21+ Actionable Frozen Dessert Company Marketing Ideas

Looking for some fancy and unique ideas to expand your frozen dessert business? Don’t worry!

How to do promotion of frozen dessert business?

  • Put up an attractive signboard and standee to attract local customers.
  • Try to give weekend sale offers to grab customer attention.
  • Take part in festive events, charity shows, or other fairs and distribute free samples.
  • Get listed in business directories and shake hands with vendors to get bulk orders.
  • Hire professional video food Vloggers or Bloggers to promote your business through positive content.

Amazing 20 frozen dessert business marketing ideas that your company can use to expand your Frozen dessert business quickly.

Marketing Strategy for Frozen Dessert Company:

Set up a Photography Corner:

Frozen desserts are already very cute-looking products. Adding a Frozen-dessert photography corner will make the frozen dessert store more fun and interesting. Take a beautiful corner and decorate it well with different shapes of Frozen desserts.

Whichever customer comes can take a selfie or group photos. Ask your customers to put these pictures on their social media handles. 

Have a Unique Hashtag:

Your company should have a unique personal hashtag. The advantage of a unique hashtag is that whenever anybody buys the frozen dessert from your store or takes a picture and puts it up on their social media pages, they can always use it.

A unique hashtag helps in creating brand awareness. Copying them, others also start using the hashtag. This frozen dessert business marketing idea also helps in getting more traction.

Tie Up with Food Bloggers:

Food bloggers are the best kind of influencers you need to target. Also, Food bloggers love posting beautiful photos on their feeds, and their weakness is always sweets. You can always send them a few of your products, and in return, they can upload those on their social media handles.

This will help reach the target audience very easily in no time.

Have a Unique Page for your Company:

In the current era, being socially active is mandatory. One should be very active on these handles. Have a Unique page and be very regular with posting content. A minimum of 5-6 posts daily is a must to get maximum traction.

Moreover, do highlight all the latest offers, services, the variety on these pages. Customers should be kept updated about everything.

Follow the Right Kind of People:

The first and foremost step for any business is to follow the right kind of people. On any social media platform, maintain a fixed target audience. For a frozen dessert business, the target audience is always the foodies.

Follow as many people as you can so that you can come to the notice. Also, be regular with posting the relevant stuff.

Distribute Pamphlets:

Pamphlets should be pre-made. It should be made so that there are more pictures and less content.

The pamphlets have to be very attractive and catchy. It also should mention all the services, offers, and varieties the company offers. 

Give Regular Discounts:

Although a very traditional form of marketing, this frozen dessert business marketing idea does form an important technique. The company should plan out regular discounts and offers which should be given to the customers. Customers wait for the offers. This can help in increasing footfall to a great extent.

Also, do not forget to market such discounts. Market it through both offline and online modes.

Take Part in Events:

During festivals or any other time, various events keep happening. Events such as the summer festival, spring festival, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, winter festival, etc. Keep a watch on such days. Generally, some events happen in every corner of the country.

Putting up stalls at such events and planning some exciting offers is essential. Using these frozen dessert business marketing ideas, you can get a good footfall in a single space.

Always be High with Variety:

This is an important technique for a Frozen dessert business. Frozen desserts can be of varied types and flavors. This can’t be counted now. Make sure to have a huge variety of flavors. Don’t forget to mix and blend flavors to make some unique ones.

Customers have different tastes, and to cater to everyone’s needs, one must have all the possible varieties. More variety is directly proportionate to more customers. 

Open up Stores in relevant Malls:

Having Frozen dessert stores or stalls is a must to expand the business. Open up such stores in places like Malls, cinemas, and streets where there is maximum footfall at a time. With less investment, you can get the maximum return.

You would just need to market it initially, and the rest will be taken care of. This increases the brand presence immensely. 

Complimentary Taste Trials:

For every customer, a few flavors will always be very new and unique. They would always want to try them before buying. So make a ‘Complimentary Trial of tastes’ a policy of yours. This will help the customers to decide the best taste at their convenience.

This way, the customer will always be satisfied and want to visit the store repeatedly. Opt for such frozen dessert business marketing ideas.

E-mail Marketing:

So far, this is the most important technique. Have a powerful database of all the potential clients. Ensure you collect their email ID and contact number whenever the customers come to the store.

Making a mailer is sort of a thing that has more pictures and less context. Keep mailing the customers often to let them know about the latest happenings and what the company wants to offer.

Whatsapp Broadcasting:

A business like Frozen dessert one has a new day every day. The business comes up with many marketing ideas that involve new products, flavors, and offers. Why not communicate the same with all the customers?

Whatsapp gives this unique feature to make a broadcast list and send the same message to as many people as possible. Have a strong broadcast list and keep sending them regular updates about the new happenings of the company.

Google SEO:

A very tried and tested formula for the Frozen dessert business marketing. In the world of digital marketing today, Google SEO is extremely very important. Every customer who wants to try out any services or buy any product does want to do so after searching on Google about the same. Invest a little in Google SEO to always be on the top searches.

There is always an advantage of being in the top 10 or top 20. This will help in getting more traction.

Reviews and Feedback:

Customers are the kings of the market. Hence, taking proper care of their needs becomes of utmost importance. Try and take maximum reviews and feedback from your customers. Sort these reviews and feedback according to the category.

Most importantly, start working on them as soon as possible. The better the services, the lesser negative reviews.

Referral Contest:

If you are looking for a technique that can help you get more customers in no time, then this can be the one. Run referral contests regularly. Encourage your customers to refer to as many of their friends and family members as possible to win exciting gifts and offers.

Customers can get 15-20% off for every referral, depending on the business. This way, more and more people would refer to their known ones.

Work on the Presentation:

Frozen desserts are a treat to the eyes and tongue. But to make yourself different from the rest, try and make the presentation very unique because the presentation acts as the first impression for the customers.

Try and add better toppings, cream, and icing. Make the presentation as fancy and as heavy as possible to make it look eye-candy. The presentation should be such that it calls out people.


Your website is your first communication with your customers. Anyone who comes to know about your company will want to visit your website once. Hence, do make the first impression count properly. Have a very unique, fancy, and expressive website.

Try to add as much as you can about past work, clients dealt with, and the services provided. Customers should get a clear understanding of your company and the services it provides.

Online Delivery:

In the world of Online, Delivery through Online means cannot be ignored. People find it easy to order food online because it saves them time traveling. Hence, do set up an online delivery system.

This will ensure you get some extra customers and will double your revenue in no time. Also, make sure to keep the online rates slightly lower than the actual ones. 

Write Blogs for Different Websites:

Several websites are very active in giving out information about the latest happenings in the city, new products, etc. Try to write blogs about Frozen desserts and your company on these websites.

If you are lucky and they select your blogs, you will get a lot of traction and enjoy some free clicks on your website — this is one of the very efficient Frozen dessert business marketing ideas.

Now that you have several tips and techniques gathered with you, make sure to use them regularly in your business to achieve instant growth.  

How to generate sales for the frozen dessert business?

  • Distribute pamphlets along with local newspapers, give ads in the regional paper, and run radio advertisements.
  • Run social media campaigns, and update social media pages regularly with shop activities, promotional offers, upcoming events, etc.
  • Give discounts, coupons, and consistent promotional offers to existing and new clients.
  • Collect email and contact numbers of potential customers and send relevant pictures or texts regularly to inform them of the latest happenings and health tips.
  • Held a referral contest to encourage clients to spread your brand.

FAQs about Desert Company Marketing

What is the difference between yogurts, soft serve ice creams, gelato, and granitas in the Frozen dessert business?

Ice cream and ice yogurt have a big difference. Frozen yogurt eliminates calories by adding in place of cream, low-fat or even fat-free milk. While other health benefits are lost during the freezing process, frozen yogurt contains more probiotics, minerals, and nutrients than soft ice cream servings.

Frozen yogurt is generally produced in a sweetened variety designed to mimic the ice cream or soft aromas that are tangier on the side. There are no sugar versions, and frozen yogurt in Greek style is a debut.

What machines are required to start a frozen dessert business?

Obviously, yogurt machines are required. You need to have machines that meet your needs from one serving to three servings.

Which topping dispensers must be used for your Frozen dessert business?

Dry topping dispensers

Brightly colored tops lining up your yogurt shop’s walls or counters in dispensers create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere alone. Dispensers have a separate, hygienic storage system, which keeps the product new. Many of these dispensers provide portion control valves, which means that less waste and less mess are possible. Wall-mounted dispensers save space and reduce your decorative budget – they themselves are art.

– Hot topping dispensers

Add that extra depth to frozen yogurt with warm chocolate and caramel. Toping warmly with frozen yogurt gives an extra thrill to taste buds.

Is it really necessary to have a menu? Yes! Yes! Yes! The menu depends on your place and the audience you seek. Close to a fitness center? Carry fat-free, fresh fruit and low-calorie options. In the vicinity of a school, a cinema, or a park? Make sure you have plenty of sprinkles.

People love Frozen desserts in different flavors. Here is the infographic which suggests some favorite dessert treat around the World. Read below

frozen dessert treat guide

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