GMC Terrain Competitors: #2 Will Surprice You

The GMC Terrain faces tough competition from a range of impressive rivals in the compact SUV market. Notable competitors include the Chevrolet Equinox, which shares a platform and offers similar features and performance?.

The Ford Escape stands out for its fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving dynamics. The Honda CR-V impresses with its spacious interior, reliability, and advanced safety features.

The Toyota RAV4 offers a blend of off-road capability, hybrid powertrain options, and strong resale value. Additionally, the Nissan Rogue showcases stylish design, a comfortable ride, and advanced technology features.

With such fierce competitors, buyers have a diverse selection of options to consider when choosing a compact SUV that suits their needs and preferences?.

GMC Terrain 

Under the GMC brand, American automaker General Motors produces the GMC Terrain.

The smallest GMC car, positioned below the Acadia, is the Terrain. For 2020, a variety of active safety technologies, such as automatic braking, blind-spot monitors, automated brake assist, and active lane control, have been made standard?.

On high-trim vehicles, autopilot and a stereo sound camera system are still options.

Another advantage of the Terrain is its fuel efficiency, so it’s not unexpected that GMC eliminated the turbodiesel from its portfolio given the effectiveness of the two turbo-4 engines

Year founded: 1908
Headquarters: Detroit, United States
CEO: Mary Barra

GMC Terrain  Key Features:

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert.
  • Rear Park Assist?.
  • Alexa Built-In.
  • Available Wireless Charging.

GMC Terrain  Pricing info:

The cost of the GMC Terrain 2022 in India is RS. 2,358,048?.

GMC Terrain  Pros and cons

•Stylish Enough to Turn Heads.• Reduces the SUV’s Performance Capabilities with Base Engine.
•Handles and Rides Well.• There are certain drawbacks to an automatic transmission.
• The usual engine is a turbocharged one.• Lackluster acceleration that could be better.

Below Are Some Best Competitors Of GMC Terrain

Chevrolet Equinox 

A line of crossover SUVs from Chevrolet called the Equinox first debuted in 2004 and again for the 2005 model year?.

Despite having a modest starting price, Equinox is well-equipped. Even entry-level vehicles are equipped with keyless entry/ignition, a turbo 1.5-liter multiple Engine, a 4 Gigabit Ethernet Wi-Fi hotspot, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

All versions of the compact SUV provide optional all-wheel-drive in addition to the front-wheel drive that is standard.

A 2021 Chevrolet Equinox becomes significantly more accessible and inexpensive than a 2021 GMC Terrain, but it’s also available at a lot better pricing point. New 2021 Chevrolet Equinox that’s every bit as dependable, Cozy, and user-friendly as the 2021 GMC Terrain?.

Year founded: 1911
Headquarters: Detroit, United States
CEO: Mary Barra

Chevrolet Equinox  Key Features:

  • Five-seat compact SUV.
  • 170-hp, turbo four-cylinder engine.
  • Apple Car Play & Android Auto standard. 
  • Automatic?.

Chevrolet Equinox  Pricing info: 

The cost of the Chevrolet Equinox RS in India for 2022 is Rs. 2,224,992?. (Without Tax).

Chevrolet Equinox  Pros and cons

•A strong, typical, exceptional, and capable engine.• Interior design that needs significant improvement.
•Outstanding ride quality and fluid driving.• Inadequate cargo space compared to the competition.
• Effortless steering that meets our expectations.• A base engine will leave you wanting more.

Buick Encore 

General Motors has been producing the Buick Encore as a compact crossover SUV since 2012?.

Afterward, the Rendezvous, Rainier, & Enclave, is Buick’s fourth SUV overall and a subcompact crossover SUV.

Because the Encore is a compact crossover SUV, it offers the same power as SUVs in a more compact shape. The inside only differs in that it may be more outfitted.

The regular 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain remains the same because Buick continues to not offer the 153 hp engine as an option.

The biggest modification is that an available all-wheel-drive system is now an option?.

Year founded: 2012
Headquarters: Detroit, United States
CEO: Dan Akerson

Buick Encore  Key Features:

  • Available Head-Up Display.
  • Available Rear Camera Mirror.
  • Wireless Android Auto Compatibility?.
  • Wireless Apple Car play Compatibility.

Buick Encore  Pricing info: 

Buick Encore 2021 costs RS.1,714,944 in India? (without Tax).

Buick Encore  Pros and cons

•Simplified trim choices.• Expensive for just a small-size SUV.
•Strong and competent single-engine option.• Excessive road noise.
• Two available safety packages provide variety.• Lack of hybrid options.


A range of subcompact premium crossovers built by BMW is known as the X1?.

The first-generation X1, which debuted in 2009, was designed again on E90 3 Series and comes standard with rear-wheel drive.

When it comes to mileage, the BMW X1 is a little more efficient. The BMW X1 achieves 24 city MPG and 33 highway MPG.

In contrast, the GMC Terrain achieves city and highway mileage ratings of 24 and 29, respectively.

Automatic two-zone temperature control with separate settings for the driver and front passenger is standard on the BMW X1?.

All four variations provide unique seat adjustment choices to accommodate personal preferences. GMC Terrain lacks in these aspects.

Year founded: 1916
Headquarters: Germany
CEO: Oliver Zipse

BMW X1 Key Features:

  • Power Steering.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System.
  • Passenger Airbag?.
  • Automatic Climate Control.

BMW X1 Pricing info: 

The price for the BMW X1 ranges from 41.45 lakhs to 44.46 lakhs?.

BMW X1 Pros and cons

•Spacious Interior.• Quirky Infotainment.
•Useful Drive Modes.• Quickly Growing Price Tag.
• generous safety features.• Stiff ride and a noisy cabin.

Audi Q3

A small premium crossover SUV developed by Audi is called the Q3. The Q3 went into production in 2011 and sports a front engine positioned transversely?.

The Mercedes GLA, VW Tiguan, and BMW X1 are competitors of the Audi Q3, a high-end compact SUV. The GMC Terrain and Audi Q3 both have somewhat more horsepower.

Since Audi Q3 has far less speed than GMC Terrain, it won’t normally feel as strong or speedy.

Both the Audi Q3 as well as the GMC Terrain can accommodate roughly the same number of passengers in terms of seats?.

Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Ingolstadt
CEO: Markus Duesmann

Audi Q3 Key Features:

  • The gearbox is a 7-speed DCT.
  • Several cylinders are 4.
  • Transmission is automatic.
  • The drive type is AWD?.

Audi Q3 Pricing info: 

Price ranges from 42.14 lakhs to 52.70 lakhs for the Audi Q3?. 

Audi Q3 Pros and cons

•Sporty style that has evolved and good build quality.• Efficient & punchy 2.0 turbo-diesel is no longer available. 
•Increased cabin space and practicality.• Pricey Package. 
• solid driving habits and tuned ride quality.• The cabin is best suited for 4 adults, not five.

Ford Escape

Ford has marketed four iterations of the Ford Escape, a small crossover SUV, since 2000.

Due to its superb safety features, state-of-the-art technology systems, and roomy cabin, – Ford Escape is among the most popular local SUVs on the market?.

For this model year, the Escape is getting some intriguing improvements.

Despite being attractive and powerful, the GMC Terrain suffers from the absence of an optional 2.0-liter engine.

Although not everyone will like the new design of the Ford Escape, the updated Escape has enough positive attributes to win our vote over the Terrain?.

Founded: 1903
Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan, United States
CEO: Jim Farley

Ford Escape Key Features:

  • Pre-collision assist.
  • Cruise control.
  • Rearview camera.
  • Navigation?‍?.

Ford Escape Pricing info: 

The Escape starts at $25,555 whereas, Escape Titanium retails for $35,490?.

Ford Escape Pros and cons

•Powerful Turbocharged Engines.• Sluggish Handling.
•Efficient Hybrid Engine.• Lackluster Exterior Design.
• Dynamic All-Wheel drive.• Basic entry-level features.

Honda CR-V

Since 1996, Honda of Japan has been producing the Honda CR-V, a small crossover SUV that was first offered in North America in 1997?.

It has an SUV body style and is built on the Civic base. It offers the greatest fuel efficiency in its class, which is unquestionably advantageous given the rising cost of fuel. Its technical elements are yet another appealing quality.

Families and individuals looking for a dependable and adaptable vehicle choose the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Honda CR-V.

But there are several notable areas in which they diverge. GMC Terrain is not as advanced as Honda in these aspects?.

Founded: 1995
Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo
CEO: Takuya Tsumura

Honda CR-V Key Features:

  • Spacious interior, fuel efficiency, reliability.
  • Comfortable ride.
  • Variety of engine options (gas and hybrid).
  • Variety of standard and available safety features?.

Honda CR-V Pricing info: 

Its basic cost ranges from Rs. 28.27 Lakh to Rs. 32.77 Lakh?.

Honda CR-V Pros and cons

•Excellent Honda Sensing Safety Suite.• Low Towing Capacity.
•Generous Seating Space.• Mundane Exterior Design.
• Comfortable cabin.• Firm low-speed ride.

Hyundai Tucson

A small crossover SUV called the Hyundai Tucson has been made by the South Korean company Hyundai since 2004?.

It has a reputation for having a roomy cabin, few safety features, and excellent value for the money.

Adults of most ordinary sizes ought to feel quite at home in Tucson. There is plenty of room, and the chairs are very sturdy and pleasant.

Price, fuel efficiency, luggage and space available, and standard equipment should all be taken into consideration when contrasting SUVs such as the GMC Terrain with the Hyundai Venue?.

Founded: 1967
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
CEO: Won-Hee Lee

Hyundai Tucson Key Features:

  • Available in various trims.
  • Hybrid powertrain option
  • All Wheel Drive?.
  • includes ADAS safety features including blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking.

Hyundai Tucson Pricing info: 

The base price is $23,350?.

Hyundai Tucson Pros and cons

•Expressive interior styling.• Expressive exterior styling.
•Fuel Economy.• Touch-sensitive controls.
• Worth Pricing.• Not as engaging to drive.

Jeep Cherokee

Throughout five generations, Jeep produced and sold the Jeep Cherokee range of SUVs.

The Cherokee, which was initially sold as a Jeep Wagoneer version, went from being an entire SUV to one of the compact SUVs to its present iteration, which is a crossover SUV?.

Like its larger sister, the Grand Cherokee, the 2021 Jeep Cherokee is small but formidable, offering enough cargo room and a respectable maximum towing capability.

Both the 2019 Jeep Cherokee as well as GMC Terrain identify two extremes of the subcompact SUV market.

While the Jeep boasts unrivaled off-road capability, the Terrain features a more spacious cabin and quieter ride?‍?.

Founded: 1945
Headquarters: United States
CEO: Christian Meunier

Jeep Cherokee Key Features:

  • power steering.
  • Driver airbag is present.
  • Anti-locking system is present.
  • Power windows front is present?.

Jeep Cherokee Pricing info: 

Jeep Cherokee’s starting base price is Rs. 50 lakh?.

Jeep Cherokee Pros and cons

•Well-weighted Steering.• Lack of Some Driver Aids
•An Excellent Off-roader.• Some driver aids are missing from lower trim levels.
• Comfortable seating user friendly.• Poor fuel economy.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Japanese firm Mitsubishi Motors creates the Mitsubishi Outlander, a small crossover SUV.

It is recognized for its comfortable ride, spacious interior, and advanced safety features. It is typically chosen by families and people looking for a versatile vehicle with a decent balance of speed, fuel economy, and price?.

The cost could be one of the main factors contributing to Outlander’s potential appeal.

The Mirage, which continues to maintain the title of the least expensive new car for sale in the US, is one of the many models from Mitsubishi that are very reasonably priced, making it a worthy competitor of the GMC Terrain?.

Founded: 1918
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
CEO: Takao Kato

Mitsubishi Outlander Key Features:

  • All-wheel drive.
  • Advanced safety features.
  • Roomy space with cozy furniture.
  • The transmission type is automatic?.

Mitsubishi Outlander Pricing info: 

The cost of the Mitsubishi Outlander ex-showroom ranges from Rs. 20.55 Lakh to Rs. 26.93 Lakh?.

Mitsubishi Outlander Pros and cons

•Attractive interior.• Lackluster acceleration in the base model.
•Long warranty.• Some reviews complained about how poorly made the inside materials were.
• Advance Safety Features.• More expensive than most of its rivals.

Nissan Rogue

The Japanese automaker Nissan manufactures the Nissan Rogue, a small crossover SUV. The vehicle is incredibly stunning both inside and out?.

In my opinion, its look is comparable to that of high-end German producers. The internal materials appear to be of extremely good quality and are cozy to the touch.

It offers a spacious interior, a long list of standard amenities, and a powerful engine. The Rogue is indeed a great choice for anybody looking for a durable, affordable, and stylish vehicle. 

Talking about the pricing, the average pricing of the Nissan Vehicles is comparatively cheaper than the GMC Terrain ones, making it a tough competitor of the same?.

Founded: 1933
Headquarters: Yokohama, Japan
CEO: Makoto Uchida

Nissan Rogue Key Features:

  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • improved appropriate safety Pro PILOT Support is offered.
  • Innovative Around View Monitor is available?.
  • a roomy cabin with plenty of cargo space.

Nissan Rogue Pricing info: 

The base price of a 2019 Nissan Rogue is $24,920?. 

Nissan Rogue Pros and cons

•Spacious Interior.• Cheap-looking interior.
•Attractive Styling• Noisy cabin.
• Sharp handling.• No Hybrid Engine


Customers looking to purchase a passenger car may opt against the GMC Terrain for a variety of reasons.

Some customers could choose a different vehicle’s interior features, look, or handling capabilities.?

Others can be tempted to substitute’s security measures or lowering technologies.

Additionally, some customers could be concerned about the terrain’s dependability or quality control and would rather have another car’s reputation or insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the 2012 GMC Terrain a bad purchase?

Many folks regretted their decision to acquire the 2012 GMC Terrain. Even if there are fewer complaints than for the 2011 model, this is most likely because fewer people are purchasing this SUV in the first place.

2. What are the best GMC Terrain Model years?

The greatest late models for the GMC Terrain are 2020 and 2021. On Car Complaints, no users have voiced complaints regarding the model for years.

3. How long does a GMC Terrain transmission last?

The transmission life of a GMC Terrain ranges from 130,000 to 180,000 kilometers. However, by performing routine maintenance, you may increase the durability of your transmission.

4. What are the most common problems with GMC Terrains?

Poor and dysfunctional airbags are a common issue with GMC Terrains. Electronic stability control problems have been documented in the most recent GMC models, including the 2015 model.

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