How To Get Clients From YouTube: 10+ Tested Ways

YouTube is one of the leading Social Media platforms on Earth. YouTube was founded on 2007 14th February by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

Today, YouTube has over 2 billion users, which ranks it as #2 as the most-used social media platform after Facebook. 

Today, we see many companies using YouTube as a platform to do Marketing, and through studies, it has been found to be very productive. Entrepreneurs use YouTube to leverage new customers and reach their future prospects. Whenever we watch videos on YouTube, we see ads from various enterprises popping up.  

Why are companies using YouTube as a platform to leverage clients?

  • Amazing audience base.
  • Easy to reach your audience with your services and products.
  • Easy to communicate with your audience.
  • Through YouTube, people can share videos.
  • Easy to track people through YouTube.

Given below are a few strategies that you can follow to leverage new clients for your company.

Tested Ways to get Clients from YouTube

Make a YouTube Channel

The first thing you should do to promote your products and services through YouTube is to make your own YouTube channel.

It may seem a very obvious choice to make, but you should know that there are companies who use an easy way to promote their company’s products through other channels which have a high number of subscriptions.

The problem with promoting your products through other channels is that you may not present your product to the audience in a manner you may like it to present. So it is recommended to start your own company’s channel and then present its products and services in a manner that suits you the best.

For Example Microsoft, an American MNC that provides technological services, has its own YouTube channel.

Have a strong Content

Contents play a big part in acquiring your clients through YouTube. It is very important that your videos have strong content. People will not watch you if you have dull content or just post random videos that have no meaning.

If you are posting interesting and innovative videos, then people will invest their time to view you, they will like and share your videos, and they will subscribe to your channel, hoping to see you again next time. So if you have strong content, then you will definitely have a large audience.

Be consistent in your posts.

If you want to be in the minds of people, then being consistent in posting is very important. If you don’t follow this rule, then people will forget about you, that is, they will forget about your company, and you will not be leveraging clients.

Also, an advantage of regular posting is that YouTube will automatically show your videos on the front page, i.e., people will not be needing you to search for you.

This is a unique algorithm followed by YouTube. What helps you with this is that more people will be visiting your channel and will be viewing your videos.

This will increase your subscription and thus helps you to leverage quite a few clients.

Advertisement on YouTube

People who use YouTube knows that advertisement frequently pops up while watching a video. Companies can use this feature of YouTube to promote their companies. They can invest in these ads and can reach their audience through these ads.

Advertisements on YouTube are not that costly if you consider the outcome that it gives to the company. If you have the money to promote your company on YouTube through advertising it on YouTube, then you must do it.

For Example Grammarly, an American MNC often promotes itself through advertisements on YouTube. They have a wide range of customers throughout the globe.

Hosting Talk Shows with influencers on your channel

This strategy can give your company many new clients. Holding periodic talk shows increases the traffic on your channel. We often see how influencers attract crowds. Be it an event or a talk show on television or on the internet.

While inviting any influencer on your channel, be very careful about his/her followers and see how the knowledge he/she is about your product. 

Suppose you have a company that sells healthcare products. In this case, if you invite renowned doctors to your show, then your show becomes more informative for the people. People will visit your channel, and you will able to get your new clients through it.

Providing Offers and Giveaways

If you are regular on YouTube then you may have seen how Youtubers give away merchandise and giveaways.

This kind of strategy gives people incentives to watch and subscribe to YouTube channels. 

If your company is trying to leverage clients through the YouTube platform, then giving away exciting offers for your subscribers can really help you out with your mission.

High quality and proper editing of your videos

It is quite often found that videos that have maximum views and maximum likes are high-quality videos with proper editing. People don’t want to watch low-quality videos. Simply they don’t like it. Videos that are hazy are not exciting to watch and often don’t get enough views and likes.

Companies need to keep this thing in mind. If you are making videos on YouTube to acquire clients, then use a good camera with proper editing. If you follow this rule, then you will definitely get more clients.

For Example: If you see the National Geographic channel on YouTube then you will see how high-quality videos they post and how well-edited their videos are. No wonder why they have around 15 million subscribers on YouTube.

Know about the followers you have on YouTube

On YouTube, you can keep a check on your followers. With this feature, you will know what kind of videos are getting maximum likes and shares and also can keep track of the demands that your followers are having and can work on them.

If you know your subscriber’s interests, then you can make your videos accordingly. You can reply back to your followers to help them out with their queries and also can communicate with them regarding other aspects of the video. Such interactions will help you to garner a lot of new subscribers.

Provide links with each video

When you are watching videos on YouTube, you will see various links that are given under each video which is also known as the description section.

If you carefully go through those links, you will find much new detailed information that has not been mentioned in the videos.

So why is it important to provide links in videos?

The reason is if you are going through each detail in the video itself, then the video might be too long, and it somewhat gets boring. So instead of going through each detail, you can just provide the essential links related to your product.

You can provide links to your company’s official website. By doing this, your video will be short, interesting, and precise.

You can direct many of the viewers to your official website, which in turn helps you acquire new clients and increases your sales.

For Example: If you ever see videos of Louis Vuitton, a seller of fashion and luxury items, you will see they provide links in the description box in each of their videos.

Be Patient

This is very important. If you have made your own YouTube channel, then you will see how much time it takes to engage an audience to your channel. Having patience is key to success on YouTube.

Few successful YouTube spent years with a few hundred to thousands of subscribers on their channel before they became famous. So never think that your company will start leveraging clients through YouTube from the very first day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting Clients from YouTube

1. Is YouTube a good platform to do marketing?

Yes, it is. Today many top companies along with many new startups, are using YouTube as their platform to promote their products and services.

2. Can I directly sell my product through YouTube?

No, you can’t. On YouTube, you can’t buy or sell anything. But you can give the link to your website in the description box. If any of your clients are interested in buying anything, they can simply visit the website given in the description box and can buy from it.

3. How many videos should I upload on average to uphold engagement on my channel?

You have to be very active on YouTube to leverage clients and to maintain traffic on your channel. On average, you must upload at least 1 video every week.


With YouTube growing like never before, as an entrepreneur, you must use it to your full effect. With so much crowd on YouTube nowadays, it’s time for you to use this platform to do marketing and leverage clients through it. 

It’s not an easy task to gather crowds through YouTube, but if done with proper plan and implementation, then it’s not that difficult either. The above-mentioned strategies will definitely help you in your mission. But with so many changes going around on YouTube, you need to always think of other new ways to attract your prospects towards you.

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