How to Get More Clients For Your Business: 45 Effective Ways

Clients are the basis of business, and without them, there can be no growth or progress. While it is a fact that clients won’t be knocking on your door every morning as they need your product or service, there are certain tips and tricks that you can use to get a steady client flow.

In order to ensure that you have clients all the while, you will be required to work hard in maintaining the relationships that you build through your business.

It is essential that you plan your marketing approach and promote your product in a certain way that it needs the marketing needs of the hour.

How To Get More Clients For Your Business

Try Find and respond to queries on Social media sites

Many times people approach Twitter to seek advice or recommendations from their peers. In this particular tip, you would be searching for people and helping them with their queries. Although this looks simple, it is the most effective way of finding people who require what you are trying to sell right now. 

Now coming to social media, the advantages of social media are too many and hence cannot be ignored. Many of us are aware of handling social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, but how to know whether you are reaching the correct audience?

The most effective way is to explore social media sites, especially the ones where there are chances of getting new customers. You can also join sites like Reddit, Instagram, or Tumblr to increase the online presence of your business.



Many businesses keep getting referrals because they are really good at the job and they have earned a great reputation for the work they do. While it is a fact that people who have used your services will surely refer you further, waiting for these referrals is something you should avoid!

Instead, we say that you go out and ask for those referrals and make the most of it.

Mail or call your existing customers and ask them for referrals, it will keep you active in the business, and at the same time, your chances of getting referred will increase manifolds.  

Help from agencies 

Partnering with agencies is one of the most efficient ways to get clients. There are numerous agencies out there that assist businesses to get clients, and in return, they charge commission.

You need to keep in mind that the agency you choose has to be credible enough and bigger than your business, and then only will they be efficient enough for your client-gaining process.

Bigger agencies will have clients who are waiting to get the service but haven’t found the right quote or offer. This is where your business shall step in and make the most of the opportunity to get the job. 

Host webinar

Finally, webinars can be a great way of attracting new customers. A webinar is a “workshop” live stream video that teaches or shares advice (related to your business or product) and can do a Q+A with the participants.

Webinars tend to be relatively high as they allow you to connect with your audience, answer their questions, and share your enormous knowledge about a specific topic.

Induce feelings 

When people see someone crying in pain, they feel the pain and react to it. The mirror neurons make it possible in human beings, and this is what you need to use in your marketing technique to invoke an action.

If you are creating advertisements or writing copies for your business, make sure that you add feelings to it that the customer will reciprocate.

Persuasive writing and making will ensure the same, and you will get clients regularly, which will boost your business further. 

Cross-Promote your business

Who are you sharing with? Find them and learn how to promote yourself. If you’re a PR guy, meet up for customer references with a copywriter or graphic designer. Alternatively, you should take note of the organization that Crandall knows: the Wedding Gang, a network of many professionals associated with caterers, DJs, and dressmakers, photographers.

A brief note at the top of your accounting customers’ invoices will be added to ‘excellent computer consultant’ so that your consultant will do likewise for you.

Check back on lost clients.    

There are always some clients whom you may have pitched and got no response or may have denied your services as they found the offer not viable for them. You definitely need to get in touch with them and ask if they are looking for the service again or not.

Try and give them a different offer this time and also let them know of the improved quality of service that you can offer now.

Speaking of it will spark new conversations, and you may end up getting hired for the client you lost months back!   

Use your contact list. 

You should always keep in mind that every contact in your list of email, Skype, and other social media profiles can be a source of clients for you.

It is suggested that you get in touch with them and ask them about how they are doing and how you can be of help to them.

People will surely let you know if they need your services, and this can get you better referrals and more clients at no expense at all. Old contacts can be of immense due to this purpose as you never know who is worth your business on a given day! 

Run Ad Campaigns 

Be it Facebook ads or Google AdWords, both of them are really good for businesses to promote themselves over the internet and their prospective clients.

If you are cash-strapped, you can choose to set a small daily budget which will allow you to test the market.

The benefit is that you can check who has visited your site and all the analytics, which you can later use as a tool to generate leads for your business. Such ads help you to reach out to the masses and get better visibility. 

Try to offer free trials to the customers.

Another approach for new customers is to provide your product with a free trial. “Free trials are a popular way of marketing as they draw new clients and receive positive ratings and feedback,” says Sony West. 

All right, that sounds great, but how do you make them a true return customer? You will show them the importance of what you have to offer by providing free trials and then convert them to returning customers. 

Ever considered blogging?

You would be surprised to know that blogs can help you communicate with your prospects in a better manner. If the content is engaging enough, it will increase interaction with the customer.

People will subscribe to newsletters, comment on post, and also share it. All of these will result in a wider platform for the brand, and more people will get to know about it.

Your blog section is extremely powerful, and you have got it to start using it to the fullest. If you can do the SEO right, these blogs can drive direct traffic to the website. 


To speak about the service or product you offer, having an ebook is essential. It is a great tool for marketing because it lets out the readers all the information, and that too in a pattern that doesn’t promote sales but promotes knowledge.

Your target should be that your eBook reaches out to a wide range of prospects, and then if any of them find it useful, they will get back to you for the service.

If you are planning to give this eBook free of cost, make sure that you take their email IDs before giving them the book. This will give you a list of prospective customers for your business. 

Use Facebook groups 

People are of the word that Facebook for business is as good as non-existent because the organic reach for pages is around 3%.

However, barring the pages, if we take into consideration of Facebook as a whole, it is a great tool for marketing. You can use Facebook groups to spread the word about your business.

Do not go about outrageously promoting the business; rather, help fellow members of the group, and it will come back to you as a business. This strategy does help you in getting new clients and making the most of the available opportunities.

Post Answers on Twitter 

Twitter is one of the most engaging social media platforms that have numerous questions posted on topics that are associated with your business.

Search hashtags that are relevant to your business and try to answer the queries of various people on them. It will represent your business as a virtuous one, and people will come to you for more help and service.

With such an approach, you can directly get in touch with people who are in need of your expertise and that becomes your opportunity to score.

Be a Partner with the complimentary business.

Pair up with companies with a common client base but not directly competitive, and develop strategies on how to approach one another to lead a new company. For instance, a webpage for maternity clothing or a website for baby products could combine to offer customers discounts or deals.

Offline networking 

It is important that apart from the online domain, you get going with the clients in the offline part too. There are various meetings and conferences where your prospective clients visit, and you need to deliver your pitch to them.

It will increase your chances of getting more clients and also it will have a better opportunity for your business.

Giving them a link to your portfolio is a must so that they can check your work and share it with others as well. It can get you better clients and bigger projects, indeed! 

Take clients who have a larger audience base. 

You should never miss out on the chance to work with clients who have a larger audience base. The only reason is that you get a lot more exposure by working with renowned and popular clients just because of the fact that they have a huge customer section.

All the work you do goes out to the audience, and if they feel it is worth it, then they will surely be intrigued to know who has done the work.

Put a link on the bottom of the work that you have done, and it will allow you to get a lot more leads as well as clients when they find it worthy and interesting.  


Clarity, google help out, and Ninja are some of the sites where you can share your skills with others. Make sure that you give out some free sessions in the initial days to let the people know about how you work and what they can expect from you.

You call people in these networks and give them a sample of your service. If they rate you high, then it adds to your profile, and people will only end up hiring those who have higher scores in their profiles.

Choose people who you feel are worthy and then offer them the free sessions, and you will never regret this choice ever again! 

Online courses 

You can create a profile on sites such as Udemy and then offer specialty courses on the domain in which you cater.

For example, if you are into fashion, then offering some courses regarding fashion designing online and then calling them to your business will surely help you get more clients.

If you can once tap into the thousands of students on the website, there are greater chances for you to make huge profits and get a lot of clients for your main business. The popularity of online courses is ever-increasing and hence this is the right step for you to get more clients.            

Package in bundles 

It is always a better idea to offer more to your clients in one single bundle than they would get if they brought the product singularly.

You can bring 3-4 products of your brand and take all of them into one package to get the attention of your customers. When they see such packages, they are more likely to spend their money rather than they would on individual products.

The package bundle offered by PlayStation Sony is a great example as people, for the most part, buy only the bundled version rather than just the console.    


Many businesses work from home, and all their arrangements are made from home itself. While it is truly great because it helps to cut down on costs, it is to be seen that it also restricts you.

For the same reason, you can go to any of the co-working spaces in your area once in a week and work with others. It will help you to be a part of the local coworking community. And your contacts will increase.

You will definitely end up getting clients from these contacts sooner or later.

Make use of online reviews.

Would your business receive customer feedback online? Cultivate and take advantage of the ratings. Link to feedback and post signs on your website asking clients to check out your website on Yelp (or elsewhere on which feedback is conducted).

Social evidence is good, and new clients will try more if they see others support your company.

Serve your existing clients. 

The most important thing is to make sure that your existing client base is kept happy with the service or product that you are offering them.

If they are happy, there are high chances that they will leave great feedback on your website, which will definitely be a pull force in getting new clients over the upcoming days.

Happy clients are the best bet to grow and make a mark for yourself in the market. 

Press releases 

With changing trends in marketing, Public relations has become extremely important in order to sustain the business. +

Press releases are a great way to let the press know about your product or service. If they are convinced, then the same story can go into newspapers and channels, which will make your brand the talk of the town.

It will surely be a great boost to the business, and you will get many new clients who have got your reference from the media itself. 

Instagram marketing 

It is one of the rising stars when it comes to marketing, and this is why it is said that you can use it to the greatest extent to make the most of the opportunity.

The images you click of your product or service can be a great tool to get more clients. Instagram is getting more popular daily, and this is why if you post images on the site, then it will surely get a lot more views than anywhere else.

The idea of hashtags will further help your business to reach out to the target customer group, and also you can now post videos on Instagram regarding your business. 

Make Use of the Google My Business App

The Google My Business application recommends you in the search list whenever people search for you online. It is a free-of-cost service that makes it the most affordable marketing tool for your business.

The Google My Business profile assures that you can find it on Google Search as well as Google Maps whenever someone searches for your product. After this, the listing displays searches, if you have a site or a physical address, and the right time to visit your office.

Competitive analysis 

It is suggested that you do thorough research on all the other businesses in the market that offer services such as yours.

It will allow being better at understanding what the market really wants. Proper competitive analysis will give you a detailed report on what to do and what to avoid.

If you can successfully implement them, your brand will seem better to the customers, and hence you will get more clients than your competitors. Knowing the weakness of other businesses is a great positive on your part.

Become a celebrity 

We do not mean that you have to become a movie star or a cricketer/footballer in order to get more clients. What we want to say is that you have got to develop a considerable reputation for yourself in the domain in which you are working.

If you are on LinkedIn or any other professional network, make sure that you have a positive reputation added to yourself.

People will always check your profile before giving you orders and if they already know you for the great reputation you have, clients will constantly be coming to you without any doubts! 


In the US, more than 30% of the population listens to podcasts regularly. It remains a great opportunity for you to promote engaging content that connects people with your brand.

If the content on the podcast is good, people will reach out to you and want to know more about the service so that they can take it. Putting up case studies and interesting facts on the podcasts will be your key to getting more new clients.    

Handwritten letter 

If you want new clients, try and take them for a surprise. While every client would be expecting a professionally printed letter for your proposal, try and offer them with a handwritten letter instead.

Your handwriting does show a lot about the personality you hold, and this is why if they find it appealing, then your chances of getting selected increase.

This unique way of getting new clients is really effective, and you should give it a try soon!  

Use Quora 

You would be amazed to know that Quora is one of the largest sites in which people post questions on a wide variety of topics every hour.

You need to choose some of them and answer at regular intervals, and you will see that your brand has created a great relationship with the customers and also has won their trust by offering a great solution to their queries.

These questions are heavily indexed in Google, so your response does help you to be better with the SEO as well. 

Use Pinterest Properly

Pinterest gives businesses a very special bid. It’s a way to communicate with peers and influencers, like most social media networks. It’s a social network that clearly focuses on the power of images.

It is quite unique from the other social media networks, especially Facebook and Twitter,  the complete set of rules and the best practices apply whenever it comes to using it for your business.

Controversy is the king. 

Negative publicity and honest opinions can make a lot of difference in your pursuit of getting clients.

Suppose, if you are planning to sell a website development solution to a client and you visit them and speak upright that the website they have presently is absolutely unacceptable.

Though this will give them a shock in the beginning, as you tend to explain to them what’s wrong with the site, they might well end up giving you the project! Such negative approaches and controversial statements can also be made online, which will lead to numerous users reaching out to you. 

Strong SEO strategy 

As businesses tend to move to online domains more than ever before, it is a must that you invest in SEO to set the tone right for your business.

Your online presence should be worth noticing, and it should have a good ranking in SERP or else users will never visit your website. SEO strategies will give your business the much-needed boost over the internet, and you will have a lot wider client base to handle.

Bringing in traffic to the site is the main aim, and with it, you will get hands to a huge number of leads that can be your potential new clients! 

Email list 

You need to be a great organizer of your email list and this will eventually be beneficial for the business.

All the offers and new information you have regarding your products or services need to be shared with the contacts in your email list regularly.

If they keep receiving information, you will surely remain at the “top of the mind recall” section. It will only give you better chance of getting new clients. Email marketing is effective and has earned various businesses enormous profits over the years.

Offline advertisements 

The old is never out of vogue, but it only becomes classy! Offline advertisements are truly classy if you can use them to your advantage; having designed great banners and placards for your business that intrigues people will surely give you more clients.

However, you need to keep in mind the places where your target audience group visits the most and then strategically place the banners in those areas.

It will be greatly effective, and you shall get instant results. Hire innovative and unique designers for the job. 

Showcase results 

The best thing you can do to bring in clients is to show them positive numbers supporting your services.

If your brand has had growth or made profits for other clients, show the numbers and figures to your prospective clients. People are impressed with such real results, and they will surely think of seeking services from you.

Making infographics with such data can be great marketing collateral that can attract new clients to your business. 


You need to take part in various industry-related events so that your business gets more exposure with a host of other people coming to those events. You can also host your own event and invite your customers for a meet-up session.

It will enhance your brand loyalty, and the customers will have a great time which will be represented in their social media feeds! Think deeply; such investment will only lead to your brand’s overall popularity. 

These are some of the essential tips that can give your clientele a major boost. It has helped various marketing brands to reap the rewards, and you can try your luck too! Keep innovating so that your new client is surprised at your approach to work and, in return, refers you to others as well. 

Distribute Flyers

Flyers continue to be a basic but very successful way of promoting your company and ads. These are typically ideally suited for small businesses targeting customers in a specific sector ( e.g., university campuses, residential buildings, workplaces, and industrial areas).

You don’t have to invest in really costly flyers to try out this advertising form. It is better to focus more on the post if you have limited funds, not on the images, graphics, or colors.

FAQs to Get More Clients for your Small Business

How to identify the ideal client?

If you know the type of client you’re looking for, it’s easier to search for customers.  If you don’t have the perfect idea of your ideal client, it would be difficult for you to know where to start. 

Reduce the ideal customer’s emphasis and prevent large target market claims, such as every woman, man, or baby boomer. Few goods are appealing to this broad community, and overwhelming the market would prevent you from implementing viable, customer-focused strategies.

How to go for direct response marketing?

You can use tactics to encourage your customers to carry out a specific action, like choosing to include your email list or requesting more information. Learn to create advertisements for the ideal customers by giving them a free value to start in your funnel. Learn all you can about direct marketing responses as they help you to concentrate on performance.

Make convincing messages telling your ideal crowd why they should be a stupid person not to work with you. Let them know their pain, and they can get away quicker and cheaper than without you.

How to team up with other small businesses?

Taking advantage of the synergy is very efficient in building a business with companies that provide complementary services. For example, if you have an SEO company, plan to partner with a website-building company.

When all is said and done, it helps to build a customer base through connections with either other business owners or customers. Concentrate on the development of human relations. The stronger your relationships, the more likely your customers are to talk about you to their friends. And they’re going to come back the more likely.

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