8 Ways to Get Customers through Instagram

We all are very familiar with Instagram and we know how popular it is especially among youth and also the elderly age group of 18-35. Instagram has a user of over 1 billion and it is the 3rd most used social media platform coming after Facebook and YouTube.On Instagram, we generally post our photos and share very short videos. 

Why is Instagram the best place for more customers?

  • Instagram is known for the great audience base, and it has an audience of all age groups.
  • With the help of Instagram, you reach customers from any corner of the world. 
  • Instagram has several features that are easy to use.
  • All the big brands are on Instagram. 

As it has such huge popularity among masses, it has become a place to do marker for many reputed companies and start-ups. With the help of Instagram, companies can reach their set of targeted populations for promoting and selling their product.

Here are some strategies that your company can follow to reach out to more people and leverage more customers through Instagram: 

Post gripping images

Instagram is mostly used as a visual platform. So, the very first thing that you should do is to post high-quality images on your page.

While posting the image of your product you should be very aware of what you are posting. The image should be creative and should highlight the product that you are promoting. It should be compelling to the eyes of your viewers.

For Example: Calvin Klein an American fashion brand posts very cool and eye-catching images on Instagram. No wonder why they have 20.8 million followers on Instagram.

Making collaboration with influencers

This is the most common strategy used by companies to promote their product. Most people on Instagram follow influencers, both non-celebrity and celebrity influencers.

If a company wants to promote its product, then other than posting about it on its official page it can directly collab with top influencers. By forming a collaboration with top influencers they can reach a larger population with their product and get easy followers for themselves.

For Example: clear.haircare has only 24.2k followers on Instagram but they endorsed Cristiano Ronaldo who has 230M followers on Instagram. As a result, when ‘Clear’ promotes their product on their Instagram page then only 24.2k followers watch it. But when Cristiano Ronaldo posts about Clear on his Instagram page then 230M followers of his view it. This way ‘Clear’ gains popularity among people.

Maintaining consistency in posting

To help you track your performance on Instagram you have to post maintaining consistency. Through research done by Tailwind, it has been found that with more and more posts you will get more likes.

To engage traffic at your channel you need to post at least twice a day. If you are new to business then you will need to post more so that more people get aware of your brand and help you to gain new customers.

For Example: Starbucks remains very active on Instagram. They almost post every day sometimes twice or thrice a day. 

Having a great content strategy

One of the most common strategies to do marketing on social media platforms is to have excellent content. The very first impression of the customer about your company will be through your content.

 If you have proper content that gives an insight into your product, your company’s working culture, the daily life of your employees, the history of your company, etc. then you are good to go.

For example: If you see posts of Microsoft on Instagram, you will notice that they post very informative and interesting images and videos. They post about there work, sometimes they post on current issues, they share their employee’s life and a lot more.

Using Hashtags

Using proper hashtags on your posts will attract more customers and will increase your sales. Your hashtags will help your targeted customers to find you. 

Appropriate hashtags help you to spread awareness of your brand. Sometimes it helps to spread the main message of your product.

For Example: 1st Phorm, an American Vitamins and Supplement company uses #iam1stPhorm and #legionofBoom for promotion. The influencers that they have endorsed use #1stPhorm while promoting 1st Phorm.

Provide offers like discounts and giveaways

Giving away offers like discounts and giveaways always attract customers. It is also a very effective method to increase your sales and promote your products and also increase traffic on your channel.

You will see often on Instagram that many companies give away offers especially during special occasions. If you have loyal customers who help to promote your product through buying, sharing liking your product then you can reward such customers with VIP discounts and giving them VIP membership to them. Such strategies not only attract your customers but also develops a good relationship between you and your customers. 

Proper use of Instagram Stories

You can optimize the use of Instagram stories to promote your product. In the past year ads on Instagram have risen significantly thus providing how effective it is to companies for promotion activities. You can add pictures and videos of your product in your stories and tag people with high followers.

You can also promote your product through your endorsed influencer by making them post your product on their Instagram stories.

With Instagram introducing full screen, vertical story ads recently you can post more about products and give ads of more interesting ads. 

Don’t always Promote

You should always know your limitations. Sometimes, overdoing something spoils the whole thing. Don’t just promote your product all the time. It may sometimes irritate your followers and they may unfollow you.

You should have proper knowledge about the taste and preference of your targeted population and post according to it. Other than promoting if you post non-business staffs then it may gain attention and help you in gaining a few more followers.

The best way to know the taste and preference of your customer is by looking at the comment section and the likes that your posts are getting. If you know what your customer wants then you will get a certain idea about what to post and how much promotion do you need.

For Example: If you see posts of Nike, who have around 117M followers on Instagram, you will see a variety in their posts. Other than promoting themselves, they share various kinds of non-business staffs. 

Here are Some Important Frequently Asked Questions about to Get Customers from Instagram

Do the techniques of getting customers through Instagram really help?

Yes, they do. However, it is highly dependent on you and how you are leveraging all the techniques. All small businesses are now on Instagram because results are effective.

Will it be possible to survive the competition on Instagram?

Competition is almost on all platforms, and to survive that you need to understand the best strategies and implement them accordingly.

What age group will I be able to target?

Instagram has a varied audience base of 14-80 and more. You can target any age group as per your demands.


With time, platforms on social media are evolving. Instagram is no exception. Over the years Instagram has shown us how you can grow your business with its help.

You will notice how influencers have a great effect on promoting your product and increase your sales and increasing traffic on your channel especially through Instagram.

With over 600M monthly active users on users, Instagram provides a great platform, especially for startups to promote their product. So, companies need to take full advantage of these facilities and can follow the above strategies to expand their market, to leverage more customers, and to make a name for themselves in the market.

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