174+ Funny Bios For Social Media (With Examples)

Bios are really important when it comes to gaining followers for your social media posts. Needless to say, they create the first impression for onlookers, and first impressions can go a long way! Check the funny boy bios that have been carefully jotted down for you. 

Funny Bio For Twitter

-If you want to achieve what you dream of, you must step out of your comfort zone!

-There is no second way to success; the path of hard work must be walked upon!

-When you write the story of your life, make sure that the readers enjoy the book!

-I would rather go after memories than after marks in life!

-Life is not so long that I would sit and cry at my old mistakes; I would rather learn from them and move on!

-Everyone can pretend to be someone else; the real challenge is when one tries to be their own self!

-I have been sitting all day, trying to think of a perfect bio, and this is what I could come up with!

-Be the person who can make another person smile on their cloudy day!

-Spread kindness like you spread confetti!

-Do not loiter around my profile; I am not worth all your loitering!

-Social media is not the place to display your personal problems, and it is weird that I am displaying my problem as my bio!

-I am pursuing a hobby that I like; why do you bother to tell me it is not right for me if I am not harming you?

-I sing, I dance, and I make people laugh, and that is much better than meddling in other people’s affairs!

-Here to know the world virtually until I can make it real!

-Do you fake it so you can make it, or is it just me?

-There are many words of advice lying all over social media, but do you actually follow them?

-I was curious why the air was so polluted, but then I remembered that it is the month of February and love is, of course, in the air!

Funny Bio Ideas

-If you are capable of stunning me with your stories and adventures, please be my guest!

-Do you, too, feel that social media is the perfect place for crooks to hunt naive individuals? Be aware!

-There are not many profiles that will put this as a bio, but let me just warn you, I am ugly!

I am lazy, but  I need to be able to afford my laziness, and hence I am forced to work!

-Work like there is no tomorrow; there really is not!

-I need money to pay for all the shit I buy online, and hence I need a job!

-Do you know why I work? No? Neither do I! 

-Need a job that pays me enough to be able to be truthful about my salary to my family!

-I have skills; I just need to be paid for using them!

-Why do you ask me if I want a job when you already know that you had asked for applications to be submitted!

Funny Bio Examples

-Hoping to get linked to someone who can help me get my dream job!

-Let us support one another to use their skills to get the job they want because even if we help one person, we are able to make their well-wishers happy!

-My mom thinks that I am a four-year-old in the body of twenty-four years old!

-People who think potatoes are a label of insult, have you never heard of the term “French Fries”!

-I am currently embracing my inherent potato-ness!

-If you think you are a potato, then I like you already!

-Call me a potato; I will be honored because seriously, have you seen another vegetable as versatile as this?

-Be patient with me because I am still in my cocoon; you will be stunned after I have metamorphosed completely!

-There is nobody in the world with whom I would like to exchange my life, except perhaps with my pet dog!

-I am confused about who requires more maintenance, my cat or my girlfriend!

I do not really bother about your sexual orientation or your political inclination; as long as you have humanity and kindness in you, you are good enough to be a friend to me!

Funny Bio For Facebook

-You are welcome to have your own opinions, but please be decent enough to allow me to have my own!

-Yes, we can have different views on politics and on other issues as well, and yes, we can still be reasonable with each other and be friends!

-People really need to understand that unless people are allowed to have their personal views on everything including politics, people will never be able to expand the horizons of their thoughts!

-What happened to the boys who once could not stay indoors but are now glued to their mobile phones!

-Follow me to get insights into my amazing life!#followme

-Follow me to get an idea about how my life ended up in this mess!#followme

-I do not like to boast about myself, but if you follow me, you can surely have a closer look at the mess that my life is!#follow

-The game of following and unfollowing is pretty tricky; it will loop you into an endless circle of insecurity!#follow

-Dear budding musicians, follow me to get some easy tricks to make your amazing music sound even better!#follow4follow

-One day, I was stressing about the board examinations of my tenth standard, and the next time I checked, I had already passed out of college!#instamood

-I am simple, but I am not ordinary!

-I am doing better than yesterday, and that is all that matters!

Funny Short Bio

-Always be kind, and kindness will come back to you one way or the other!

-Never regret helping someone out because good deeds give you a different form of peace!

-Will smile more and use medicines for jaw aches.

-My best friend is the hairiest friend I have, also known as the pet dog at my house!

-I wish God had sent an instruction manual to each of us that would tell us how to live our lives!

-I have a lot of things to worry about in life, and your personal stuff is not on my list!

-Of all the places to put up in, your nose chooses my business!

-I am so mean that people assume me to be joking!

-Currently living life on my mother’s terms! 

-It does not matter at all what I am feeling; if my mother is cold, she will make sure that I am adorned with a sweater, blazer, scarf, and a pair of gloves!

-The only woman who always supports me is my mom!

-I am more social with animals than I am with humans!

-I wished to be a media person, but then I realized a comedian makes more sense!

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