101+ Funny Bio for Girls to Make Your Own

To create an amazing impression on followers, bios are significant. Often we find ourselves at a loss thinking about what bio to put up. Here are some bios tailor-made for girls.  Give them a read and you might just come across the one you are looking for:-

Funny Social Media Bios for Girls

Funny Bios for Girls

-Just living my life or ruining it, forgot the difference a long time ago!

-I may give you a thousand pieces of advice all day, but if you take them all seriously, boy that’s your problem!

-While in graduation, my major was, “Ruining my life.”

-When people ask me what I am doing in my life, I tell them to investigate and let me know too, coz I have no idea!

-So you’re telling me that at my age, my mother was figuring out how to make her baby stop crying? -Hell, I cry and I do not even remember why!

-Don’t ask me to be like someone else, if I change, who will be like me?

Funny LinkedIn Bios for Girls

-Girls are much more than makeup and accessories, they also code and debug programs!

-I am a girl who believes that working is essential for women and they should learn to be dependent on themselves, I wish I didn’t believe all these, but I do, hence I am here, looking for a job!

-Did I hear this rumor that girls cannot code, boy, whoever made this up should participate in a comedy contest where he would not win, of course,  but others would teach him to write better jokes!

-I am writing this bio in the hopes of getting a job so that I can pay for all the ridiculous things I buy online!

-It’s pretty funny that most people think that women are not capable of doing the same quantity of work that men do when women have been working more than men all the time!

Funny Twitter Bios for Girls

-A girl with an opinion is a girl that will stun you!

-I am a girl who does not wait for her boyfriend or parents to pay because I earn for my own expenses!

-I am not a journalist but I do keep enough knowledge about recent affairs and the most creative expression for me is to tweet about it!

-I tweet my opinions, you can choose to ignore or choose to retweet,  I don’t mind because tweeting is my all-time job!

-Here I am way tweeting my way to glory!

Funny  Tiktok Bios for Girls

-My friends say that I am the personification of sloth!

-If a sloth had been turned to a human, that human would be me!

-I am a panda because all I do is eat and sleep, at least so my mother says!

-I am not afraid of those mean men who say mean things to me but I am afraid of my mother when she just looks at me with a stern look!

-Here I am with my life together but then I wake up and find that it was all a dream!

-Talk about untangling my life, I cannot even my untangle my hair!

-I really do not remember signing up for a life as an adult!

Short Funny Bios for Girls

-There was once a time when my life’s biggest trouble was to select greeting cards for my friends!

-I read somewhere that the best achievement in life is to get a night of good sleep, or maybe I had dreamt that!

-Call me bad, but I won’t hide the fact that I am envious of kids!

-I know cooking is a basic life skill, but I think it is high time that people invent safety gear for cooks because it is unfair that fencers have armors and cooks don’t!

Funny Facebook Bios for Girls

-If you think I am upset, leave a kind message, or a cool song, please do not ask about it just for the fun of it!

-I may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but I am what I am and that is as precious as anything else in the world!

-I am a girl but I have the life of a panda!

-If you want to give me a compliment, base one that appreciates my work because that would make me happier than any compliment on the basis of my looks!

-Before you make a comment on my looks, I would like you to take a look at what I have achieved so far, and even after that if you want to tell me how fat I look, I would be only too happy to ignore it!

Funny  Youtube Bios for Girls

-A girl is simply beyond the understanding of a  mere man and this is something all men should understand!

-I am a girl and I know to take care of my own family and I am not desperate for a husband!

-It is time the world acknowledges a girl’s identity rather than keeping her in the shadows of her father or her husband!

-Why in the world should a girl be inferior to any man when a girl does the same work in an office as a man does and also does more work at home than a man?

-If a woman created comedy content based on the lies men ave told them, men would lose their careers!

Cool Funny Bios for Girls

-My family might as well introduce me as a pet of the house to the relatives, I won’t be surprised!

-Life before Corona Virus was better because back then my family respected me, but now that respect is long gone!

-Let’s be open with this, no man can attract us as much as an advertisement for a discount on apparel attracts us!

-We women really forget that we do not need any man’s comments to feel validated!

-As women, there are more things that we manage in a day, that men do in a week!

-My neighbor said that as a woman, I should be worried about getting tanned, and I thanked her by buying her a sunscreen the next day!

Funny  Instagram Bios for Girls

-If my posts bother you so much, why do not you make a blog out of it, maybe then, you would get some work to do instead of spreading hate!

-Let us not talk about past mistakes, we both know you are going to do them again!

-I am wiser when I am drinking, I almost hope they would let us take exams with alcohol in our bottles!

-I wake up only thinking about when I can fall asleep again!

-You ask about pastimes? I say give me the time that I can pass away! #workfromhomesucks!

-I really can live my life feeding only on chicken nuggets!

-Do not underestimate my capacity to eat chicken nuggets, you will be shocked!

-I may be short, but I can burn you with my words!

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