Friendly Reminder Email Sample: 5+ Examples You Should try

Pick active but less frantic terms for reminders that are more informal in nature. In these circumstances, subject lines with the words “Following Up,” “Checking In,” or “Next Steps” work well. One component of a cordial email reminder is the tone. Additionally, the timing must be perfect.

Friendly reminder email sample: 1

Dear [Name of the recipient]

As of the first of [Mention the month and date], when our invoice [Mention the month and date] was due, we still haven’t received the [Mention the amount] payment from you.

The fact that this bill is now [Mention the date] past due is certainly causing us problems. Could you urgently inform us of the date on which payment will be made?

I just emailed you a request for leave for the period of  [Mention the month], [Mention the date],  [Mention the year]. I’m planning to take my family on vacation. When you can, will you kindly confirm that my request for a leave of absence has been approved?

I’ll be able to reserve the vacation as soon as you give me the go-ahead. Please let me know as quickly as you can if you would like to talk more about my request.

For our group:

Action points one and two are as follows:

The following action points are for Sender’s team:

Please respond to let me know that this is accurate (and that I didn’t miss anything)

I have a follow-up meeting set for  [Mention the day],  [Mention the date and month], at  [Mention the time]. If this isn’t convenient for you, please let me know so we may try to reschedule for a more suitable time.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if any]

Friendly Reminder Email Sample

Friendly reminder email sample: 2

Dear [Name of the recipient]

I know you are busy running [Mention the website name]. Additionally, fixing a broken link could consume too much of your valuable time.

However, the following is why you should remove problematic links from your content:

According to [Mention the company], a [Mention the number] error costs you a significant opportunity to rank your content.

Since eliminating all of their [Mention the number] problems, [Mention the platform] has risen [Mention the number] positions.

I have a list of recommendations for links to close the gaps.

Just an informal follow-up. Did you find the article about the “subject” interesting? No worries if you’re too busy; I’m sure your email is overflowing with daily messages. It only made me ponder. If “name” found value in “competitor company’s” piece, “name” will undoubtedly seek a fresh perspective on the subject.

I’m not attempting to obtain something from you. Merely an attempt to impress.

It was a pleasure getting to know you and the team today and learning more about Transmitter and your project objectives. In light of our meeting, I have compiled a list of recommendations.

Last week, I emailed you some heading suggestions. Have you had the opportunity to examine them?

I wrote the first post’s outline this morning because I’m enthusiastic about writing for [Mention the Website Name].

Watch it here: [Mention the application]

How do you feel?

If there is anything I should add or remove, please let me know.

I took a stab at outlining the article today to get your thoughts on the direction it’s starting to head in because I’m really thrilled to start working with you on it.

Check it out at this link: [Mention the application]


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if any]

Friendly Reminder Email Sample

Friendly reminder email sample: 3

Dear [Name of the recipient]

I was inspired by your article [Mention the article title] published this week in “publication” [Mention the share what you took away from their work].

Have you gotten a chance to review the pitch that I sent your way a few days ago? I believe the tale would appeal to your readers [Mention explain how]. I’d be glad to provide you with the specifics.

Given how busy you are, there’s a possibility that your last email was overlooked. We have a brand-new, exclusive conversation to go along with the case study I sent over.

Several intriguing topics were covered:

• [Mention the Interesting point 1] [Mention the Interesting point 1]

• [Mention the Interesting point 2] [Mention the Interesting point 2]

• [Mention the Interesting point 3] [Mention the Interesting point 3]

Please let me know if you want to highlight it. Here, I’ll provide a new link to the case study.

Just letting you know that we cited your article on “subject” in our most recent piece.

[The URL of your post]

Your research is incredibly insightful, and both my audience and I really like your writing style. I’d be interested in hearing your opinions if you have the time.

I understand that you’re busy, and I apologize if my last email ended up in your spam folder, but I was curious if you had a chance to look at the infographics I gave you last week.

Here is a quick rundown of what it addresses:

[Mention the subject of your infographic]

I believe your viewers would find it fascinating because [Mention the elaboration].

Please share your thoughts with me.

[Mention the insert all of your suggestions and their dead links]


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if any]

Friendly Reminder Email Sample

Friendly reminder email sample: 4

Dear [Name of the recipient]

I submitted a request a few weeks ago, along with a few suggestions for writing feature articles for your resource. As I indicated previously, I’ve already prepared my basic research and have contacts lined up for interviews.

What’s up, my friend? I hope business is good.

Listen, you already know how much I admire your work. You’ve been pushing some unflinching cold, hard truths and facts on [Mention the application], and I like you for it so much.

The other day, it occurred to me: why not get in touch with you and ask whether you’d be willing to advance things?

[Explain one of their problems]

This is how I can assist you: [Describe your collaboration offer].

Please share your opinions with me on this, [Mention the Name]. I’d love for us to work together.

I’ve made several attempts to contact you since I’m so excited about the potential connection with your resource, but I haven’t received a response. This might mean one of two things:

1) Your inbox is full, and you’re too busy to find my email.

2) You should not be the one to address this issue.

Please let me know which of my theories is true and who at [Mention the Name] I should speak with about the cooperation.

Knowing that you are picky about the businesses you partner with, I merely wanted to get in touch with you to reassure you that the founder I offer will benefit both you and your market.

Here are a few instances of our most recent fruitful partnerships with reliable sources:

Regarding my earlier messages, we could not get in touch, but that’s okay; I know you’re busy.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if any]

Friendly Reminder Email Sample

Friendly reminder email sample: 5

Dear [Name of the recipient]

I was very grateful for the chance to speak with you this week. I like learning about your company’s mission and am confident that I can help you continue to succeed.

We touched on the topic of [Mention the topic] during the conversation.

I wanted to provide some statistics about the website overhaul I oversaw while employed at [Mention the business name] and how it helped them.

Statistics of your work

Can I check in with you again the following week to see whether you’ve decided which applicants to hire?

I want to talk to you soon.

I wanted to let you know that, if it works for you, I have time open on my calendar for more ideas or for beginning an article.

I’ll just leave this here in case you decide to do it later. In my initial letter to you, I mentioned. For your readers, we have some pretty intriguing information, including:

[Mention the examples]

You may find all the information on this specific subject and facts about us in our online newspaper here. If you want to learn more, we’re willing to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you again, and I hope to get in touch with you next time. We want to offer something that will interest your readers.

Please let me know if you have any alternate choices for my suggested topic or title, and I’ll be happy to send you some more.

I also considered what you mentioned about the particular subject discussed during the interview. That data-backed description of how you would approach the issue in question was something I discovered in my previous position, which is your present or most recent position.

The specifics of a few of my initiatives that we discussed are attached. If you need any additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m excited about our planned phone call for the following week.


[Name or company of the sender]

[Signature or logo of the sender, if any]

Friendly Reminder Email Sample

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