How To Get Clients From Upwork: 10 Top Ways

Upwork is an American Freelance platform and is the world’s largest freelance company, with over 12 million enlisted freelancers and over 5 million enlisted customers.

Established in 2015, it has grown at a very rapid pace attracting many businessmen to promote their businesses here.

Why are entrepreneurs preferring Upwork as a platform for promoting their services?

  • A large number of audiences are on Upwork compared to other freelance platforms.
  • Upwork provides skilled and specialist clients. 
  • Through Upwork, you can reach your target clients. 
  • It is easy to decipher the habits of the competitors through Upwork. 

Strategies For companies to acquire clients through Upwork.

Make the profile professional.

Clients will judge you through your profile. You will put the first impression on your clients through your profile. So, building a professional profile should be your first priority in acquiring clients for your company.

If your company is a startup and not many people know about your company, then your profile might be the only way for clients to know you. Your profile must contain all the essential information about your company that your prospects must know before applying. It should be represented in a very professional way.

Provide proper information to the clients about the work

Describing the job that you are providing to your customers is very important for leveraging clients. Without a proper job description, it is very hard for people to apply for a job.

While advertising your projects, is sure that you clearly mention what type of employee you want, what eligibility criteria they should have, what salary they might get, and every other important detail about the post.

Healthy salary

Giving a healthy salary to your employees provides an incentive for them to work for you. ‘If you want your business enterprise to grow, then you need proper investment’ this is the mantra for every successful business across the globe.

Similarly, if you want quality in your work and want to leverage more clients, then you have to pay them well. That is, you need more investment in your resources.

Good communication skills

Good communication skills are very much required for acquiring clients. As an employer, if you are searching for employees, then you may have to talk with them while recruiting. Such verbal interactions should be conducted with fluidity. It goes the same for the employee also. He/she should also have to be a good communicator in order to get the job.

Mainly these interactions take place initially during the interview, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to talk to your clients later. Having good communication skills not only makes a good impression on the company in the eyes of others but also helps to build your confidence in front of people, which you require to run a company.

If you have good communication skills, then your clients will also have trust in you, and it also builds their confidence as well. You should ask questions to your clients without hesitation and should answer their doubts confidently. This helps to build the reputation of your company, and it further helps your company to acquire quality clients in the future.

Share your knowledge with the client.

As we all know, the more we share our knowledge, the more enlightened society gets. Similarly, if you share your knowledge with your clients then your clients become more confident and more experienced.

 Helping your clients with your past knowledge also helps them in overcoming any difficulties during work. It takes out the fear in them and keeps them motivated, which helps them to bring more efficiency to their work, thus ultimately benefiting your company. 

Target a section of people

Every company provides services for a particular section of people. If you are providing services for everyone, then that service will not be efficient, and in the process, you will incur huge losses.

To avoid this, try to promote your services for a particular section of the population. Upwork provides such opportunities. With Upwork, you can target a section of the population with your services and can acquire a large number of clients who will be highly efficient for you.

Be friendly to your customers.

As an employer, if you have a friendly nature, then it will definitely help you in acquiring more clients. If you are arrogant and very strict, then your prospects might feel very uncomfortable communicating with you. If this happens, then you will lose many potential clients, which will put your company at a loss.

Other perks of having a friendly nature are that your clients will be eager to work with you and more new clients will want to join you which will make you an important asset for the company.

Call your clients instead of writing long emails and messages

It’s very common for people to forget to check their emails on a regular basis. It mainly happens when you are a fresher with no prior professional work experience. 

Companies should keep this thing in mind while sending long emails or texting long texts to their clients. Also, it happens that you get late replies to your emails. It is more problematic if your emails are important and must be replied urgently.

  • So how to deal with it?

It is recommended to call your clients directly instead of sending them emails if the information you are sending is important or the work is urgent.

Speaking to your clients directly over the phone saves not only your time but also the client-boss relationship strengthens. Such friendly policies of the company help them to acquire many prospects and help them grow more rapidly.

Don’t lose Hope

It may often happen that your firm may not acquire enough client’s as desired or targeted. If such a thing happens, then don’t lose hope. Such low phases are very common in every big company.

  • What can you do in such a situation?

Try to change some strategies that your firm is currently having or try to implement something new. Try to represent your company in a better way so that more clients see your company as their destination in the workplace.

These small changes may help your company in the future and can bring your company out of trouble.

Make a video introduction and add it to your Account

You already know that your profile is the only way for your clients to know about your firm. So why not make it more informative? You make your profile more presentable if you add an introductory video to it. Don’t make the video too long. Make it short, interesting, and informative. 

Such an interesting way of representation is often appreciated by clients. It puts a good value on your company, and you will get more and more applicants from your prospects who will be willing to work for your company.


Upwork is a great platform for promoting your company. You will get many clients here. It’s up to you how you approach them. If you are dedicated, honest, and passionate about your work then you will definitely acquire large audiences through Upwork.

The above strategies will definitely help you in your objective of getting more clients through Upwork. But the ultimate mantra is how much ‘YOU’ want clients for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to acquire clients from Upwork

What to add to my introductory video?

Tell something about your company that is not mentioned in your profile. You can talk about the ethics of the company, your company’s work culture, what the company provides, how it will be beneficial for clients, and why you should work for that company.

Does salary play an important role in acquiring quality customers?

Yes, it does play an important role in leveraging quality clients. You will find many clients who just want to work because they want to learn the work or they want to experience it. But for most of the clients, money is their main priority in work.

Which one is a better option to engage with clients, Emails or Phone Calls?

Emails are a more professional way of engaging with clients, especially if you want to engage with a larger audience. But If the message is client-specific and very important and you urgently need your reply, then a phone call is a better option.

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